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My mum has COPD


My mum has COPD she was told this at the tail end of last year she is still awaiting an assessment on her breathing but has been given some inhalers to use in the meantime. Since then shes had 2 nasty chest infections both resulting in hospital treatement and going into pnueomina. She is not due to meet a doctor to assess her COPD for another 2 months as her appointment keeps getting cancelled due to the chest infections shes had.

Does this sound right?

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I am sorry your mum is not too good at the moment, and hope she soon turns the corner.

I have copd but am no expert on the condition. You will get real advice from the people on here who know much more about things than I. But - it makes sense for your mum to get better before she can have an assessment otherwise the readings would be false wouldn't they.

It's a very anxious time for you as her daughter, and I understand your feelings. No good saying don't worry - she is your mum. Fingers crossed it won't be long now.



I'm sorry about your mum too, and also understand how worried you must be.

I totally agree with Jennifer - who I think probably is quite an expert! We're advised not to have lung function tests within six weeks of a chest infection because it can affect the results. Your mum could then be put on inhalers which might be stronger than she needs at the moment.

The good side of this is that the hospital want to give her time to recover, and from her point of view that means should get better than she is now. She needs to build herself up - what we used to call 'convalesce'.

Hope she feels better soon,

Sue x

welcome to the site , I can really add to the advice you already been given , im afraid from October to may is a bad time for chest infections , they don't do assessment when you have chest infections and they can bring the results down a lot compared to how you would normally be , hope your mum is feeling better soon get her to wear a scarf round her mouth and nose when she goes out in the cold it helps warm the air as you breath in as when you have copd cold air can really play your lungs up

thank you very much for your replies it has been most helpful.

I feel reassured then that this is normal process.

Hi Laura,

I've recently joined on here, also for my mum. She was diagnosed with COPD 5 yrs ago. initially on 2 inihalers whilst being assessed every 3 months. When they added a 3 inhaler. They also sent her on a 8 week course at the local gym for breathing and exercise technics.

It is worrying, especially with the Unknown. I researched as much as possible and do avoid my mums if any of our household has colds. As well as lots of anti bacterial gel / sprays to try to ensure we do not transfer anything that could be harmful to her.

Really hope your mum feels better soon ready for her next appointment.

Take care of yourself too.

Kind regards, SJ xx

I have printed off allot of leaflets from the BLF website so I can educate myself on the condition. My main worry is the impact of my mums smoking on the condition she is 65 and has smoked since a very young teenager, she knows the risks etc and I have lost count how many times she has tried to stop. She continues to smoke after being told about the COPD and getting these 2 nasty infections, shes currently still in hospital recovering from pnuemonia. She doesnt seem hopeful about being able to give up this time either.

I just dont know what else to do to help her stop...................I dont want to get on at her or lecture her she knows the risks but I dont want to sit back and do nothing either and watch her deteriorate


Hi I have the same issue with my Mum she also continues to smoke atleast 25 fags a day! and I am really worried but I got some great advice from some guys on here and that is we can spend all the time with Mum trying to get her to stop and worrying and not actually spend quality time with her. Mum currently is well but that can change in 24 hours.

SJ31 in reply to laurajane460311

Laura Jane I do feel for you. Can only imagine how hard it is to try to understand why your mum can't or won't. I know initially, I'd probably feel how selfish it is, being as we are also going through this too not physically but emotionally. Having to see them suffer and know there is something that may help reduce the suffering or the speed of the condition.

On the flip side am sure it's been hard on your mum too and it probably doesn't make her feel too good when she fails at quitting which probably increases the stress making it harder to avoid.

I was honest with my mum when she got her diagnosis as we'd only lost her brother the year before to this condition (it wasn't diagnosed and treated until to late). I told her you only have 1 life, it is up to you how you choose to live it. It's more important to live and love the life we have especially when things are out of our control. I reminded Mum of her grandchildren and that the quality of life with us was important. Left the choice completely up to her thankfully she was successful the first time she quit otherwise I imagine she would of quit on quitting.

I think when I said that to mum I thought time wasn't on our side as I didn't know enough about the condition.

I admire your fight am.sure you'll have the strength and positiveity for you both. My mum is 65 and smoked since young too. She was on more than 40 a day when she had a breakdown in her 30's. Her brother didn't even smoke but I guess because he wasn't diagnosed is why we lost him so quickly to the condition. I've heard on here people have lived with COPD for years. Thats been positive and re-assuring to hear.

Really hope you mum recovers soon so the diagnosis and treatment can start. Now they know, there's some thing they can do. And once your mum is being treated maybe she might be able to focus on the quitting again.

Our GP told mum of a COPD group close by. Which they're now doing some evening sessions so I'll be able to attend with mum and understand more. Wonder if there's anything close to your area for your mum.

Sorry for baffling on. All above meant in a positive message for you.

Take care xx

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