I have suffered insomnia now since January 2nd I have continued with my work as support worker have tried two different medications only to be told I can't have them long term as they are addictive I now have got to the point where am seriously thinking of leaving work as am unable to carry on like this, it hurts me deeply that girls I have cared for and really adore I am going to either drastically cut my weekend work or have to leave altogether I feel dreadful I am letting myself down and three girls who don't have mental capacity also unfamiliar staff causes real problems for them, I am trying to get appt with

My doctor this week and o feel if I do have to leave work my. Health shall deteriorate more and I will feel kinda worthless I don't ask to sleep every night just enough so I can safely take care of these girls assisted living who have no mental capacity autism cerebral palsy etc I know I can easily be replaced but I also know familiarity means a lot to these girls and for me feeling I am actually doing some good in my life is heartbreaking for me to even consider leaving my position as I feel helping others helps me am so disappointed it hurts deep and if I do leave my work I wonder what I am going to feel like then? I feel great sadness defeated and unsure and that's sleep deprivation for you, I am awarevthatbits not only me who can't sleep but I live my work and absolutely adore the girls I take care of xx

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  • What about learning some relaxation techniques? says the person who wakes up every 2 hours :) Meditation may help put you in the right frame of mind to drop off xx

    I'd try to keep at work as you're right, it is good for you or at least look for something maybe longer days but less days which might give you the extra time to recover. Sleeplessness is awful and drags you down, hope you manage to get things sorted xx

  • I emphasise as insomnia is awful isn't it? Have you thought of asking if you can work part time instead? Would that be an option? I know if you have been at a job at least 26 weeks and you have a good reason to ask for reduced hours, then they must have a valid reason to say no. Good luck. x

  • I ha e arranged with management today to half my hours until am sorted with some sleep so now I will be sleepless and skint ha! But at least I can work thank you also much I appreciate it x

  • Can you not take sick leave whilst you try and sort things out, it would mean you don't have to decide whether to give up completely now, when you are too tired to think straight.

  • I can't afford to live on sick pay I live alone and support myself I have however halved my hours after speaking with management today so hopefully I can eventually get help win sleeping thank you for your understanding it does mean a lot to me x

  • Hi Ennyl, I wouldn't advise you to give up work. I can tell by your post that you enjoy your job & are in a caring profession.

    You must go back to your GP & explain your situation & get advice.

    There must be something that can be prescribed that's not addictive.

    What about natural remedies, yoga, meditation, no caffeine, exercise?

    I hope you get some help to enable you to carry on with your job.🌷

  • I can't take nytol as something innit am not allowed qv tried kalms etc herbal things I no longer do caffeine no technology after 8pm had relaxation tapes boring story cd's no luck but I have talked with management today and although financially I will be on floor ha! I am halving my hours till am sorted so once again back to doctor again I am due to see my cardiologist and I will mention it to him again. I love my work adore girls I support I live alone and know I would go downhill financially and mentally so am trying all I can thank you so much for taking interest xx

  • Seems you're doing or have tried all the usual remedies for insomnia.

    It's certainly beneficial for you to continue working especially since you enjoy it so much.

    Your work have a duty of care to enable you to keep working as long as they're aware of your condition.

    I retired 3 weeks ago from my job. I've been off work for 15 months after being hospitalised in ICU for 3 months, last year.

    I loved my job but in my case I could have returned but I would have needed a long time on phased return, possibly another year.

    My work were quite happy to enable me to do this as they're aware of my condition & have written reports from my GP.

    I decided to retire & enjoy life without the added stress of work.

    I wish you well & hope your cardiologist can offer you some advice.

    Take care 💐

  • I think you have done and are doing all you can. Seems that insomnia is part and parcel of lung problems, and it must be flipping terrible knowing you have to get up and do a full day's work, when others are depending on you for support. Do you know anyone who would take a walk with you for a little while before you go to bed? Fresh air can sometimes help, then take a warm shower or bath. I wish I could give you better advice. Am sure many on here will help.


  • You know that is excellent as I live few doors away from my brother and his wife and we have a stream runs past our homes obviously wouldn't do it myself but I am going to ask him today would he do that with me for a while and opefully sleep but also excercise good for me. I work weekends as I help my daughter with her children during week school runs etc and I have my two. Year old grandaughter one full day which I love we go to musitots she loves it as she's very shy and this helps her to socialise in different setting than nursery the lady who takes the class plays quit at and sings all children join in and choose instrument of their choice unfortunately am so exhausted I feel I am not at my best but I do enjoy my day with her she keeps me on my toes ha! Before I got COPD etc I used to be avid walker all over hills and fakes in weardale now it takes me all my time to get from my house to car ha! Much appreciated your advice I feel lifted and goin to start tonight thank you xx

  • I hope it helps. You really have a full life - and having your 2 year old Granddaughter will take lots of your precious energy! No wonder you are feeling exhausted - you must miss the hill walking. I do understand.

    Jennifer xx

  • I really do but I have an energetic daughter who now has my boots ha! She also plays rugby squash etc and am happy to feel exhausted with all her energy ha! Xc

  • Hi Ennyl, have you ever been referred to do a sleep study? You could be observed by specialists and perhaps they could help.

    I just hope you find answers soon and are able to continue doing the job you love. Xxx

  • Never heard of them do I ask doctor? I have talked with management today and halved my hours but I live alone and will be financially crippling but I know me and I will hurt deeply to give up completely thank you I honestly appreciate all help suggestions I have been given xx

  • Yes speak to GP and see if you can be referred to an expert in this field. Wishing you well. Xxx

  • Thank you am goin to try for appt Thursday hopefully x

  • I hadn't heard of it but am hoping to see my gp tomorrow if I can get appt I have a list of questions and requests so your suggestion is going on it thank you x

  • You have my sympathy, I knew when I had to give up work when I took a class of children swimming and I had to keep taking my Ventolin at the side of the was too dangerous for everyone but then of course I had no income.

    About the insomnia...I find now I cannot drink coffee or cola with caffeine , it makes it impossible to sleep....chocolate is the same, and it gives me a headache.

    I found Paul Mckennas book , I Can Make you Sleep, in a charity shop, and that helped.

    I find my preventer inhaler gives me nightmares and broken sleep, as does prednisolone.

    I hope you find an answer to your insomnia wishes

  • Thank you I have true usual and unusual am seeing doctor Thursday hopefully get something sorted I have spike to management and halving my workload till

    Sorted xx

  • Hi.

    ALMONDS help me getting to sleep, and they are good for you as well, give it a try, nothing to loose, better than sleeping tablets.


  • Oh I hadn't heard of that I shall give it a try thanks x

  • Maybe some tips from what I do might help you, Ennyl.

    I have a sleep routine, going to bed at about the same time each night, having a hot drink (fennel tea, chamomile tea or hot milk), making sure I stop using laptop and other screen gadgets at least half an hour before. I write up my diary for the day, read an inspirational meditation and pray for some of the people on my prayer list. Then I snuggle down with an eye mask on, earphones in, and listen to a gentle story. As I focus on the story I forget about not sleeping and now drift off quite quickly. I still wake up 2 to 3 times a night but usually get back to sleep.

    As mentioned above, I don't usually have drinks with caffeine in any more at any time of day. I also have a pair of heavily lined curtains in the bedroom to exclude as much light as possible. I used to waken up to six times a night, but found that improved with reflexology - a friend was learning to be a reflexologist and I volunteered to let her put her learning to practice - I still see her regularly four years later after she fully qualified as it's still very beneficial.

  • Aw thanks I have tried most of what you suggested think perhaps a hammer next xx

  • Hi Ennyl,

    As you say that you have been suffering with insomnia since January, can you pinpoint an event, health related or otherwise, which started it? This isn't yet chronic insomnia and so could be helped by getting to the bottom of the problem and addressing it. I wake up every two hours during the night but I have always done this and can function in the day.

    It is obvious from your post that insomnia is not the norm for you and this is why you are having difficulty functioning at your usual level during the day and it is also affecting your health. You are feeling so emotional because you are worn out. You have been given some very good advice to help with this. I think taking some sick leave whilst you sort it out would take the pressure off you and give you time to regain your strength.

    Your GP may recommend short term sleeping tablets to try to reset your rhythm. However, we all know that these can often lead to dependancy if taken for too long. A friend of mine who is a very long term insomniac has been working at a programme to get her off long term dependancy and help her finally to sleep. She has had to sit up until 1am then go to bed with no radio etc and get up at 7am on the dot. The first two weeks nearly killed her but this week she has been sleeping solidly for six hours every night! For the first time in as long as she can remember. If you are interested I will ask her for the link.

    Good luck, xx

  • Had bad exacerbation January also chronic bronchitis then trouble with my heart which is ongoing just had echograph waiting for results honestly I have tried nearly everything goin I have arranged to half my workload but obviously that's half my pay so another problem how do I manage financially I live alone, seeing doctor thursdwybhopefully get something diets it at least started thank you so much cx

  • Hi Ennyl

    What a lovely caring lady you are. I'm sure the girls you take care of love you very much. I see you are working all weekend only. So you're already working part time. Keeping busy and feeling needed, are health boosters.

    Takes your mind off your own problems. Seems the dr. should be more understanding. Are your inhalers keeping you awake? My daughter takes the melatonin. She finds it works very well.Do you have any idea, what's keeping you awake? Maybe a medication, that could be taken a different time? I used to have trouble also. Now I take Gabapentin, for sciatica. That took care of my sleep problem.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I work 32 hours at weekend and four hours with a different lady Friday's I have tried most things herbal and usual remedies even diazepam from doctor am goin back to doctors Thursday hopefully get sorted then I have spoke to management and halving my hours till am sorts hopefully I love my work really do thank you so much xx

  • Hi Ennyl,

    you are very precise about when your insomnia started...January 2nd.

    Did something happen on that date, to worry you.

    If you can figure this out, you may be able to start to work things through.

    I would impress on your GP how important your work is to you, and at the moment it is not a good time for him to be denying you help.

    You are leaping ahead of yourself, worrying about giving up work, this alone will cause you sleepless night.

    Take your time in making any decisions at the moment, you sound exhausted, physically and mentally.

    Maybe a few days being signed off sick, will give you chance to recharge your batteries, and see things in a different light.

    I have read the Paul McKenna's sleep book, it is very good, and has some great tips for destressing and relaxing before bed.

    Mine came with a relaxation CD which l used to play when l bedded down....l never got to hear the end as l had always dropped off 😂

    Good luck, l hope you feel better soon

    Velvet xx

  • Hi velvet my Paul McKenna book came with the cd too, and I like the tip of imagining that you are in a peaceful place and then looking in detail at everything you can see in your mind picture. I liked the sea and sand and by the time I had looked at seaweed, waves, pebbles shells I was asleep.

    Sadly I lent my charity shop find to a friend and never got it back....I googled and it can be downloaded.

    Shall I try his I Can Make You Rich next

  • Hi knitter

    You might guess l am in the recliner position, l am on a Lilo floating in the Med, the lovely warm water lapping around me, and the sun on my face.

    I can feel the warm breeze and smell the fresh air...l hear children in the background laughing on the beach , l feel so relaxed, peaceful and sleeeeeppppyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Wow enjoy! Enjoy! Xx

  • Good idea ha! Seems we are all rich with support we receive in this site x

  • I live alone I can't afford to live on sick money just getting over being on sick over month from jamuary2nd when I collapsed I ha mad severe exacerbation then X Ray showed chronic bronchitis I have asked work to halve my hours until I am sorted sleepwear also I have been having tests for my heart failing, I don't feel stressed I actually happy I have had chance to have tests as so many people don't, lots of heart trouble in my family and my brother was told he had indigestion and went home massive heart attack died aged 31 so I well know how fortunate my heart trouble has been picked up on, I need to be on ball at work as sometimes girls can get violent not there fault also I give our strong medications I have now halved my workload until I get sorted as I don't want to stop work I really enjoy it I get so much from helping also I live alone and it's kinda social life thank you xx

  • Hi ennyl I do sympathise I'm useless if I don't sleep. What works for me is Bach original flower remedies Rescue Night Spray. You can get it from most chemists or Amazon. Good luck. x

  • Cheers I will try it as I am more for natural than medicinal remedies much appreciated xx

  • Oh poor Ennyl - this is just dragging on and on for you. What a lot of support and caring there is in all these replies, and lots of helpful suggestions. You must feel a little over- whelmed, in the nicest possible way. If you do follow some things up, just try one at a time otherwise you won't know what's helping.

    One thing that's not been mentioned is hypnotherapy, which could help but isn't right for everyone.

    A small point, which you'll know yourself, - while you're so upset about work and the possibility of having to leave you're not likely to fall asleep the minute your head touches the pillow. You sound a lovely lady who loves what you do, gives such a lot and gets a lot back. So a good decision to cut your hours and let that take some of the worry off you if you can.

    You feel great sadness and unsure, but you're not defeated yet.

    Take care, Ennyl. Lots of love, Sue x

  • Aw thanks I am quite stubborn as you say but it's cos it's my life and I just can't let my illness take away anymore from me without a fight I feel I will get my sleep sorted but I do feel sort of relieved that work is agreeing with me and I will go back to full shift eventually I am determined I am overwhelmed at all responses it makes me feel so humble that I am so cared for good wishes to you x


    Hello Ennyl, I hope this link works, thought it was interesting!😁 I do hope you can get some kind of sleep pattern going, huff xxx

  • Aw thank you I will get on it. Am so amazed at all support I am receiving thank you very very much x

  • I wonder do you take prednisolone steroids? When I was prescribed 30mg for three months I took them in the morning and was still awake each night til 4am!. This lasted for a few weeks. Then I gradually took them later each day until I was taking them at bedtime and I could then get to sleep quite easily. x

  • I have them as part of rescue medication but not as a everyday treatment I used three packs in January with other meds but was really poorly x

  • Have you tried Phenergan ? It's a antihistamine that's also used for rashes eg hives and travel sickness and itching but it also helps with sleeplessness. Can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy . X

  • Actually I haven't but I do give 35mls to one of girls I support as a night time medication with others I didn't realise t can be bought over counter but I will try it thank you for that very kind of you to mention it xx

  • It's in tablet form 10mg &25 mg . Sold as a travel sickness pill also allergies & used as a sedative x

  • Thanks for that al get some today x

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