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Mothers day

I am a mum and and I have a mum so I am doublely blessed by God. To all you mothers out there know that I pray for you today that you know that as a mum we must be kind to ourselves take time every day to look after ourselves so we can give out to our children. Our mental and physical health are equally important to get what we need to be us. It has taken time to know that I must except help when necessary (e.g good to doctors when I need to) seek out friends to talk and pray with when times are tough. My pray for you today is that you love yourself, expect yourself, reach out when you need to and then you can give out as a mum. Lastly thankyou to my mum who loves me and is there as a confident and gives to me still even though I am grown up with daughters of my own.

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Happy Mothers Day elanaoali to you and mothers everywhere.

I am off to breakfast soon. Xxx


Thank you Elanoia !


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