Out and about

Out and about

Managed to motivate myself to go for a walk in the woods and park this afternoon. Took some doing as my mojo seems to have disappeared lately, but then my 9 year old granddaughter joy came calling for me, saying 'come on grandma, we need to get out, or I'll be on my tablet all afternoon and you'll be sat watching TV ' talk about out of the mouths of babes. So got my wellies and coat on and off we went, really enjoyed it once I got going, and joy had a great time climbing trees and looking for anything to do with nature. Pic of her up one of the trees.

Don't know why it's come out sideways.

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Well trust the grand children to get us going better then sitting in front of the box

She looks like a total joy too Celat. Grandchildren keep us going.

You take care. Maybe your mojo is up that tree. 😄😉

What a lovely granddaughter you have, kind and wise too. Glad you pushed yourself and enjoyed the walk :)

Glad you enjoyed the walk and Felt much better for it I'm sure, it does help when you've got someone giving you that little extra push xxx

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