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Good morning everyone hope the day has greeted you kindly. Personally am still being greeted from yesterday as 90 mins shut eye was my allowance ha! Neva mind for me this day has been long awaited!!! Am goin to mi first Breatheasygroup and so looking forward to it as I never made last one due to illness would you believe ha! I am all full of nervous anticipation I just had to share my eagerness with everyone on our site! No doubt I shall report my afternoon to you later this evening but in the meantime I wish you all good day it's yr day so enjoy it best way you can x

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  • You will enjoy it I am sure and gain a lot from it. Good afternoon to you:-)

  • Hello Ennyl! How was your day with the Breatheasygroup?Did you enjoy yourself, I do hope so😁 Our old friend KOTC was a great advocate for our local Breatheasygroups wasn't he!😁 I hope it was an enjoyable time for you and that you are looking forward to the next meeting, huff xxx😊💜

  • I really did thank you I felt bit awkward at first but everyone so kind I am looking forward to being part of their community. I got a list of upcoming events weekends away nights out etc? Ha! Here's me I live alone work 30 hours and now feeling spoilt rotten by fellow sufferers. Raffles cuppad interesting talks o felt comfortable and relaxed and spoke to a couple of people and looking forward to next one. Thank you for taking interest it's really nice for me to know his x

  • Oh wow Ennyl I'm so pleased you had a good meeting with everyone! Sounds like you have some fun times ahead too! yeay!😁nice one! Glad you got spoilt!😁😁😁

    huff xxx

  • Hi Ennyl

    You sound as if you have had a great time and have made lots of new friends....and getting a hectic social life as well.

    Well done and l am so pleased for you.

    Velvet xx 😂

  • That's great Enny. You will find it makes a huge difference to your life now, and making new friends is lovely - like being on here. Keep going dear and good luck to you.



  • Thank you so much Jennifer and your do right, I have been on here two weeks and I can't believe I went three years not knowing I had all this support waiting for me. Am one lucky women! Please take care Lynne

  • I enjoyed it really did I will go to next group all of them if I can but will have to work out if I can go to

    Outings etc as I work weekends and help with grandchildren during week! Mind you first five minutes felt awkward as its in a church and funeral going on!! Out meeting room obviously was kept quite quiet a gentleman who has lung problems kindly brought beautiful looking crystal rocks etc which he collected whilst working at tin mines near here! First ever talk he have abs I felt for him so kinda asked questions as a novice that I knew he would be more than capable of answering he was excellent and I really could of listened longer ha! All age groups attended not loads due to illness but at least I got idea of how it can be for me to get to know them all I enjoyed just being able to relax, and lady with her friend made me especially welcome I am pleased I attended o find it difficult to make friends at my age ha! Think that's why y work seems to me to be my social timer ha! Thank you velvet it's new and nice for me to share my day as living alone is so silent in many ways x

  • It sounds wonderful, I didn't realise Breathe Easy had so much going on. I thought was like an aerobics class.

  • I thought it was a discussion group where we all had COPD etc, I was amazed they had a guest speaker who suffers COPD he brought all these beautiful stones that he had brought from underground when he was mining in the sales many years ago so interesting for me as I had hated thought of being a miner and fear of being underground so dangerous he was really interesting telling funny stories, all different ages they also gave me a list of outings and weekends away planned this year different speakers who would be attending everyone so friendly a nurse was present she volunteers to get there as often as she can and answers questions from everyone , tea coffee supplied a raffle to boost finds also bag packing at Asda this year to fund help for lung federation honestly I felt very nervous didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed a laugh with two lovely ladies who invited me to sit with them, I felt really at ease, parking isn't so good but whenever a car needed moving a lovely gentlemen took keys and moved it for people to drive out. Amazing so little is known of COPD and excellent to feel part of a group who live with ill health like I do I would recommend to everyone to give it a try its educational and also for me a much needed social time where I don't have to continually explain why I can't or shouldn't do this or that xx

  • Hi Ennyl I agree with you breathe easy groups are very helpful. I go to one and they have guest speakers and go out on trips and have meals at Christmas take care x

  • Brilliant!! I only have been to one and really looking forward to the next. I live alone I don't socialise which isn't good but I don't know anyone where I live but I have family close by, I just feel it's a lifeline for me I feel safe and I am looking forward to next one. I work all weekend as support worker so co workers understand I need support at times and we all help each other, so really I am quite isolated but am happy go lucky I see my grandchildren But nice to have adult conversations I love this site I wish I had known of it years ago x

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