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Not a happy bunny

Hi all

Problem No 1

Where to start….I have been successful in downsizing from a 3 bedroom flat to 1 bed room. I gave in my notice to my current social housing landlord, only to be told that the financial incentives that come with downsizing will not be paid because I did not find the accommodation through their website.

Pardon me for being proactive and independent, I say!

So notice to leave, with no help with moving costs, or extra bedrooms that I am giving up.

Problem No2

I have been on ESA since 2014. Sick notes have sent every 3 months to reflect illness. I had an assessment 2 weeks or so ago to be told this morning via telephone that I have 0 points and consequently have to claim JSA.

I am very angry as I know at the assessment, I arrived very out of breath and unable to talk in sentences and was told to clasp my hand behind my back as a form of mobility, which does not reflect what hidden illness I have. I will appeal as soon as the letter arrives however.

Tomorrow 9th Feb, I have an appointment with JSA, of which of I am not looking forward to.

I am angry at the system. Why is it that there are obstacles every step of the way? I have paid my dues for best part of 40 years into the system and every door gets closed.

I am more apprehensive now than ever as although I have tried to be positive in the past, I feel a heavy burden falling on my shoulders.

I usually say onwards and upwards however, I’m not so sure at the moment.

Not a happy bunny at the moment!

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Appeal ! Always appeal they rely on people giving up so appeal again and again your unwell paid your dues and good for you using your own incentive and judgement x


Hi Enny

Thank you. It was my intention to appeal. The letter arrived just this morning (weds) and I have asked for a copy of the assessment report. It appears they were using the form I filled in back in 2014, yet I am am on more medication since then. I have had my cries from both disappointments but I am feeling a little more positive and will carry on......

onwards and upwards x

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Good for you am sure proud of you ! It's so annoying that we end up paying for there mistakes! I wish you the very best and certainly hope you get all you you are entitled too! It's difficult enough dealing with illness never mind these people!! I hope you do getcspeedyvrepky as I know it will be a huge weight off your shoulders . Take good care X lynne


Thank you Lynne xx


Hi I moved last week from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed bungalow,and was told same as you no downsizing incentive I am with h/a

Best wishes


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Hi jojo

It is hurtful. I am the same, from a 3 bedroom council to a 1 bed H/A flat. I have asked for help with things, ie cooker as I currently have gas and it is all electric in the new place...have been told no!

I am laughing now because it is just a joke x


Check on your local council website as all councils operate a service to help the vulnerable. Where I live it is called the local support payment. It helps with costs of white goods for people claiming benefits. You can also apply to local charities that specifically help people who are vulnerable and claiming benefits. Good luck.


Hi Aishah

I checked with the council support services as soon as I was aware and they cannot help as it is not seen as emergency. I am not homeless and my money hasn't been sanctioned....yet! I went to a local advice charity organisation and they couldn't help either. They didn't even point in other directions as they were stumped. I will be glad to leave my local council. I'm tired and on the last leg of packing up, ready to leave.

Happy memories in the home I'm leaving, but not happy memories with the council


There's a website called that should have some grant/ support/ and or financial aid to help you. Check it out and good luck.


Not surprised that you're not a happy bunny. The changes and tightening up make me feel angry, but also sad, for people who are really struggling. Bet you just don't have the energy for all this.

However, you can't let them win. Ennyl is right - appeal. And get help and advice - CAB are really good and don't BLF have a helpline for Financial issues?

Stamp your foot and have a hissy fit if it helps, then take a deep breath - oops, sorry, take a very small breadth and push for your rights.

Everyone here will be behind you. Remember that you're no less a person for being ill. You should be treated with compassion and your dignity should be left intact.

Let us know how it goes.

Love, Sue x


Hi sue

My symptoms have worsened over the last week or so due to stress. No energy to do anything, but I have to keep going because I am moving out due to downsizing.

I went to JSA yesterday (Tues) and was catching breath to the point the lady behind the desk cried with me. She couldn't understand how they failed me. COPD is unpredictable and one day is easier, not better, than another

I will look into BLF re financial help, i didnt realise that, thank you.

I will keep you all informed x


Oh Em that's awful and I am so sorry. One tip - I used to work in a Jobcentre. If they think you aren't fit to work then they will tell you and that is evidence, Make sure when you are there that they see you very breathless and poorly. Don't try and be a brave soldier and put a front on.

Also if you have to claim JSA get a letter from your doctor detailing the type of job you can do and the hours they think you could work. They do abide by this. Even better if the doctor thinks you can't work at all. Good luck with it all and stay strong. x


Hi Coughalot

At the JC they suggested I should be on Extended Period of Sickness as I had a current medical note stating COPD. I was very SOB to the point of hyperventilating, which I dint have to put on. The adviser was angry that they thought I was 'fit or work'.

I am due to meet with the adviser next Thursday to see if my JSA claim is in the system, without any periods of non payment. Unfortunately, the EPS will have to wait until I have moved as I will be out of the area.

My GP will be glad to see the back of me I think. I have been told I am a complex and expensive patient! Plod on I will x


The last time I had a medical with pip was at home and it was a women Doctor the wife told her to wait buy the kichen door wil she put the dog out which was a alsation at that time but she did not listen at all she just came strait up to me with one hand up in the air gees what happend the dog lighting was still in as the wife was putting him out but he turnd his head and he sore her and started to bark and came over to me barking so I got up off me chair to stop him before he got to her and I fell flat on my face and she left me there my wife sat me up and went to see if the doctor was alright she was shaken up that's all the wife told her I told you to stay buy the door and she left did not ask how I was or nothing and a few weeks later a nother doctor came from pip and asked was the dog in or out he was out so he done the medical and left but before he started to do it I told him I was told I will not have a nother one has I had a letter say so which the wife showed him so he still done it and said will not see you again


Appeal like the others suggest, the system is difficult to get through with constant change in rules, most of it just means more paperwork costing more money while people even those working are starving or cold. Before long there will be more and more people in poverty like the third world countries. You have my best wishes for a good outcome all though it will need persistence.

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Hi KAtie

My sentiments exactly re: third world

I will not back down, thank you x


You have my backing all the wayx

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There are lots of helpful comments here. I would just repeat never give up, appeal and appeal again. Always be polite ( I know that at times this will be almost impossible ) but the strategy does work. The person interviewing you may be an idiot ,but pointing this out to them will only delay appeals procedures. I really wish you the very best of luck for an outcome you are happy with.

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Thank you


afraid with this government you can't seem to win - you play the game only to find they have changed the rules and not only are you not playing on even ground but they have also moved the goalposts - wonder if this is what they learned from their privileged private schools - b*****ds - sorry get so angry at them and the unnecessary misery they cause - sorry to hear of your troubles wishing you luck xxxxx

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Thank you xx


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