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Reassurance for Husband

Hi there,

I am new here and first would like to say sorry for the long post, just wanted to make sure there was as much info as possible to be able to get some advice.

My husband has been having increasing short of breath since January. I'm pretty sure that something like COPD would not progress this fast. We live on the 14th floor, and back in January he'd be able to climb all the way to the top with no problem. Now he can't even do one flight without being out of breath. He has a lot of phlegm, and sometimes wheezing, but always feels short of breath and is worse when moving around. We took him to the hospital which they did spirometry test, ECG and blood tests. He is still worried that he has COPD although the ER doctor told him there isn't a chance. I was wondering if anyone on here understand the results from Spirometry testing. He is 27 years old, 172cm, and 150lbs. I am thinking it is just asthma.

His results

Parameter Pred (these are averages of people his age and similar in weight and height)

FVC - 4.92

FEV1 - 4.17

FEV1/VC (%) -82.4

FEV1/FVC (%)- 82.4

FEV6 - 4.92

FEV1/FEV6 (%) - 84.8

PEF - 9.61

FEF2575 - 4.9

PRE#1 (this is his results)


FVC - 6.69

FEV1 - 4.74

FEV1/VC (%)

FEV1/FVC (%) - 70.9

FEV6 - 6.56

FEV1/FEV6 (%) - 72.3

PEF - 12.04

FEF2575- 3.45

Parameter%Pred (these are his percentages, so taking his results and dividing it by the predicted numbers)

FVC - 136

FEV1 - 114


FEV1/FVC - 86

FEV6 - 133

FEV1/FEV6 - 85

PEF -125

FEF2575 -70

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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I'm no good with all those figures and I am not qualified tell you what it is. Before I was diagnosed with copd the symptoms were very similar to those of your husband. If it is copd there is nothing to be afraid of please believe me. I wouldn't know I have it most of the time as long as I can avoid germy people. Your husband should have his results very soon I hope. Will you let us know? Try not to worry meantime.


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Thank you A1J1S. His shortness of breath is pretty much all the time. He is seeing a respirologist next Monday, so hopefully the results will come out fine. I will keep you updated. xx

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Hi, I see you live in Canada so not sure if you see a GP or consultant.

Whoever deals with your medical needs would be able to advise you what these results mean.

If the hospital doctor says it's not Copd then what did he say it was?

I'm sure a diagnosis of Copd cannot be made by Spirometry tests alone.

Did he have a chest X-ray or ct scan?

I'm puzzled as to why the ER doctor would give you tests & results but not explain what the diagnosis was?!

Sorry to hear your husband is having breathing problems & hope he gets answers soon 🌸

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The ER doctor did chst xrays - he said they looked normal. The ER doctor basically said that it does not look like any respiratory diseases, but he said if it is anything then it looks like it could be asthma. He was just confused as to why all the tests came out normal, but my husband is having such severe SOB. He gave us a copy of all the results from the tests to bring with us to the Respirologist. His family doctor has tried a couple of different puffers, but they have not worked. HIS family doctor is the one that made the referral to a respirologist. It's going to be a 2.5 hour appointment. Fingers crossed that everything will be ok. Thank you for your reply.

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Hi, he's doing the right thing by seeing a lung consultant so hopefully he'll get answers soon.

Good luck with the consultation 🌷


Thank you, and yes you can only get proper treatment if you know what you have.

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Hi, Sorry your husband is having problems. There is a spirometry patient page on our NHS web- site but I can't help you because I don't understand all the different sets of figures That is, which 2 to use.

I am sure your practice Nurse or GP can help but you are seeing Consultant next week. Try not to worry in the mean time. x


Thank you, I did not know there is a spirometry page. We are both worried, but naturally he is the one that is most worried . xx.


This must be so worrying for you both. It's horrible to have his symptoms and not know what's causing them, but hopefully you'll have some answers on Monday. Meantime, try not to imagine too many awful things though, when you're given help and support and the right medication, they don't always turn out to be as bad as you'd feared. Everyone here has things they'd prefer not to have but life's still good and precious!

I haven't a clue what your figures mean so can't give you the answers you're looking for. The time will pass. Suggest you go with a list of questions you need answers to.

Thinking of you both, x


Thank you Watfordgirl. It's nice having positive statements. xx


From looking at the results you posted it would certainly not appear to be COPD but as always a doctor is the only one that can make a definitive diagnosis.

If you don't mind me asking what part of Canada are you in?


Thank you :). Yes, I am hoping the Respirologist has good news, like the ER doctor did. We live in Ottawa.


That's too bad as I know there is an excellent Respirologist in Calgary. Of course there may be some in Ottawa as well. :-)

Good luck and hope you get some answers.


The one he is going to has a reputation for knowing what he's doing and knows his "stuff", very good with diagnosis, etc. But doesn't have the best bed side manners.

Thank you again.


I would much rather see someone with a terrible bedside manner and knows his specialty inside out than some suave personable guy who doesn't know what he is doing. Of course I'm sure everyone feels that was. To bad politics doesn't work the same way.


I feel the same way.


Hey everyone, I know it's late, but great news. My husband has bronchial asthma. The respirologist said he was having a severe flare up. 


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