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Thank you everyone, I have COPD and I thought I was being over silly when I kept saying to people please stay away from me if you have a cold. People also think I am being daft , but after reading lots of different posts I now realise I am not being silly.

My problem is I also have a low immune system, but I always go down after everyone else, they are all coming back better .

I work in a call centre with air conditioning so not good

but thank you all

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Have you ever been referred to a immunologist to see why your immune system is low. I have found out I have a low immune system. Due to none of my medication is helping me and I am getting infection after infection


You are not silly and people should show some consideration. Xxx


You are very sensible wanting to avoid infection. COPD is enough to bear in itself.

Keep well!



Hi Jackie you are very wise to stay away from people with colds. I do too chest problems are enough to to cope with without the added threat from colds. Take care x


Maybe you need to stress that it is a matter of life or death if you get a chest infection (if you have COPD, etc.) Because it is!


That is very hard you can catch a cold from someone showing no symptoms


Whether it be friend or family if anyone has a cold I tell them emphatically 'stay away'.

They can always Skype or telephone. Having almost died last December in Intensive Care for 18 days due to Pneumonia I take no chances!!!


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