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The Shed Saga Continues...

There was I poodling about in my shed when Himself appeared...don't forget there's all that stuff in the barn he said...what stuff in the barn? All those plastic boxes he the mice have been in them...made everything smell.

After he'd gone back to doing whatever he'd been doing before pouring cold water on me, I went to look in the barn...two plastic boxes actually. Both with their lids firmly fastened so no mouses have been peeing on anything or eating the stuff inside...

Don't want to show off or anything 'cos that isn't ladylike, but we do have three huge barns and one has things that are needed but not this minute...a pressure spray...chimney cleaning brushes and rods...that sort of thing. The, you can't throw that out, we'll need it sort of stuff...

Another barn has the donkey cart and the hay bales...then the last one is where the donkeys spend the winter...just in case you might have been wondering, because you might for all I know...

I put my Mother's Day flowers in my shed...the cats are little devils with flowers or greenery...Murphy loves the water while Molly likes to de-head the flowers...between the two of them the pretty basket filled with white roses and pink carnations didn't stand a chance of surviving longer than the time it took them to demolish it...

The shed is beginning to look better...better than it did anyway. I'm hampered of course by a lack of my head I'm raring to go, but in reality a couple of hours sorting everything out and finding a home for it has me knackered and rather wishing it was bedtime.

Never mind...bedtime comes around soon enough!

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I remember himself bringing the Donkeys into the barn for the winter,so knew they were there somewhere,still waiting for a piccie of them,please,😄


Don't go overdoing things vashti. Barns are a whole different ball game. Glad the shed's coming along though. XXxX


Donkeys? wow! I love donkeys and yes I am jealous xx


Me too!

Show off all you like Vashti, your writing is like a picture book, so we need to know what we are looking at :-) janx


Lovely Vashti, but you are leaving us in suspense wondering what is in the white boxes. Paints, brushes, pencils, ribbons, wool, photos, maybe drawings, oh what is it.... x


Tis but a dozen days to go till Spring!!! Glad your shed is full of flowers and not rain 😁 I have boxes of stuff needing sorting, where do we find the time? 😊💐👀🙇🐰💜 huff xxx

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Donkeys barns mischievous cats a nice little cottage a quiet village stuff dreams are made of and you paint the picture well, I have a vision in my mind of what this all look likes thanks to your wonderful writing. Don't go wearing yourself out little by little you will get there :)

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It sounds sublime doesn't it.

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isn't is frustrating when you decide to do some sorting out, feel up to the job and half an hour later your knackered an wishing you never started.

I'm still working towards (very slowly) towards organisation heaven but I'm afraid it is very slow going. It took me 10 mins to decide to throw out a packet of dried pulse and bean soup mix and it was 3 years out of date. Have managed to sort out most of my kitchen except for the dreaded cupboard under the stairs which I admit fills me with dread as I hate enclosed spaces, I'm not worried about spiders cos I have banned them from the house and i they even put one of their eight legs over the threshold they know it's going to a bad day.

I'm now down to just doing small areas at a time, so it may take years at thee rate I'm going.

No organising today off to visit dad and then pick the grandkids up from school and do their tea, fish and chips for tea, yippee.



Who needs pop-up pictures when we have you. I bet your shed is as big as my bungalow, and as for your beautiful donkeys, Molly and the barns and the little road leading to the bridge. Take your time, we are enjoying your journey.

Thankyou vashti :-D

Just do not ask the wife to help clean them out like she done with mine two sheds she threw all my tools out and half my fishing stuff away

Oh the sheds and the house sorting out, this is when I wish I was minimalistic and only bought what I needed and not what I wanted.

I bought him a massive shed, but then we had visitors so a lot got dumped in there, then I bought myself a little shed, had more visitors so more got dumped in there .

I have a brick shed, the old coal house as was , my idea is to strip it paint it block up the holes and turn it into a photography place. but since then the house has got jammed up, again.

I keep thinking a skip outside and just throw everything , but what a waste. So you have my full empathy and sympathy and hats off to you all for tackling the jobs

P.s I want a donkey, to go with the llama I want , and a miniature pigmy goat, and a micro pig and the dogs

I can picture them all running round my back garden

I would also need to employ someone as the energy levels are low.

oh well

Just done over do it all ....

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