Is Customer Service Dead & Buried?

Is Customer Service Dead & Buried?

Went into the post office this morning. Passed the large parcel that I was sending to the counter assistant and, while she was dealing with that, took out the small packet that I was also sending.

Put that through the slot at the front of the counter that determines whether it is a large letter or not. It passed through the slot, all be it touching the sides, with no trouble at all.

When the assistant had finished with the large parcel I passed her the other item and said to her "large letter 2nd class please".

She took it from me, turned to the letter assessor on her side of the counter, held it up to the slot then said " too big for large letter rate, you'll have to pay the small parcel rate"

I told her that it passed through the device on my side of the counter, took it back from her, and showed her it going through.

She watched me doing this then said, in a grumpy voice, "depends upon how hard you push it I suppose"

I was totally flabbergasted, in fact my flabber has never been so gasted, so I told her that it had passed through without any problems so I wanted it 2nd class large letter rate.

Eventually she conceded to charging me for the large letter rate but, as a parting shot, she said, "well if the recipient at the other end gets charged a surcharge because you haven't paid enough postage they will have to pay it before they can have it delivered".

So there you go customer service isn't dead & buried - it's alive and flourishing at your local friendly Royal Mail Post Office, LLAP, Eric.

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  • Grrr..what a rude woman. I don't want to start telling you about Royal Fail parcels non delivery for I will swear.

    I know that you don't use my local P.O. counter staff for they are lovely and helpful.


  • Get down there and sort 'em out for me Jennifer. I know you would put the wind up 'em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LLAP, Eric.

  • Oh Eric! and I've just sent you a nice letter!!!

    :-D :-D

    Any time! My Daughter says I don't need scissors or knives in my house with a tongue like mine.

  • HOW DARE SHE? - Clip her round the ear Jennifer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but a grain of truth maybe?. LLAP, Eric.

  • She is a bit too old and a bit to tall for that now Eric. I don't know how I came to give life to a sweet natured Daughter like her.

    Can I ask what did you say that LLAP meant again?

    Jennifer xx

  • Live Long And Prosper Jennifer 👅🌞🌷

  • Of course - thankyou Eric.

    I will do my level best....well it might not be level, but you know, rough with the smooth and all that :-D

  • I have been told the same about my tongue,☺️

  • Surely not....there can't be two of us....heh heh......

  • Obviously been to a Royal fail charm school.... x

  • Sorry had to laugh but your spot on with your account off some staff, I think it's so sad that anyone has to talk down to people to make themselves feel a bit superior sad! And good on you for standing your ground and actually educating her about her job! Xx

  • Not only the Royal Fail, most give poor service. We have been waiting to sign for a parcel for a neighbour...due 13.35!! We need to go out, but if we miss the delivery the neighbour will have to drive miles to the depot to collect it! Expensive posting - rubbishy service!


  • All too bloody true 1008. Royal Mail has got worse and worse since it was sold off by the BCP (Blockhead Conservative Party) and mark my words we'll soon be paying by the mile for our post to be delivered. LLAP, Eric.

  • I think we already do, Eric! Perhaps we could ask for half the postage back if we end up having to collect the parcel ourselves 🤔


  • Oh no Eric, it's dead and buried. Trust me! Xxx 😨😨😨😨😨

  • If I miss anything I have to go the Royal Mail sorting office, which is fine if you have a car. Otherwise it's very difficult to get to! I have to get it redelivered to a local post office (still a mile away) and pay for the privelige. x

  • local privatized royal mail - I rest my case ha,ha xxx

  • Last Wednesday I ordered a tin of paint for my daughter as her local stockists has closed delivery was £5 for next day delivery it was needed to finish an order promised for Saturday checking the tracking it was not picked up until 3pm Thusrday but it didn't arrive Friday it was still in Clitheroe CLITHEROE ! It was coming from the South of England to the East coast they don't deliver Sat or Sun my daughter is shut Monday's so it meant they would have to collect from the depot that means 40 mins and two have to go as there is no near parking so one stays in the car and the other runs in for the parcel. This time the delivery driver left it on Monday at the shop next door it took SIX days for next day delivery and my daughter has a furious customer not good for her business she has good reputation for reliability and good service. I have contacted the firm who have paid me £2.50 back as a gesture of goodwill. I have suggested that they take the matter up with parcel force and think about using a different delivery company this incident has lost them my daughters future custom she needs to find a new supplier but it won't be them. Have a good day all and keep well. Rosabeth.

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