Unproductive cough

I have just got over a bladder infection which knocked me sideways, and kept me in bed for 2.5 weeks. I am still feeling quite weak but getting better daily. I have copd but am noticing that although I am coughing it is unproductive although I am taking my usual dose of Carbocystine which usually helps with coughing up in the morning.

Any ideas please

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Hi, new to this myself but I'm sure someone will be along soon who may have a suggestion

I had unproductive choking coughing episodes sometimes causing me to pass out for a few seconds. Since using a salt pipe this has not happened. I don't cough a lot and when I do it is productive. Only used it since beginning of February so early days but good results so far

Google "How to get rid of mucus in lungs - YouTube" - may help.

In my previous post I gave a link for coughing up mucus - just watched it & it's crap. If you Google the subject I'm sure you'll find something better ..........

Hi i take carbocystine four times a day when i'm have a bad copd time ,I also do the huff exercise were you feel like something is either sitting on you chest or stuck in your throat , you huff a couple of times and it tends to loosen it and leaning over the sink or banisters if you have any resting you arm across the front of you chest helps i find . Like the salt pipe if you have nebs you can ask for saline nebs to help . Hope that's helped you.

Thanks Diane, I will up my carbocystine and see if that helps. Huffing isn't working as I don't seem to have anything to huff up!!

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