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Fresh air

It has now been a few weeks sins I I have had a dumidiefier in my bed room and I have seen a big change in my self as I am not so breathless when I wake up but I got to be honest when I get in to bed that is all I can feel on my face is cold air from the dumidiefier I leaves it on 24/7. Day in day out in 24 hours about 2lt of water still comeing out of the bed room but saying that it is on the ground floor so I do have all the cooking steam and from the bathroom so I think not to bad so it should go down to a1/4 lt of water in two weeks time. Ok let you know how it gets on

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Great news David. Can you put the dehumidifier in the hallway? You will probably find it better when you can turn it to the lowest setting.


Good it working for you David. seems to work for a lot of members. ..

I like to get one myself. ...but don't know if it will work. . my bedroom is a bit big and i have to use aircon.

Take care.



I have got one myself David (see my post on the subject) and would highly recommend them to folks. Mine is run for about 14 - 16 hours a day and I turn it off at night. Taking out about the same amount as you during this period and now getting a Humidity Level Reading of 45 (was 85 when I first started using it). Try it switched off at night, I think you will find that you will be o.k with this. LLAP, Eric.

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I can not do it that way as in the night the wife stays up as in the night is when I tend to get most of the proplams so she stays up just in case and then go's to bed when my one of my sons comes in so that is way I leave it on reads 50 to 51 now was a lot more as my bedroom is on the pine end plus I had two down pipes leaking and as thay are on each corner I think the walls might be drying out as well as can not tell as pine cladding flour to ceiling


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