bronchiectasis, always tired recently!

hello and thankyou to all who replied to my first post here :) never knew I had so many fans ;) another wee question for you, I am constantly tired, could sleep anytime, yet I have 8 hours approx every night! can this illness cause fatigue as in the body not getting enough oxygen perhaps? the motivation to keep going can be a struggle mentally, I do know there are millions of people worse off than myself so my moaning is blowing in the wind.....................

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  • Oh yes, we bronchs know all about being tired! You are not alone with this. My consultant explained that it takes more energy for us to breathe and uses up our get up and go. I also find a lot of time is taken up every day with keeping my lungs clear and, when I am well, walking 10,000 steps a day and all this takes energy so I am whacked out by the end of the day. Plenty worse off than us though so I try to remember to count my blessings.

  • Yes Daveymac,

    My life is one long tiredness. I remember promising myself that when my youngest started school I would go back to bed and sleep all day because that is what I wanted so much to do, every day. Apart from times when I have had something awful like a virus, I have never acheived it, even when having an exacerbation. Even now when in theory I could because I live alone with just my little dog, I am up at 7 doing my chores, walking the dog, the nebuliser, exercises, making sure I have a social life etc and I am tired tired tired. This comes from a deep desire, drummed into me as a child to behave and appear as normal as everybody else. Boy is it exhausting and those with normal lungs look at us and cannot see how we struggle. It is better to be tired and involved in the world though than trapped in the spiral of inactivity and isolation which can so easily come upon us if we don't or finally can't defeat it.

    It isn't only us bronchs who battle against this. Most people with lung conditions have the problem.

    You aren't on your own. I try to tackle it by being good to myself the day after I have had a busy day. I have just woken up from a really deep 2 hour afternoon nap. Ridiculous really because I am often awake at 3.30 am, worn out but unable to sleep.

    Vashti has just posted a really good piece about living with the tiredness which comes upon us.

    Enjoy the active times when you can and give yourself a break when you need to rest.

    Big hugs.

  • Thank you for articulating that so perfectly SS. I've just given my take on Vashti's question and it's a bit similar to your view. As I said there, I now take the way I feel as normal because it's normal for me. But you're so right about the trying to appear 'normal'. I just hate to be perceived as a sick person and go to huge lengths ( when able to) to keep up this appearance. But again, like you, I think it's a good thing because I want to have a social life, travel etc. When I physically can't resemble a 'normal' person, then I'll just have to accept it but while I have a breath to draw and functioning legs, I'll carry on regardless and grab as much life as I can in the process.

  • Absolutely Billiejean

  • Hi BJ

    Good for you Gal


  • thankyou for your kind words Stillstanding (cracking name btw) and yes I see myself in part of your statement, as in sitting on the settee for days on end frightened to do too much as I still feel that it's about to kill me at any moment, I have not accepted the fact that it wont go away either which doesn't help matters, I have promised myself that all being well I am going to put a few miles under my belt on my recently acquired motorbike this year, once the weather settles down a bit more. I'm away up in far north Scotland and while ever the penguins and Polar bears are still wandering about I know it's not biking weather. Tomorrow I am going for a walk on the shore, wrapped up to the hilt, but I will go. Thankyou again, BIG HUGS right back at you'

  • There you are, displaying that bronchs grit! We just keep at it! Have a great time on the shore. My little dog and I are very jealous. That is why we are all here, to help each other put one foot in front of the other. And that goes also for all of the people with COPD and every different type of lung condition.

  • Don't forget to cover your mouth with something to take the cold off the air. It will aggrevate your Bronchiectasis and make it harder to get your breath.

    Regards, Rib

  • Way to go Davey ! Hop on that bike and burn the Tarmac :)

  • Hi Davey

    Keep doing what you can when you can...and rest when you have to...don't worry about it.😂

    I have Copd, amongst other things, and l call them my Zombie Mode days.

    If feeling knackered was in the Olympics, l am sure most of us could win Gold.😂

    I have a nap whenever l need does get embarrassing when l am in Tesco.😂😂😂

    Keep smiling and don't worry

    Velvet xx

  • Always good to hear what others are going through as makes you feel less isolated, I have Broncheicheticis as well as Multiple Scelerosis both of which causes severe Fatiuge, the worst part is the Constant yawning, and having to explain that it's not that you are bored.i have slowed down so much over the years but have to go with what my body permits and as we all say, there is always someone worse than me.

  • Yes Davy, tiredness is a normal part of lung disease, as oxygen has to fight its way through, and this is so tiring. One of the many joys we have to endure!

    Best wishes.

  • Hello Davey, it would seem I am late to this. My excuse is I was sleeping!😴

    The tiredness never really goes. I actually can't remember the last time I didn't feel tired. I'm worse at the moment since I've had a terrible winter, despite living at the other end of this isle to you. Not had a single scrap of snow and it's hitting double figures in C too.

    Do what you can when you can. Getting out into the fresh air is important as is exercise of course. Definitely hang on to that for as long as possible. I miss walking dreadfully and some days 10 steps is too much. But today I have promised my offspring (not allowed to call them children at 20 & 18) a trip to the closest coastline so they can go be active and I can attempt to reach the sand.

    Enjoy your walk.


  • I was also told that our bodies take more energy to produce oxygen. That's why it's important to exercise. The more toned the body is, the better the body can produce oxygen. The thigh muscle is the body's largest muscle, so walking and leg exercises is very important.

    The upside is that you burn more calories in producing oxygen. My weight is average, I try to eat healthy, but I also love the junk food. As long as I'm not on a high dosage of prenidsone, I don't gain weight.


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