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Dad's in again!

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Hya guys, my dad got rushed into hospital Wednesday with what we think is a real

bad chest infection. He finished a course of antibiotics the Friday before but had more steroids to see him through until Monday.

Up until 4pm Wednesday afternoon everything seemed 'normal'. He then started complaining that he couldn't catch his breath (which isn't uncommon since he's had an infection) so m l a I just made sure that he was ok offering any help I felt would help. By 6pm his o2 was 54 so I didn't hesitate and ring 999. He was moved from resusatation to Clinical Decision Unit and that's where he still is because there are no beds free on the respiratory ward. Only other option is high dependency because he needs to wear the bicap mask and the nurses don't know how to use it. But being as he's hasn't moved I'm assuming that they can't take him either.

This is his 3rd admission in 6 months and just by chance yesterday whilst visiting him the nurse left his medical card on his bed which I then noticed that he had been given morphine and diamorphine the 2 previous mornings around 2-4am. He's never had it on other admissions so I questioned it with him, he responded for pain I suppose. I know his co2 is high and he tells me he has headaches but then he says he's taken paracetamol to help.

The nurses are run off they're feet and not being trained on respiratory diseases I can't help but worry. He doesn't seem to be getting better and nobody has the time to explain what's going on. I just hope that it being Monday a new week that there's possible room on the respiratory ward.

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What a dilemma for you and your poor dad. I really hope that he can get put on a respiratory ward today because that is where he needs to be. What is happening to our hospitals and NHS? The nurses do their best but there is not enough of them and they are not always trained to deal with everyone.

Wishing you and your dad well and do let us know how things go please. xxxx

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knitter in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy...tens of thousands of NHS beds have been taken away....there used to be 6 beds in a bay in my local hospital now there are four.

The staff were working twelve hour shifts, and they seemed much more dependent on their computers than when I was last admitted.

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sassy59 in reply to knitter

It is getting worse knitter. When Pete was last in hospital he never got.put on a respiratory ward. Xxx

Morphine can help with your dad's breathing.

I hope you have better news about him soon. xx

hope your dad gets a bed in respitory today and hope he is feeling better soon ,

Your poor Dad. Perhaps now it's Monday things will get moving a bit, or, to be more precise, your Dad will be moved. You'll then feel more confident about the care he's having. Do ask to see a doctor - they are really busy but you need to know what's happening with him.

I do hope things improve really soon. Thinking of you both,Sue.

I think that this is the sign of things to come now from the NHS. fewer beds and waiting longer to get into the correct ward. Your poor father and also you as it is nothing but a worry. Can't blame the nurses who in the main are run ragged but your father's Consultant should have been able to bring you up to speed with your dad's condition etc. Hopefully, like you say there will be a handover today and you should get some details. I wish your father a speedy recovery and keep your chin up.

I do hope your father gets the help and care he so duly deserves. Your his voice now.. and unfortunately it's " he who shouts the loudest" it's a total disgrace the way the Nhs is going. We all know the nurse's, doctors and consultants are worth their weight in gold. But all the cutbacks are compounding their caring capacity and profession's. Don't leave any stone unturned regarding your father's care (as I'm sure you won't) I do hope he gets a bed today.. then they can deal with his condition properly.

Keep your chiny up


Finally on the correct ward, I can't praise the staff enough! They're run ragged. Let's hope he will improve over the next few days. Thank you all again for continuous support.

hope your dad is a lot better, I was on high dependency in dec the staff were amazing I am using a niv mask couldn't cope with it at first but you get used to it, take care xx

Hey guys, hopefully dad can come home tomorrow he's been on oramorgh since been on the respiratory ward and the doctor said he'd benefit form M.S.D twice a day when he comes home as oramorgh isn't a long acting drug. It does seem to help him. He had his o2 level raised yesterday so Im hoping its back down to 1 today. His legs are very weak as he hasn't used them since hes been in so I hope he'll be ok to come home.

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