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Winter years in Jersey


I was wondering how many people would love to live in Jersey? There are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. One must be ten year resident before being able to purchase a home. Price of houses are comparable to London!

I have a proposition to any interested party, as I have a Studio on ground floor level, with parking.

I have lived in Jersey since 1990 as my Mother became ill and I came back from abroad

To nurse her until her demise in 2006. I love living here nowhere is too far and it's

9x5 square miles and has a good island bus service and air flights to the mainland are trains except for the Tourist one to St. Aubins from St. Helier in the Summer. People are friendly and polite. We have a driving system where we filter in turn and it works very efficiently. We have the most sunshine than anywhere on the mainland.

Certainly worth a visit.....?

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Good morning Towse1959,

I believe Jersey is lovely and I am sure it is easy walking for many who cannot manage hills. I've heard the battle of the flowers is an event to be seen.

I'm not a fan of too much sunshine, my choice is always the north west coast of Scotland, mountains and lochs and rivers, and bubbling clearwater streams and falls, ancient forests, wildlife, a sky that goes on forever, the friendliest people in the world, and peace and tranquility whenever you want it. Have I sold it to you?

Jennifer :-D

sounds a nice place to live , is it fairly expensive there to go on holiday , nearest I got to jersey was the jersey cow called peppy I use to milk when I was a kid she was a beauty loved to have her neck and chest rubbed would stand there all day for you to do that ,

Towse1950 in reply to mmzetor

The cows have beautiful eyes and there milk is lovely....very rich. It's wonderful to see them in the fields. Not many children know much about cows these days let alone stroke one. Privileged I would sY we were.

Audrey Jersey.

mmzetor in reply to Towse1950

it was lovely creamy milk warm straight from the cow with nothing done to it

Towse1950 in reply to mmzetor

Straight from the cow...body temperature is so so different.....creamy......comforting!!

Audrey, Jersey

It seems to me that there are many great places to live in and around the UK. I wouldn't live anywhere else but do sigh over the changes. That is me getting old. But definitely not keen on the big cities.

The Channel Islands have many happy memories for me. I spent our honeymoon in Guernsey and have been back many times since. It would be so tempting to live in Jersey but have just moved to the South Coast in April 2014. The air is good.

Stayed at a hotel called Longueville Manor back in the 70s. Beauttiful. XX

Pergola, The Longueville Manor is still beautiful and the grounds are wonderful the dining experience there is second to none. Glad you have settled! Audrey Jersey

Hi Audrey Jersey, you are dead right about Jersey, we have been lucky to go to Jersey about 3 times a year. We have wonderful friends who live there and just love the Island. We have a social life better we do here in Sunny Essex. Unfortunately I have COPD as you know and I am now on Oxygen. I have been on Oxygen since last July and we have a great system here from the NHS and providers. December Xmas 2015 was the first time in 25 Years we could not go ?? It was down to the Oxygen for Jersey. I am trying to find out what it involves getting this supply for me for Flights and stay !!

Do you know anything that can help with this. I have been told lots of people travel with Oxygen to many places, but it is difficult in Jersey ? Your studio sounds good for us I must add, and you are a very lucky lady to live on a beautiful island. I wish you well xxxx

If you wish to contact me by email

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