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Metro loperamide,ante-nausea pills?

Metro loperamide,ante-nausea pills?

Morning,it,s3.50am here and I want to throw up,again.I,ll start at the beginning.WARNING- this might be a long one.Last Thursday I was in the throws of a cold ,at midnight I began to feel sick and so I was.I had some milk,that came up up as did any water.This went on and on.When my wife came back from work at six in the evening I was in a right old pickle.My breathing had got bad because I had had none of my medications.I suddenly thought (the wee light came on) I can,t keep anything down so no meds.18.20 Mrs D phones GP,phone back at 18.30 for emergency doctor she is told.Phones back and are put to the 111 service,after they go through their script(list of questions) they say we are going to get an ambulance to you.Para medics do an ECG blood pressure etc and off we go to A&E.I knew I needed a drip for some liquids.By 4.00am poor Mrs D was passing out( she is a teacher ) but she would,nt leave me.I,d been on a drip had two more ECG,s ,chest and abdominal X-ray and one doctor putting her finger in a most uncomfortable place( brought tears to me eyes ).5.00 am consultant surgeon examined me and said medical consultant will check me over.5.30 am porter arrives taking me to AMU and a bed .One of the other patients was an obvious attention seeker,making so much noise I would have been better off staying on the trolley.Anyway by 11.00am had seen medical consultant who put me on Lansoprazole,to line the stomach because I take maintainance steroids and these Metoclopramide,which I have just taken one of because I feel sick again.So if anybody is still reading this(well done) if you have had these drugs I,d be interested in any feed-back,some of the side affects listed are crazy.They let me out at 11.30am Saturday morning.I seem to have lost my appetite,anything I eat tastes very sweet but I still have a ferocious thirst. I went into so much detail just to show how amazing our NHS IS this was a weekend and it did,nt cost me a penny.I thanked them through my Twitter account and sent them a thankyou postcard with this picture.Feeling a bit better now,hope you are all happy and enjoying the more clement weather as I am.Cheers D.Ps.My point is I was seen by at least 5 different "junior doctors ". If I thought it would have any affect I would write to the moron trying to impose a dangerous ( for doctors and patients ) contract.Yes Jeremy rhyming slang Hunt!

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My goodness Farmer D you have been through it, even your private places didn't escape. Not heard of pills mentioned but seems they are helping which is good.

I did read to the very end of your post and agree the NHS is brilliant and we are lucky to have it.

You take care now and get well. Good wishes to you and Mrs D.

Xxx 💐😘


Hi Farmer D.....I hope you are ok now....there is a sickness bug going around here, I wonder if you have that.

I rang the BLF helpline a year or two ago as I had a similar problem...I couldn't take my maintenance pred because of the vomiting .....but I can't remember what the nurse said now, my memory is shocking sorry.

About the NHS...I was thinking yesterday when I was complaining about the treatment of the disabled in the budget, that it is still an amazing institution .

On the NHS Choices website....under the title Principles and Values that guide the NHS

That it meets the needs of everyone

That it is free at the point of delivery

That it is based on clinical need , not on the ability to pay.

Then follows 7 principles and values.

I guess as an institution it has to struggle between increasing demand and limited resources and government ideologies .

Just to add that since I joined this site ,that it's just not my knowledge of lung conditions has has my thinking on so many other subjects. Thanks to all

I LOVE YOUR HAT....hope your wife is ok too...take care.

Now I have written a long reply....sorry all


Hi Farmer D

I love your hat, do you wear it for your trips to A&E 😂

I agree our NHS service is brilliant, and we are very lucky to have it.

I have been having various tests for my heart, recently, the junior doctors. that were involved, are very dedicated, we do not want to lose them...they are the future of our NHS.

I saw a coronary consultant last week for my results and future treatment.

At all times l had expert treatment, l cannot fault them.

I am so pleased you are on the mend, l bet those pretty nurses helped 😂

Mrs D sounds devoted to you...We are so lucky having our partners to support us. ❤❤

You take care of yourself. Yah Hear !!

Velvet xx


Hi Farmer D. What an awful experience! I too think that it was one of those tummy viruses, especially as you were already fighting a cold like thing.

I take a Lanzaprozole dispersable tablet every night. For ten years I had more and more of a swallowing problem. Spent masses going for cameras down and 24 hour acid tests. They found nothing except a terribly damaged oesophagus. My chest people weren't interested in the oesophagus although I have since learned that acid reflux is common in chest conditions. Eventually my oesophagus split (don't recommend it) and I was taken by ambulance to our local NHS hospital. A senior consultant was in the building and found food lodged in my oesophagus. He started me on the Lansaprozole straight away. I started to feel better almost immediately. That was nearly four years ago.Over the last 18 months I have reduced it from two tablets per day to one because of bone density concerns but it definitely has stopped the acid for me. I don't know the other drug.


Hope you're better now. I hope you don't mind I have shared your post on Fb to show some solidarity with the junior doctors.


Hi Farmer,

I was prescribed Metoclopramide whilst I was on a course of pirfenidone (esberit) but they did absolutely nothing for me, the sickness continued and the loss of weight, in the end it was easier to stop taking the esberit !.

That was some trip to hospital and all nighter to end all nighters..............glad you are back home safe and sound.

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Well well Farmer D, that was worth a read...!

So, how is your thirst now? Drinking plenty of water I hope, and had a comfortable sleep?

We are so lucky to have NHS especially with COPD etc.

Wishing you no more sickness. X

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Oh Farmer D, you have been through it, I have heard of your pills as the big fella was prescribed them for nausea but I don't think he took any as he is pill paranoid.Hope you and your lady are feeling much better now!huff xxx

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I had an awful reaction to metoclopramide, I thought I was having a stroke. My tounge curled up at the sides and my mouth drooped it was awful. Had to go to A&E and had to have 2 injections of valium in my bum. As I was on chemo at the time (hence the anti-nausea pills) I was told never to have any injections as I was at high risk of infection, well the Dr said, do you want to stay like this? Inject me I said lol. They said it was quite common & my friend had the same reaction too.

Hope you are both feeling better xx


Glad you were so well looked after Farmer D and that you`re now safe back home. Yes I`ve had Metoclopramide and Cyclizine for sickness in hospital. The latest I had was called Ondansetron when I was put on a particularly nasty IV antibiotic. They can also give Metoclopramide IV if necessary. Hope you`re soon feeling better, Sheila xx

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