COPD Pulmonary Rehab

I have had the chance to go on one of these 8 week courses. They are run by the NHS. If you get the chance grab it with both hands. The two nurses that are doing this are brilliant, it gives you chance to have time with someone who knows all about your illness, and the variance of the illness. You will be tough the importance of gentle excercising , there are talks, its all about helping you to manage your illness.

From talking to the nurses I am being referred on for more help and advised to see my doctor on other things.

For eight weeks twice a week, someone is taking an interest in you,

I cannot recommend this high enough

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  • Did this two years ago - never found anyone who attended with anything other than praise for the course and the staff who run it! Feels like a privilege being invited onto it.

    Well done!

  • Where do you live?

  • Derbyshire

  • lincolnshire, I did something similar 7 years ago, but this one is more slick and access to further medical things. The two nurses are fabulous.

  • I did the PR course 7-8 years ago. It was brilliant!!! When it finished I joined a recently formed COPD group, run by the patients. Our group is still going string. I'm the secretary. We meet twice a month, do gentle chair exercises, sometimes talks from visiting speakers, tea, coffee and cake.

    We manage to have a couple of outings each year to various venues and also go out for a meal at Christmas .

    We all have a great time.


  • Hi Jackie50 I'm on a waiting list its good to know what to expect thank u.

  • I asked my GP to arrange for me to go on one - I didn't wait until it was offered - and it was the best thing I did to help me understand and take control of my COPD. Although joining a Breathe Easy group and this chat room have come very close to best too.

  • Hi Jackie

    I went for the assessment, it was to one with the physio for over an hour so a personal plan could be worked out for me.

    I am undergoing heart investigations at the moment, so they will not let me start the course until l have my results.

    If everything is OK, all l have to do is my 6 minute walk test, and l can start.

    I for one can't wait to begin, all l hear is praise from people who have completed the course.

    Keep well

    Velvet xx

  • I agree. I go back for another one every year. I'm sure they keep me going and help me to understand and manage my COPD! We have a few courses running in local areas. Groups of patients from 3 of the courses have started up exercise groups locally where members do PR exercises - no professionals, just us! They have proved very successful & the PR professionals support us and recommend them to patients as an activity to do after PR.

  • I have often praised these courses, but I always say follow this up with home exercise and if possible group exercise. I have just been accepted for 'Active 4 Life', I have my first session on the 21st March, looking forward to it.

  • Hi Tatters, what are these Active 4 Life courses you mention ?

  • Not too sure until I go. The first visit is a one to one with an instructor. Think they determine what is suitable for you. It was arranged by the physio after the PR assessment that followed the course. On looking at the paper it is Activity 4 Life. I'll let everyone know when I have been. Best wishes, Tatters.

  • I went on one 8 years ago after my hospital stay and learnt a lot from it. Unfortunately they have refused me for a second one as they deemed me exercise intolerant :(

    But would recommend them 100%

    Be Well

  • whats exercise intolerent? isn't some exercise good for us?

  • When they tested me again they found that small amount of exercise made my O2 drop to much and was thought to be worse for me to do. I keep being told I should have some rescue O2 but cannot get them to do it as my at rest stats are near the low end but they seem to think I can manage? But they do not take it after I do something like walk above a plod? They also think it may be my heart problems?

  • G'day Jackie

    You are right on the mark with this one!!

    And like you it gets the highest endorsement from us.

    We reside in Australia and all lung sufferers are given a 6 week (twice weekly) invite to a rehab clinic,which is run by a qualified physiotherapist,who specialises in lung disorders.

    In our case Susan was placed on the Tx list and the hospital instructed the rehab clinic to continue accepting Susan until her transplant.

    Last week my wife notched up her 100th visit, I pray there will not be many more, hopefully with a transplant.

    It is a little sad when someone in the clinic reaches their 12th visit and they have to leave,fortunately we also attend a support group on a monthly basis and can keep in touch with other sufferers. Much more info circulates than with the Dr's.


  • I attended one of these courses last year and can't recommend them highly enough. The educational part was invaluable and being able to exercise under medical supervision, taught me that I can push myself harder than I'd been doing. I just wish that I could attend some of the follow-on group exercise sessions but they all take place during the day when I'm at work.

  • Brilliant. I have been twice now, as you say someone helpful & interested in any problems is a great boost. This is before we get the exercising and management plans. Can't praise it too highly. X

  • I am lucky my work is allowing me to go, and changing my shifts round so I can go. I got tld off yesterday for not resting in between exercises.

    I have to take my walking stick on monday, even though I rarely use it. I have it as back up. They will check I am using it right and its the right size for me. Wow cannot fault that.

    I dropped out of my main breathe easy group in the city, they were very clicky, I was the youngest there and as much as I got some help, I did not feel welcome.

    I will make a point of finding out if there is a more local one and see if I can get in with them .

  • Sorry to hear the city breathe easy group weren't very welcoming. At 53 I was the youngest on my rehab course and was in better health than most, so I felt a bit of a fraud when I first turned up. Everyone was so friendly and it was great to share experiences with other COPD sufferers. Unfortunately with this not being a visible health condition, most people have no idea how debilitating it can be at times.

    I don't attend a breathe easy group, because I don't like to keep taking time off work, but I hope you find a friendlier group to join.

  • The course is brilliant, one of the best things I have done. Not only was the course excellent, I also found it great meeting and changing chat with people with the same problems. Here in Portsmouth we have a follow up weekly exercise group run by the same physios.

  • After slowly moving up the waiting list I got my chance and it's the best thing I've done! After 8 weeks and final 6 minute walk assessment I came out with ' a significant improvement' kept up with the excercises after and feeling good! Go for it!

  • Hi Jackie50, so glad you found it so helpful, I agree with you entirely about the rehab. I did it a year ago and it was amazing, and like you say you feel listened to by people who properly understand your condition and can give you proper help. I'm booked in again later this month after just spending 2 weeks in hospital & am looking forward to it. I wish you well. Onwards & upwards! :)

  • I also did the eight week course in the Portsmouth area, and after the course finished I joined a 1 hour weekly course run by the same people which I'm still doing.


  • Jackie50,I read your post on PR with great interest as I'm waiting for the days to start my first course. Good old NHS eh? I hope you have a great time making new friends and learning about our illness etc. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Been on it...can't praise it enough

  • I have just completed this and found it great. Enjoyed being among others who understand! Learnt about medications and why we are all on differing variants, learnt how to exercise safely and the buzz words were "Blow to go" loved it

  • So pleased to hear you enjoy it so much and it's good for information on our illness I was booked but can't go yet as my heart has decided to worry doctors ha! Am fine tho I can wait, I just think I have lots to look forward to and information means lot to me x

  • Just in the middle of mine, lovely nurses, ad good to hear from others who have lung issues , most have copd but I have ILD 😄👍🏻

  • Oh I think there is going to be trouble on mine. The exercises are designed for us with lung conditions.

    One of the people has his wife with him, and he was shown by the nurse how to do the exercise. His wife advised no no you don't do it like this and showed him the way, The nurse came back and said no we want you to do it this way , as she walked away his wife said " I have been to the gym and I know how to do it properly you do it this way" The nurse heard , went and told the other nurse, next thing both nurse were at this bloke one stood behind controlling his arms and the other in front . This monday the physio is there will be interesting.

    She wanted him to do the exercise opening the chest and lungs wide...... silly woman

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