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Hi just wondering if anyone has heard of the salt caves? I read up on them and quite a few reviews were all excellent. Only problem we haven't any near us,but I was advised to try a ceramic salt pipe. So I bought one for my mum and although she seems little reluctant using it she started 2days ago to using it 15 mins a day. So I'm just curious to see if anybody had used one. Thanks!!!

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  • Hi bmb64, Pete tried a salt pipe for a short while but it made him cough more so he stopped.

    Good luck to your mum and hope she doed well. Xxx

  • Thanks early days yet , my mum coughs constantly nowso I hope it doesn't have that effect :-( worth a try. Was it the ceramic pipe which is suppose to last 5 years? Xx

  • Yes it is that one. I got from Amazon for a good price. I am sure lots of people benefit from salt pipes. Xxx

  • I haven't used a salt pipe, but am very interested to know how they work. I have visited the spectacular Salt Caves just outside Krakow - what a breathtaking experience, but the air made me very thirsty. I wonder if salt pipes do the same.

  • Hi i read that using the pipe just 15-25 mins per day can help people with respiratory problems loosing any Mucas on the chest many reviews say after couple of months using it has reduced their intake of antibiotics,so that's what we're hoping for. Mum only been using it for couple of days so too early to see any improvement or any problems, but I will update you if any news x

  • If you type 'salt pipe' into the search box on the top right of your screen, it will show many previous threads on this subject. Opinions seem to be very mixed - some say they're wonderful, others find no improvement. I hope your mum finds hers helps with her breathing. Jan :-)

  • Thanks Jan I'm hoping so too 🙂X

  • I live by the sea so don't need salt pipes. I do notice I feel better when I inhale some of that sea air so maybe there is something to it. x

  • I find using a saline solution through a nebulizer works much better, I didn't have much success with the salt pipe. Your consultant or gp should be able to advise you on the nebulizer options. 😊

  • I've been using a Salin plus machine - it pumps air through your bedroom via a salt filter all night - since December. Someone recommended it on this site. Since then I've only had one cold and it didn't go to my chest, best winter for 3 years. bit pricy but well worth it I reckon.

  • Never seen them may look into it thanks!! Xx

  • I've been using a salt pipe since beginning of February. I've noticed a big difference in that congested feeling. Yes I do cough sometimes because the mucus is loosened so able to cough it out. Yes my mouth feels dry but I suck a mint after using it. The slight discomfort is a small price to pay for my improved health. May not suit everyone but I am so glad I finally got a salt pipe after a couple of years dithering. Should have bought it way back then which would have improved my health much earlier. Hope your mum gets the same benefit x

  • Thanks I bought it for her Mother's Day present(boring present I know) hopefully even if she gets a small improvement it will be worth while:-) take care!! X

  • Salt caves are excellent and do work (to relieve breathing, not cure COPD), but repeat sessions can run expensive. Instead , ceramic salt pipes are a good, cheaper and portable alternative option - but not as effective.

  • I am 69 with severe COPD and Emphysema and salt solutions in neutralizers or salt pipes or even salt lamps actually make my condition much worse. This is not the case for everyone suffering this disease. Please make sure these salt solutions actually work for you and indeed I hope they do.

  • A new salt cave has recently opened in the west midlands. Salt therapy changed my partners life, really worked for her

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