Update on my partner

Well thank you everyone for the advice but my partner wouldn't go to hospital so I've been looking after him here at home had phone call from Dr told him oxygen level 89 pulse 128 hot 38 lots of coughing anyway he thinks he has viral infection give plenty of fluids . Since then he's 39 temp stats between 86 and 89 pulse 100 plus coughing green phlegm thick hands freezing stabbing pain in left lung and in and out sleep I've just rang dry again gave all symptoms again and said I was worried he might have pneumonia just waiting for Dr to ring back will keep you all posted

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I feel your frustration! I know going to A&E is no fun. I recently spent a day there and hated every minute. However at least I was examined and how your GP could diagnose a viral infection over the phone!!! Sats are still low and coughing thick green phlegm sounds more like bacterial infection. There are some horrible infections at the moment. I am on 5th antibiotic.....

Has he been given any medication. If not you should get him to hospital ASAP don't wait any longer please

If Doc doesn't come out to see him straight away, get to A&E is my advice. A simple chest x ray and correct diagnosis could save him from things getting far more serious as it did in my case.

Are we still going on the advice of the receptionist or has he acctually been seen by a GP

I'm waiting for Dr to ring no he's not been out to see him yet

He has been like this for days now please phone 999

I really wouldn't wait any longer get an ambulance, he's been like it for days, we don't need to see him to tell you he has an infection the green phlegm, high temp, low blood gas and rapid pulse say it all. Do it now.

Kim xx

Phone an ambulance. ...and kick your partner into it..

You may well be right about the pneumonia, shortytree, and the 'stabbing' pain could be pleurisy. If his doctor still doesn't come out to see him, and your partner refuses to go to A&E, I think you should call an ambulance out to him...if only to save him from his stubborn self!

With stats like that he could be permanently damaging himself...or worse.

Tee x

I didn't read about the stabbing pain, its Pneumonia then exactly my symptoms, I've had it twice. Please go to A&E.

Kim xxx

Hello shortytree

It was all said to you the other day how serious this is, and he needs to go to hospital.

I understand your frustration over him keep refusing, but in this case you must be strong and go against his wishes.

If he is running a high temperature, he is probably not thinking properly, you must be the sensible one here.

As for your GP and his practice, they need complaining about...after you calls the other day, and again today, doesn't anyone there realise how serious this is.

Call 999 for an ambulance now.

Velvet xx

Hi I agree with the others. Stuff your hubby refusing to go - call an ambulance and make him. Remind him it's you who are having to deal with this and he is being selfish in refusing help. Tell him you can't cope anymore. x

I feel so much sympathy for you - my husband is the same he is terrified of hospitals and it is damn frightening looking after someone when they are so ill. My only advise would be is to stay calm, trust your instincts and over-ride him if you have to. I would try to insist a doctor comes to see him. Good luck sending you lots of love xxx

Good luck to you and hope all will be well soon. Lots of nasty bugs going round so take care everyone. Xxx

I hope the GP has actually come out and examined your partner...if not I would do as the others have advised and ring for a paramedic.

I had pneumonia 20 years ago that wasn't treated correctly and I still pay the price.

I'm sure if you called 111 they would advise to go to A&E with those symptoms. The damage of not treating the infection soon will end up causing more pain and discomfort in the future.

I understand it's hard to go against a loved ones request but it clearly is stressful for you to be seeing him like that. So be a bit selfish and do it for you too.

Good luck.

Hi shorty tree, please, if your partners stats are no better, call and ambulance. I had high temp 39.1. Low oxy levels pulse 135. I was told by a Doctor once pulse above 99 is an alert. Had a nasty infection. Spent 10 days in hospital but I'm glad I went. Feeling better than I have for months.


My son went down pole-axed on Sunday in the space of 10 minutes, never seen anything so bizarre - he sounds very like your partner; spoke to him today via phone and have given his partner the same advice. Doctors in this area do not make house calls so have told her to ring 999 - then they complain about bed-blocking!

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