COPD Treatment using metal coils?

Does anyone have experience or know of anyone who has had treatment using insertion of metal coils in the lungs? My brother read an article in a medical magazine about it and that it is having great results. He is trying to find it again so he can send it to me. In the meantime, do any of you know anything about this?

Thanks all.

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  • My consultant has started screening me for these. Had a ct scan and a echocardiogram all within 3 weeks.

    Will keep you all posted.

  • Hi Martymack69, I found this article on some time ago and apparently it has been used in Europe since 2008 as part of a clinical study, but have not seen any updates on how it is progressing. I am posting the article for you,

    LLAP Eric.

    Tiny Coils Help COPD Patients to Breathe Easier - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

    Lungs, Breathing & Allergy Team

    anatomy of human lungs in x-ray view

    Doctors and researchers are testing a new procedure that doesn’t involve surgery to help patients with a devastating lung disease called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    COPD, which encompasses a group of conditions, is permanent lung damage that gets worse over time. The two most prevalent forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. People with COPD cannot catch their breath and may feel as though they are suffocating.

    Treating COPD

    COPD treatment focuses on lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking. COPD treatment also may involve medicines, such as steroids or inhaled medications called bronchodilators. These medications may stop working over time.

    A procedure called lung volume reduction surgery also is available. The surgery usually is a last resort reserved for people with severe symptoms that have not improved with medication.

    In the procedure, surgeons remove damaged tissue from the lungs. In carefully selected patients, lung volume reduction surgery can improve shortness of breath, quality of life and survival.

    But there are downsides to lung volume reduction surgery. The surgery has risks, including a prolonged recovery time and discomfort from the surgical scar, says pulmonologist Joseph Cicenia, MD.

    Treating damaged tissue

    The new procedure, which researchers are testing in clinical trials at Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals across the U.S., helps the damaged lung tissue to regain elasticity lost to disease.

    Doctors insert special flexible scopes through the patient’s mouth to place metal coils into the damaged tissue of the patient’s lung. The coils return elasticity to the diseased tissue, allowing the lungs to work in a more normal way.

    “We’re actually treating the lung by adding back elasticity to it that it had lost,” says Dr. Cicenia, who is one of the researchers in the clinical trial and has performed the procedure.

    “When you lose elasticity it takes a lot longer to empty the lungs, which leads to the lungs hyperinflating,” Dr. Cicenia says.

    This hyperinflation is the key factor to why patients with COPD feel short of breath, Dr. Cicenia says.

    “If you add back lost elasticity, you reduce hyperinflation and potentially improve shortness of breath,” he says.

    Return of lung function

    The coils have been in use in Europe since 2008. Patients who received the coils as part of clinical studies there reported substantial improvements in their lung function, capacity for exercise and quality of life.

    In general, patients recover from the coil procedure much more quickly than traditional surgery because it is non-invasive.

    Traditional surgery requires a large incision, or several small ones, in the chest to remove the diseased tissue. With the lung coil procedure, most patients go home after an overnight stay at the hospital.

    “The preliminary results are promising,” Dr. Cicenia says. “Patients are having significant improvements in how far they can walk and their quality of life.”

    Preliminary studies have shown the coil procedure gives results that are comparable to the volume reduction surgery, Dr. Cicenia says.

    “These early findings need to be confirmed in a larger clinical trial like the one we’re participating in now,” he says.

    COPD is a major cause of disability, and is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Millions of people have a COPD diagnosis. Many more people may have the disease and not know it, according to the National Institutes of Health.

    More information

    Read the story: Cleveland Clinic study uses metal coil implants to help emphysema patients with breathing

  • Thanks Eric! Great info and perhaps it will turn out to be something helpful to those of us in this struggle.

    Take care,


  • Hi Martymack69 - here are a few links about these coils you will find interesting. Not everybody is a candidate so you would need to be screened.

  • Thanks so much Christine - really appreciate it.

    Best to you,


  • Thanks for posting this, it's the first proper information I have seen. It does give me something to think about

  • Thank you Toci - really appreciate it.


  • I am also have tests done to have this procedure done and am hopeful it will make a massive difference here is a link to the Golden Jubilee Hispital about procedure

  • Thank you loco. Fingers crossed that this will turn out to be helpful for you (and me and all others suffering from this).

    Take care,


  • My consultant is trying to talk me into this procedure, I don't know anything about it so I am not that keen. I will wait until I can find out more to make my mind up

  • Hi Kitt - I posted a link below to an interesting trial / article about the coils.

  • thank you to all contributors for videos and information - all looks hopeful and certainly something both coils and valves I will investigate further myself xxx

  • Thank you all so much for your responses, feedback and video links. It is very much appreciated.

    This procedure sounds very hopeful and is much less invasive than surgery. My best to all of you as we continue to help each other try to get well and to breathe.


  • I've researched this quite extensively because I am a candidate and my Doctors are recommending this for me. (You cannot have the coils if you have bronchiectasis and pulmonary hypertension would also exclude you).

    The coils were developed in Germany and my Mom (who lives there) sent me trials done in Germany - unfortunately they are in German - I'm trying to find the English links again for all of you - but the bottom line is, if you can afford them (they are expensive, especially for me as a South African because of the shocking exchange rate) they will improve an individuals FEV1 by up to 15%. I will hunt for the trials again or ask my Mom to find the english versions and then I will post them here.

  • Hi Christin-sa thanks for the info.I have severe emphysema, asthma & bronchiectasis, you said people with bronchiectasis are not suitable for the procedure. I see a consultant at the north west lung centre & he has said he would like me to have it. Thing is l don't want to be a guinea pig.

  • Hi Kitt - That is my understanding - but that applies to the COILS. I see there is another development now in the UK with the VALVES! That is probably what your consultant wants you to have. I think you should consider it very seriously - I was thinking this morning that there are thousands of people all over the world living with stents inserted in their arteries - this is no different really - something tiny inserted in your lungs so you can breathe again!! And it will improve your quality of life so so much!! (And mortality!). Your doctors won't suggest it unless it will benefit you so trust the process. You can always refuse at any time to go through with it, but let them see if you are a candidate and see what happens ...

  • I have an appointment with him next week so I will listen to what he says, just wish there was someone who had it done already, and if anyone had it and maybe the outcome wasn't as good & what was the result

  • hi have broncheectasis which hospital told you that they would do it.

    cheers urgent

  • Wythenshawe lung centre

  • I have FOUND the link again!! YAY!!

    Please go to page 3 - the first 2 pages are in German and then it is repeated in English on page 3 and 4. This will give you all the info you need about the RePneu Coils developed in Germany by PneumRx GmbH, Munich.

    In these trials they saw a 17.5% increase in FEV1 in suitable patients. I believe this option offers very real hope for many of us.

  • Have you an approximate idea of the cost of this coil procedure?

  • Awesome!! Thank you so much for providing this information. I'm so excited about the possibilities.

  • Hi Martymack69 - so am I! Where are you in the USA? I ask because my late Father was American. :)

  • Hi Christine - I am right outside of Houston Texas in an area called The Woodlands. Lots of beautiful trees and walkways, bike trails and swimming pools. Too bad I can't do anything (ha ha). My grandkids take me out for a spin in my wheelchair a lot of times though, so that's lots of fun. We had a great winter this year - the low so far has been 48 degrees. It's 82 at the moment.

    Whereabouts do you live? 😊

  • When looked into this a few years ago there was a problem as were made of nickel to which am allergic when jewellery .

    Now have dysponea diagnosed with possible apnea have ineffective CPAP machine /Apparently there is a mini device called Inspire for apnea.Also had pulmonary hypertension diagnosed when all heart tests ok. However I comatose on ingestion daily which is a real problem before and after my cardiac arrest despite not showing up on this Reveal Device .

    Also cannot access Telecare/health monitors/ sensors private or LA & GPs refuse to deal with the respiratory telling you to find somewhere else as seen too many Drs not applying investigation .The new Dr had 4 appts & 2 phone calls still no action or plan .

    The private suppliers have had cannot install and programme correctly then leave monitoring to a corporate call centre or relatives 100miles away when solo.They are not following your agreed procedures so enjoy summoning ambulances and them unnecessarily as don't want risk .

    This is so worrying have sent equipment back and now have no cover or refund .

    Help as feeling not only having time wasted but being given the run around with the local A&E now closed & Minor Injuries refusing assistance ?

  • Hi Sky - Im sorry to hear you're having so many problems. I hope you can reach out to someone, anyone (family, friends, medical professionals who know what they are doing). You shouldn't have to deal with so many issues by yourself.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and wish I could give you a hug. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

    All the best to you.

  • Hi my consultant wants me to have this but I'm terrified

  • Martymack69

    Hi I have gone thro' the same exercise with valves & coils. They are made by 2No different companies the representative can give you a list of hospitals carrying out the treatment, subject to a referral from your own GP.

    Valves Try Scott Lawson 07802 779036 Pulmonx

    Coils forgotten contact PneumRx name of manufacturer.

    Try both sites they are all helpful people and know which hospitals are doing the pocess.

    Good Luck


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