Whoops...I've Killed It!

Don't quite know why it suddenly keeled over...making such a feckin' fuss with the alarm going and red lights everywhere...I was in my shed, plugged into the hated and much despised Eclipse machine you see...using the ambulant oxygen is my preference every time when I'm moving about but the cylinders only last a couple of hours so I ration them for shopping and such like...

Anyway...it's stone dead which means I'll have to 'phone the terribly inefficient company and ask for someone to come out and mend it or take it away...

I'm so used to having Malachi put his head round the front door once a month with his friendly smile as he struggles in with his container of six oxygen tanks that I've been spoiled...doesn't matter if it's hammering down with rain...Malachi is always cheerful.

The lad who brought the Eclipse is sour and miserable...quite apart from the fact he forgot to bring a battery and hadn't cleaned the storage bag, which hangs on the back, out. It was full of used tissues and someone's hospital name tag...bit yucky actually.

Even the girls who answer the 'phone when I ring for more nodules or oxygen are bright and cheery...they remember me, which is pretty good considering how many people they have on their books...

The Eclipse girls are vague and vacant...unfamiliar with the goods they supply, they sound bored to tears, just waiting for the time when they can go home. I find myself speaking slowly and clearly as though dealing with a person slow in their learning...

I'd send the silly machine back, but for the fact I have a feeling that once you start rejecting stuff that's been loaned or given to you that you might never be offered something which would be worth the while having...I'll grit my teeth and ring them on Monday.

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  • Oh dear!

  • Keep those teeth well and truly gritted vashti. Xxx

  • Does gritting your teeth cause you to use less oxygen please? Rib

  • That's rubbish!

  • What is rubbish?

  • having the machine break :(

  • I think that Vashti's service is rubbish. my machine broke and I had a new one here within two hours. Even then the engineer was apologising for taking so long. They guarantee within 3 hours. Rib

  • That sounds s..t!!! Xx

  • All sounds familiar vashti.

  • Any chance of getting a machine from a different supplier? via the hospital maybe?

  • I know it's not nice, but I say that everyone who has to deal with us with breathing problems should have a pillow held over their heads for five or ten minutes as part of their training so they know what it's like to not be able to get enough oxygen. There are some nurse's I'd like to do it to myself! Then they might have a bit more understanding of what we're going through.

  • The standard tuition is to have the pupil breathe through a straw.


  • I'd rather breathe through a straw than not be able to get any oxygen at all! Our oxygen tubing is about the diameter of a straw, so that can't be such a hardship. That's been one of my big gripes for a long time, that the medical staff don't understand what it's like to not be able to get any oxygen. I had one nurse unplug me and when I asked her to please hook it back up she told me to not worry about that right now!

  • I don't know what training and protocols you have in Canada so I cannot comment. However having a patient calm and comfortable is surely preferred the same as elsewhere.

    I don't know the internal diameter of the tubing for a nasal cannula as I can't use them. I have a full mask. That appears to be about 7mm.


  • Poor service is one of my pet hates. I have been a manager of telesales teams and I insisted on them answering the phone with a smile, it does make a difference. I know that a lot of these are on minimum wage which cannot help life, but they still do not need to be rude or uncaring.

  • totally agree, the best tool you have on the phone is your smile :)

  • Ooo errr Vashti 🐒 I hope they replace it for you straight away! I admit I'm a bit rough with mine but I wouldn't like to be without it.

    I have the liquid oxygen man coming on Wednesday but I don't think he will be able to find a suitable place for it...we'll see.I might have to save up for a shed 😕 🏠

    Hope you're alright and able to carry on with sorting out your little shed 🏡 it sure is a pity that nice young man Malachi has been replaced by a not so nice man.😉

    huff xxx

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