Feeling sorry for my self

I have had a chest infection, with steroids and ab, I have had three weeks off work, and should be going back on Thursday, As much as the infection has cleared up, I do not feel much better, I feel drained all the time, and breathless.

I don't feel ready to go back to work, but feel that I am being week and lazy.

I have been to my Pulmonary rehab, and then back to bed.... went to town then back to bed....

been out and had a bit of fresh air but its knocking me...

I have a go to do some jobs but I am finding it difficult , so the house is a mess.

sometimes I feel as though I am giving into this. but my breathing is heaving and I feel drained.

Hoping the doc will give me another week off. but if he doesn't its back to work


maybe not just tell me to get on with it

feeling sorry for myself.


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  • Oh bless you Jackie. If you are feeling that bad you cannot go back to work yet. Once you have told the GP surely will sign you off for another week. It takes time to get over chest infections and the meds

  • hi it does take it out of you when you have a chest infection can take several weeks to feel completely back to normal , wouldn't dream of telling you to just get on with it try rest as much as you can hopefully doctor will give you another week if you explain to him you don't feel fully better , so it gives you bit more time to recover , take care

  • Clearly your not ready to go back to work your doctor will understand it's not a luxury staying off work it's a necessity when you are unwell please give yersel a better chance and stay off until your ready to go cx

  • Don't even think about going back to work until you have completely got rid of the infection otherwise it will only get worse. Your doctor should give you as much time as you need to recover. In the meantime try and rest as these bugs are so debilitating.

    Hope you get better soon.



  • I hope you get some more time off of work and feel better soon. I know what you mean about the messy house and not feeling well enough to clean it. It's really frustrating.

  • Hi jackie, of course you feel sorry for yourself! We all feel sorry for you too. You're not being a wimp - it can take much longer than this to get over a chest infection. It will come but you have to give it time.

    Will you see your GP about more time off? - if so, ask him to listen to your chest because there seem to be some very nasty bugs out there, and you might need more ab's. Meantime ease up on the demands your making on your body - if you're breathing's heaving then you're ask too much of it at the moment.

    Take care. Get well. Sue x

  • Sorry you feeling poorly Jackie, but there is a nasty infection hanging around. My daughter a normally fit 39 yr old is off work at the moment with similar symptoms, as is my 25 yr old very fit gym going nephew. Daughters GP said similar thing to whooping cough, all in the upper respiratory tract making it hard to breath in rather than out so lack of oxygen making them very tired. Hope you feel better soon. Janx

  • We all feel sorry for ourselves from time to time we wouldn't be human if we didnt...I wouldn't be worring about the doctor. ..just tell him/her how it is for you...like you told us.. and you'll be fine.


  • Hi Jackie , I had chest infection Jan 2nd this year for 6 weeks , we are now in March and I still feel very tired. I too try to do things but I feel so weak so no you not feeling sorry for yourself its your body telling you enough is enough. I know we all of work commitment's but if you don't put yourself first work wont matter , Keep smiling and hope it not to long before you up and back out there x

  • Oooh I know how you feel! It does take time to get back to a good state of health. It took me 3 months when I was poorly 10 years ago.

    And the house a mess, don't worry, just do whatever you can manage and leave the rest for another day-chunk the house work down to manageable bits and pieces, you don't have to do it all today eh?

    Rest, eat as well as you can, plenty of protein and fresh fruit and veg...

    Love yourself and take all the advice you would give to a friend. When I am feeling physically better my mood improves.

    And thanks for your post because I too am recovering from a long term pneumonia 7 weeks now! and need the to take the same advice! Hehe.

    Get well soon. 😀


  • Polly, started New Year in hospital with pneumonia, had a couple of infections on antibiotics and steroids since came out. Everytime Ithink things are improving I crash again. It is the tiredness and sob that is getting to me. Can't be bothered to do my exercises though I say I'll start tomorrow every day! Hope you feel better soon too.

  • Time of year and hilarious bugs around at the moment I think Snodgrass ? Even folk I know who don't have lung disease have nasty chest infections.

    Hope you will soon feel better than you do at the moment 😀

  • My chest infection used to last a long time. I was a nurse and took early retirement in the end. You must not go back to work feeling like you do. I know a few people that have chronic chest conditions that have been well,for 2/3 years but this year we are all having trouble with breathlessness and I had my first lot of steroids in December. I have bronchectasis ,asthma, and COPD . Hope you feel better soonx

  • You are obviously not well enough yet. Please don't get more upset about it. You are no use to yourself or anyone else if you go back to work too soon. I'm sure you will get another sick note off your doctor.

    Keep warm and take things steady. Your house work will always be there - it is not important. Just don't look at it, or get a member of your family round to help


  • Hi Jackie please do go back to your doctor and get signed off work again. Lung disease is so awful and it all takes time to recuperate. You are not being weak or lazy you are just looking after yourself cus if you don't who will????? Take care x

  • I'm retired and coming off steroids. It leaves me utterly exhausted so I wouldn't be surprised if the steroids had something to do with your fatigue. Please see your dr again as you shouldn't have to work feeling so bad.

  • Hi jackie i too find it hard to recover from flare up the last time i was off i went back to work thinking i was ok and ended up going home after a couple of hours thi caused me to have 2 lots of sickness and had to go to HR for capability meeting so next time am off i wont go back untill GP or resp nurse says am fit to go bac

  • Aww Jackie I feel just like you. I took my last steroid on Friday and I'm just totally drained. The chest infection and virus I had took 2 antibiotics and I was on 40 mg of 5 days then had to have an other course of 40mg for 5 day and yet again an other course of 40 mg reducing by 5 mg every second day. I was put on an anti viril drug also. Right now I'm back in bed after putting a few bits and bobs in a case cause I'm going away tomorrow with my sister for a few days I hope she's not expecting to much for me. Make sure you tell you Dr exactly how you feel and there's no way you could return to work for at least a fortnight. Best wishes

  • thank you for all comments and support. I do forget its a lung condition sometimes and feel like I should be able to do more.

    I have been given another week off. still to tell work tomorrow......

    I know I will not be popular at work but oh well .

    I have been through the HR route 7 years ago, I had to get a letter from the doctor to prove and advise that I was poorly , They are pretty good and tend to leave me alone now.

    Its the immediate team I work with don't seem to understand, one of them told my partner that I need to get out there and get fresh air and go for walks.

    struggling to do basic exercise at the moment

    thank you


  • Understand that. Our breathe easy group meet monthly. First half hour devoted to singing if you have the breath second half hour to exercise. Can't do any of it now but still go as I get a lift and enjoy the company. You can only do what you are able to do and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • well I am pleased to say I have turned the corner and feeling a lot better. I will be back to work on thursday , that will be fun, but at least I can get on with life.

    Thank you for all your support


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