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Hi everyone! Hope you are all keeping well.

I normally write on here when its concerning my Mum but today I am writing about myself 😢

So, since January I have various infections (very unlike me) Laryngitis, found out I was anaemic and now just finished 2nd lot of antibiotics for double ear and throat infection!! Still coughing after 6 weeks! I

m also tachycardic (fast heart rate) but this very rarely causes problems. Sometimes I get out of breath climbing the stairs or chasing after my two young boys.

Anyway to cut a long story short, i'm 36 and today I used my Mum's peak flow monitor, I did it 3 times as suggested and each time I could only reach less than 200!! I thought "Maybe its not working" so asked my dad to have a go. He is 83 and reached 350!!

Should I be worried??



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  • Get yourself checked out Kim as no harm can come from that. It could be because of you having one problem after another so try not to worry. My daughter has been ill on and off for weeks but won't see the GP.

    Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Thank you, yes I have booked an appointment for tomorrow.

  • 200 is very low for a mostly healthy 36 year old but you are unwell at present. A good idea would be to use it when you're back to normal and see hours it is then. But for now it's definitely way too low so you should definitely see your doctor.

  • Just finished a 10 day course of penicillin so should be feeling much better. I have an appt with the dr tomorrow. Thank you.

  • Sassy's right. There are some awful things going around at the moment. You've been ill, not yet recovered and it will affect your peak flow. Go to see your doctor, and hope you're really well soon. x

  • Thank you.

  • Hi Kim

    You said, you're still coughing. Your lungs are still not up to par, from the infection. Wait till your feeling better, and try it again. How long have you been getting out of breath? Get yourself an appointment with the GP, as Sassy

    said. Good luck to you.😊 Please let us know how you are.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby!

    I have been coughing since Jan! And I always fet out of breath. Just thought after a 10 course of penicillin I would be better by now but surely it shouldn't be that low?! Like I said my dad is 83 and his reading was 350 my mum has COPD and asthma and she can reach between 300-350! Even when I do yoga (before I was ill) I always felt like I didn't have alot of 'puff' but thought nothing of it.

    Will see what the dr says tomorrow. Thank you.


  • I believe being anemic can effect your breathing also, Kim. Good luck to you.😊

    Will be watching for your post

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Sound advice from everyone Kim. 6 weeks of coughing sounds horrid. Good luck and will look for your reply.



  • Make an appointment to see your GP.

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