losing height ;)

hello, just a wee update for you, I did make it to the shore today, and goodness me I so enjoyed it, the fresh air, the sea, at one with mother nature. I walked (staggered) a fair distance, and only when I got there did I remember I had to retrace my steps and go back! I am positive my poor wee legs are 2" shorter than when I left! The return walk had many stops to get my breath back, but strangely as I was returning I was coughing up a fair amount of yuck, and I wondered if the sea air in my lungs did this?? also I did mean to say when I commented yesterday about constant tiredness, I also feel quite weak at times, is that a side effect of this illness I wonder? I do hope everybody had a pleasant painfree day, bless.

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  • That sounds lovely, I'm not an "expert" on this as recently diagnosed myself however I have found when I exercise I often cough up muck too. I too often feel completely tired out but I'm sure someone on here mentioned it takes a lot more energy just to breathe which is why we may get tired. The other thing I remember is that by exercising and getting fitter your muscles then require less oxygen to work, which frees up more for the rest of your body. Do as much as you can and then rest. Your walk sounds amazing :) (I hope I haven't told you a load of rubbish but someone will put it right if I have :) )

  • Was the wind at your face on the way back, I wonder. A few times recently, I've been caught like this. Walked further then I usually would then turn round and find the wind that was at my back, is now blowing right in my face. But generally speaking, I think the return half of any walk is always a bit more challenging.

  • I know the feeling! It does sound though that the walk and change of scenery has done you good. It might well have been the extra exercise walking as well as the sea air which caused the yuck - better getting it up than staying down anyway. It would be interesting to have a look inside to see what is happening wouldn't it, then we would now what to do and what to avoid.

    Sometimes on our first walk of the day, my legs are a little bit tired but after a couple of minutes am fine so I am presuming/blaming it's all part and parcel of copd.

    Weather forecast is great for today here and my job for the day is pressure washing the decking. You have a good day too.

  • Coughing up the yuck is probably a combination of both the sea air and the exercise - well done for staying active & not giving in to the tiredness. Exercise & good diet are so beneficial for COPD.

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