More On Royal Fail (Mail) !!!!!!!!!!!!

More On Royal Fail (Mail) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's an interesting snippet that you may not be aware of. On Monday 5 October 2015, Royal Mail introduced a new surcharging structure for letters and parcels where insufficient postage or no stamps have been attached.

Letters/Large Letters - insufficient postage paid, the previous surcharge was the cost of the under-payment plus £1.00 handling fee. So if you received an item that was only 1p under-paid you would have to pay £1.01 before they would deliver it to you.

The cost for this service is now a £1.50 flat fee. So if you now receive an item that is only 1p under-paid you will have to pay £1.51 before they will deliver it to you.

And the cost for under-paid parcels is even dearer.

The phrase Robbing B******* springs to mind - But I'm too much of a gentleman to say that.

So be very careful what postage you put on your items, as it could cost the recipient very, very dear indeed without a doubt.

Keep on smiling through the pain. LLAP, Eric. 😠 👹

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  • They are trying to boost their profits I guess....I tried to post a small padded envelope and the assistant in the Post Office asked me what was in it..I said a necklace. She then said postage would be £6 otherwise they couldn't guarantee it would get there safely. No way was I paying that so I still have a broken necklace that was going to be sent away to be fixed for free.

    Privatisation ...huh!

  • Why not just weigh the envelope at home then check the postage on RM's website and put the appropriate postage on the envelope and pop it in the post box. It would probably go for large letter postage and for around £2 you could use the 'signed for' service by going to the counter. I've only ever been asked what's inside when I've used the 'Guaranteed Next Day Service which costs £6.45.

    I use my digital kitchen scales for weighing envelopes and small packages.

  • Thanks , I will try that...I was trying to check postage rates yesterday on the Internet.

  • I sent a large letter with what I thought was the correct postage according to the website. It didn't arrive for nearly two weeks and arrived torn. The charge was £1.50. So how much had I underpaid, that is the question.

  • I posted a very small eve lope to my daughter it was a small flat item and I put a small piece of bubble wrap around it, first class stamp and dropped in street postbox, and they refused to deliver it as they said it was too big to fit in their sizing box. My daughter had to pay £3 plus and it took forty minutes to go to the office to get it. The envelope was about 5 by 4 inch s and as thick as two layers of small bubble wrap not the big this stuff. I think that only empty envelopes must fit their box. I shall in future go to the post office with anything I post. A birthday card cost me over £2 last week the card only cost £1.25 . What with the cost and the unreliability the post office will be running at a loss soon through lack of use. My daughter gave me a stack of Christmas cards to deliver to friends and family that she knew I was going to see. It saved her over £10. I think that a lot of people will be doing this as it's just unaffordable to pay such high prices. Rosabeth.

  • With you all the way on your comments Rosabeth. Another thing with this surcharge system is that if you go to the sorting office to collect the item they will not show you the item or tell you who it might be from until you have paid for it. So it could basically be a Mail Shot from a company that you do not want anyway.

    Now here's a good tip - If there's someone you don't like stick their name and address on an envelope and post it without a stamp.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! - What a larf - Revenge is sweet. LLAP, Eric.

  • I wish I was brave enough I could certainly send one very large envelope to one person but my luck is such that to do so would mean something worse would happen to me and I don't think I can carry any more nasties in my life. I am fortunate in that my sense of humour never deserts me and I am at the moment picturing the person opening his empty large envelope that has just cost him some money. It would teach him not to fix a gate to the back wall of my nearly 200 year old house and then locking it to prevent my legal access to the rear of my house he has done this twice and I have threatened legal action so he has removed it leaving holes in the wall in two places. He has now reattached the gate but left in unattached to my house it just swings lose. He obviously though as my house was sold he would get it locked up the moment it was empty. The sale fell through so I am keeping a close watch. The law is 100 per cent on my side he cannot block my access and he can't touch my house. Oh that empty envelope with no stamp is sounding very tempting after writing this.Behave yourself girl just keep control. Rosabeth

  • Back in the day I went on strike to stop them closing the post office I worked in.If you don,t use them you will lose them.D.

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