I've suffered with c.o.p.d for years and always managed with my inhalers that's until I get a chest infection which I've got now, just walking to my kitchen I struggle for breath, I'm taking steroids at the moment which don't seem to be helping, I live on my own and get very scared and panicky which makes it worse, I just wish I could find a way to keep calm and not panick

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  • hope your feeling better soon hopefully the tablets will soon start kicking in ,

  • Thank you so do I just had to call the doctor out as it seems to be getting worse

  • are you on antibiotics too , hope all goes well with doctor,

  • I was on antibiotics last week but they haven't cleared it so hope the doc can give me something else, thanks for your reply

  • there seem to be some rather nasty ones going round this year I had to have 20 days of antibiotics at Christmas to get rid of it ,

  • Seems to be we are all getting immune to the antibiotics they give us they just don't seem to work anymore

  • Hi unicorn, have you had your sputum tested to see if your antibiotic is working...or a blood test.

  • my doctors /copd nurses don't they put me on 10days of co amoxiclav then if that don't work another 10days then say if after that lot your still bad we will do a sputum test

  • If you take the same antibiotic all the time your body can become resistant to it. It has happend to me a lot. Now none of my medication is helping me and I have developed a low immune system so I am being referred io an immunologist to see why.

  • hi was you diagnosed with bronchiectasis I know you was going for tests . reason I ask is dawn has just been for tests to see if she has it get results on 4th april but they said to her she could have a low immune system and they mentioned bronchiectasis wondered if they went together or were separate

  • No I've only ever been diagnosed with c.o.p.d, it seems that doctors presume your a smoker if you suffer from c.o.p.d and I've never smoked in my life a doctor even told me to stop smoking without even asking me if I smoked or not, I get so frustrated

  • sorry my question was for amanda , always the same copd must be from smoking ,

  • Hi my ct scan showed a small amount of bronc. But with my immune system being so low my consultant wants me to see a immunologist to find out why it is so low and I haven't been put on any different medication. And they have known for a few year that my immune system is low. I don't understand it at all I also have recently been diagnosed with a few autoimmune disorders and don't know if it has anything to do with them

  • ok thanks for reply , she has had ct full blood and full lung function test so just waiting for results , hope they get you sorted out ,

  • Thanks mmzetor. Hope they get Dawn sorted too. It's not very nice when your medication is not helping.

  • no its not , they haven't given dawn any medication she just has antibiotics when she get a chest infection luckily the breathing isn't to bad just when she moves about quickly and stairs , I wanted her to get checked in case she had emphysema like me so they could start treatment early instead of leaving it like they did with me to start with ,

  • I've had low immunity for two years. Was seen once, and am being referred back because I'm not making antibodies. No-one's mentioned bronchiectasis - but that doesn't mean I haven't got it!! Good luck to Dawn.Sue

  • thanks sue , she gets a lot of chest infections and phlem been getting a bit breathless walking up stairs so I told her to go get checked out i wondered if she had mild copd , dr referred her to a consultant at local hospital who put her in for blood tests , ct and full lung function tests so will let you know what results find ,

  • Why does it seem not right that both of you should have the same problem? No reason why not but it doesn't seem fair. It's good though that Dawn's being investigated early so she can benefit from being treated early. I do hope she's ok but if she does have mild COPD at least she has a resident expert to help and advise!! Take care, both of you.

  • don't know about expert but we will help each other , getting use to getting chest infections around same time as each other now , will just have to see what her results come back as

  • What a lovely reply. I am in full agreement with you Watfordgirl :-)

  • Hi unicorn, I have some idea how you must feel as yesterday I found just walking to my kitchen difficult. I have just finished my second course of antibiotics and increased steroids after three visits to the Health Centre.

    I am glad that your GP is coming to see you .

    Have you tried the pursed lip breathing technique which may help when you suffer a breathless and anxiety attack. Just breathe gently in through your nose and then gently out through your mouth with pursed lips, for a slightly longer time.

    Also try gentle nose breathing from the belly with a relaxed diaphragm rather than tight upper chest breathing....easier said than done I know when feeling short of breath. But I find it helps and I try and practice when I am feeling better.

    Take care and I hope all goes well with your doctors visit

  • Thanks for your advice and will give that a try it's a scarey feeling not being able to breath so I will try anything, I don't think it helps being on my own

  • Hi, again...I hope you are ok until your GP comes and assesses you...did they give you a time for the visit?

    Some people find a hand held battery fan used near your face helps when you are breathless too....but it is only an aid, seek help if you are really short of breath.

    The BLF have leaflets and run a helpline.

  • knitter hope your feeling better soon ,

  • Hi Mm, the pills are working ...feel much better today. Thanks.

    Hope Dawns Mum Ok

  • hi she is getting her results on Monday thanks

  • Hello unicorn, it's horrid, isn't it, and must be worse when you're on your own. Except those times when my husband panics and starts talking about calling ambulances . . .

    There are some nasty bugs doing the rounds and it seems to take three courses of antibiotics, even for people who are 'well'. As knitter says, it's always good to send off a sputum specimen before you start to check you're on the right one.

    You say you've had COPD for years and have always managed with your inhalers. I wonder if you're being reviewed regularly by a respiratory nurse? Sometimes changing an inhaler can make a lot of difference. And have you been on a pulmonary rehab course? They can give you lots of ways to control the scared and panicky feelings.

    But all of that's for when you feel better, and I hope you don't have to wait long for the doctor. Keep talking to this site - there's usually someone not far away. It helps.

    Take care of yourself. Let us know what happens.

    Love, Sue

  • Thank you so much for your interest in me the doctor gave me another weeks supply of atibiotics and steroids I do go for six monthly breathing tests and just had my inhalers changed but I've nevergone to any classes I will look into it when I'm feeling better thanks so much from Sandra x

  • Hallo Unicorn. I know what it is like to feel ill and be alone. Take deep breaths (as deep as you are able) and relax. Do everything slowly and don't attempt to hurry.

    You have ben given such good advice from all the others on this site that I can't add anything further, but do hope all this will soon clear up.



  • Thanks for your advice it's really helped me to hear off other people I don't feel so alone e anymore

  • Hi unicorn, hope doc has sorted you out, but the first thing I must say is that you need to look after yourself, prevention is better than cure, winter can be a terrible time for us with COPD, so if you are going out wrap up well and cover your mouth/nose with a scarf or something, it's also good to have a self medication regime EG mult ivitamins and Cold Defence, Google breathing exercises to help with anxiety.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thank you for all your help and advice and I'll be certainly trying all these things to prevent another chest infection, you've been great T much appreciated S

  • Hi Unicorn

    Just wanted to welcome you to the site.

    Theres much knowledge and experience

    to be had, on the site.😊 I understand your anxiety, being by yourself. No neighbors or relatives near by? Can't really offer any more advice then what you have been given. Please let us know how you make out.😊 If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask...

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi unicorn,

    Today my mum got her chest X-ray results after 4 weeks to be told there's Bronchietsis (prob spelt wrong). My mum was diagnosed 5 years ago but couldn't seem to get better from chest infection at Christmas. now waiting for next X-ray in 6 weeks to see if any difference. Then possible referral to pulmary specialist.

    She too lives on her own but I live n work local, I know she does worry how an ambulance could get in to her through the security doors on flats now.

    If the problem persists Can you ask for an X-ray?

    The GP 4 wks ago only sent for the X-ray to be on the safe side as she couldn't hear anything on her lungs.

    You know your body and your self better than anyone so sometimes need to stress when things are not right.

    In our area there's a COPD group at the main health clinic. Do other area's have this?

    Question, does every COPD patient now only get treated at their GP's until it reaches a certain stage?

    Really hope the ab's work and help you feel better

    Kind regards, SJ.

  • Hope your mum is getting better sj, I've had chest x-rays and they have always come back OK apart from some scaring from all the years of coughing, I'm always the same when I get a chest infection and sometimes it takes a few different antibiotics to get rid of it, I could cope with the chest infection if it didn't affect my breathing, I don't think there's enough recearch going into copd sufferers and like your mum my mum suffered with bronchitis for years then got emphasemia which sadly took her life, it's just so difficult to understand as me and my mum have never smoked but doctors presume your a smoker if you have c.o.p.d, I hope your mum gets the treatment she needs and thank you for your reply, unicorn x

  • Hi unicorn I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happened to me last November. I have had COPD for over 20 years and coped well. I live on my own and last October I had a very bad chest infection and I ended up in hospital. I was still very unwell when I came home and then I started having anxiety/panic attacks. I used to start getting very anxious, shaking uncontrollably feeling I was suffocating unable to breath it was awful. My doctor gave me citropan(thinks that it was) for anxiety and depression but I had a bad reaction to it so couldn't take it. I decided I had to find a way to help myself. I researched anxiety and came up with 2 things - one was Mindfullness and the other was relaxation. So every day, 2 or 3 times a day I practiced these and I have to say I'm very much better now. There are lots of free programs and apps you can download. If you would like to know the ones I used let me know. Good luck and take care. x

  • Thank you barbs47 and your right it's an awful feeling having panic attacks on top of not being able to breath, yes it would be great if you could let me know what apps you downloaded I will try anything to calm me down, thank you so much for your reply it means a lot, unicorn x

  • Hi unicorn I'm not sure if your using a computer or a pad but these are the two that really helped me. I started with Mindfullness, this website tells you all about it and if you click on the free resources you can choose from various Mindfullness breathing I chose the voice I found most soothing and it's all free which is great. If you can spend the time (some are only about 9 minutes) and try to do it several times a day to start.

    The second one I found very helpful was a self hypnosis app I think it was free but if not its only a pound or two and is about 30 minutes but well worth it if you have the time. Go to the App Store and search ANXIETY FREE i Can Hypnosis.

    Let me know if you have any trouble finding either and I would be interested to hear how you get on. Take care x

  • Thanks very much barbs47 I've just tried free mindfulness and found it very relaxing so I'll do it again tonight before bed to help me sleep x

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