Travel Insurance advice please!

I used to have annual cover that, despite my use of oxygen at night due to hypoxaemia, was about £90 for the year. I also have a paralysed diaphragm on one side, and asthma. Last year I couldn't renew my annual cover as I was 66 and got single cover for 10 days in Cyprus for £185! Do others still get travel insurance or do you rely on your EHIC card? I travel alone so don't want to inconvenience my family so have thought insurance was needed but with the costs and the additional questions they are now asking it is becoming more and more difficult, not to say expensive. Thank you.

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  • I'm afraid I can't help you, Angel. I can't go abroad, but just wanted to say I love your cat! Hope you get what you need, Sue

  • Oh how I agree with you, firstly if you are only travelling in England insure without health cover much cheaper covers baggage and cancellation refunds. If only doing one trip abroad or in England just go for single trip cover not annual. Use a comparison site and at our age you usually have to shop around if you want to cover existing medical conditions, some companies will not do annual cover for chronic conditions. It seems the questions have altered again so they can add a premium if your tablets change or you have a cold recently we are no more risk than a younger skier who goes away and breaks a leg as we take our medication with us. At £182 for insurance it makes our holiday much dearer as you say, only other option is a cheaper holiday to cover insurance costs or Saga holidays if your older as they include an insurance cover in the holiday cost. Hope this helps a little Angel150 :)

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