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Well went back to doctors today to find out that I have pleurisy only took 3 weeks and lots of pain in back more steroids more antibiotics and to go back again next week but hopefully by then all pain will be gone

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Poor you Jeanjt!

Pleurisy is a painful illness to have. Hopefully the abs & steroids will clear it up once & for all.

Just rest & take care of yourself 💐


Thankyou I will

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Hi I can't believe it took so long to diagnose as it should be one of the things doctors are aware of in us lungies. I hope you feel better very soon. x



Pleurisy is one of the most painful conditions that I have ever experienced so I really feel for you.

Take lots of painkillers as well if its really painful to take the edge off.

I'm sure the antibiotics will kick in soon and you will feel much better

Rest well



Hope it heals quickly and your pain free soon xx


Been is really important to rest so your body can repair and heal.

It is likely that you will feel better once the meds kick in and so will be back up and about doing too much.....please don't you really do need to rest.....

Sending gentle healing hugs (((😊)))


I do sympathise with you. Pleurisy is very painful but with antibiotics etc, you can recover from the worst effects. However, do take it easy once the pain has gone as it can leave you weak and a bit dizzy - maybe the effects of the drugs . I hope you will soon be fully recovered.

Best wishes.-


Hope all goes well and it clears very soon.


Hope you feel a little better soon and that the pain eases. Not what you'd chose to have but it's good to know, at last, what's going on. Take care, Sue


I have had pleuricy for over a week on second lot of steroids & antibiotics still feeling a bit ropey & tender cough still persisting & on going. Really painful thing to suffer from feel for us all who have this on going health problem


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