Treating copd with cannabis oil

Please sign my petition at campaigning for the government and nice to allow cannabis oil as a treatment. Great results coming out from America.

Time for the BLF to support us

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  • Hi

    You say there are great results from America .

    Is there any approved clinical trial, with results.

    Is there any information on correct dosage, numbers of time to take.

    Is there any information on side effects.

    I have read many claims, even watched a video interview .

    The one thing in common is people are coy about the dosage, and usage.

    From a personal point of view these post give false hope with no clarification.

    There is only one cannabis, which is mind altering addictive substance,

    And only servers to block the receptors in the brain.

    You have also failed to provide link,!

  • Hi stone there are different medicines from the same plant one that is high in THC and another which is CBD rich this is legal in this country already but it has to have less than 1% thc so no mind altering effects but very good medicine especially for Epilepsy, anti inflammatory etc.I know peeps in this country taking CBD oil for copd and say that it is helping them and as i say you can buy this in this country quite legally. Blessings to you Janex

  • Actually cannabis has never been addictive and has been used as medication for thousands of years. I was unaware that I needed to provide a link. However I will rectify the situation as soon as possible

  • Hi

    If you request members to sign a petition , would it not be useful to provide a link to the particular petition as there are so many.

  • Signed and shared on fB!

  • Thankyou

  • Thankyou very much indeed

  • Thank You Mike, Due to Merv, my father finally listened and his doctor in California now has him on this treatment. His Doctor is an Ex Vietnam doctor and has since then always been on the cutting edge of Medican. He works in a hospital in Calif where this treatment is being used,and lucky for me I was able to bring it to the attention of my father and he went to see his doctor who was more then happy to start him on it. My father is doing much better now. He has gone from being crippled in a chair hardly able to walk to being able to visit friends and even celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with his best friend. It is not a cure, but it has changed his life. I am greatful to Merv for his help ! Long may he give advice!


  • I glad your father is feeling much better and getting out and about again. Wish him luck for the coming days and years

  • Thank You mike, he is a stubborn goat and it took quite a few phone calls where he slammed the phone down on me, he even threatened to burn down the trailer he lives in with him in it. But I didn't give up. I sent all the info from Merv off to my fathers Doctor (because he wouldn't listen even though above I said he did :( and a letter about his threats. The day his doctor received the paperwork, he went over to see him and talked some sense into him. My Dad respects Doug (his doctor) and finally listened. It doesn't matter the old goat isn't talking to me yet.... what matters is he is getting what he needs. He still smokes 2 cigs a day and drinks 1 bottle a beer. But hey ho, I can't win them all. At least he is feeling better (Doug, keeps me up-dated when he can) Dad is 84, he has lived longer then anyone in his family. What keeps him alive is that my sister is 28. But she is strong and really smart.... doing her Doctorate. She graduates in 3 years time and I don't know if he will be there. But at least for now, he is able to enjoy life a bit better.....

    You and Merv should hook up he has been so helpful and knowledgeable for me, enough for me to send all the info to Doug.

    We need more signatures, somehow we need to get the word out! If I think of anything I shall let you know. I wish you luck Mike, well done for putting it forward. Never get disheartened,it's people like you who help to change the world for the better, luck and Love, fran

  • ThAnkyou Not for your kind words of support. I truly hope your father sees you sisters graduation

  • "Mike, well done for putting it forward. Never get disheartened,it's people like you who help to change the world for the better, luck and Love, fran"

    I thought they where kind words of support, I truly belive your doing a great thing and I added my name to your petition right away.


  • I got to be honest I do not care if it is oil or the plant it is a big no no as I have seen to many good friends go right down hill on Canopus so I rather stay like I arm

  • There seems to be a lot of promising research at the moment. Is there a link to your petition?

  • Hi Mikeadams I for one would like to sign your petition if you could give me a link please as i went to and there are 55000 related items ? lol. ican speak from my own experience as im using this it is FECO (full extract cannabis oil) it has been proven that cannabis is a bronchodilator (spelling)for me it has turned my life around iam able to walk do more chores feel more confident no more panic attacks which to me is a biggy that overwhelming fear that rushes through your body is dreadful and iam so grateful to my oil .Iam taking part in the living of my life instead of feeling i was waiting for the inevitable. Hopefully we will be following the likes of America,Australia etc .I myself take a grain of rice size under my tongue 3xdaily everybody is different as we are with all other medications except I know my oil will not be harming me in anyway what so ever.yes it is recommended a high THC content which is psychoactive some like some dont a tolerence is soon found but there are other ways of taking that being by suppository where you do not get that feeling of being "stoned" This is not for everybody I get that but I would encourage people to do some research read up on the endocannabinoid system and its relationship with cannabis.this is a very good medicine for so many things pain also being a major complaint of many of us as the years march on by, the opiates that get prescribed end up destroying our systems cannabis easily replaces those medications and has never killed anybody like opiates do. I have met a lot of people now with varying illnesses that are also now able to live again .It is an outrage that big business is the reason this once known very safe medicine that has been used safely for many thousands of year was demonised so that other businesses could flourish eg; big pharma ,paper industry cotton industry and more. Of course the very worse thing is its illegal and thats scary i know.but im ready to stand and be counted no sitting on the fence.Did you know that annointing oil used by the clergy only the high up ones mind as it was seen as rather special was made with cannabis if its good enough for God this most natural of plants is most definitely good enough for me.As for the youngsters they take it by the bucket ful already and for most it is a safe drug and what ever happens young people do what they want we make choices and by nature teenagers can be most greedy whether its quickly swigging a bottle of vodka before they go out to then down 10-15 pints or shots etc then fill our A&Es up .You would never be able to find a person who was in A&E from too much cannabis taken on its own without alcohol or other drugs . Mike Im sorry ive gone on too long and must go but iam passionate about this medicine and it would be brilliant if thorough trials were done but until it is acknowledged there is no funding for trials .so where do i put my thumb print Mike? be well breathe easy now blessings. Janex

  • I hope all goes well for the future. I will post the link as soon as get on my computer. Not sure how to copy and paste on my kindle

  • Im useless at all that i get in a right 2n8.Thank-you very much. :-)

  • The link under Stones rather disparaging comment works fine, Longlungs and I'm more than happy to sign it. Often the greatest detractors of cannabis are the ones with the least experience of its multi-faceted uses.

  • Great post longlungs x

  • Lovely to 'see' you, Jane. xx

  • Hi Toci nice to see you too how are you? Life is pretty darn good for me at the mo im pleased to say.My fev1 was 26% has increased to 35% and im due for my next check in a month so will be interested to see if there is further improvement, hope so.

    Wishing you well,breathe easy blessings to you.Janexx

  • My FEV1 not good and certainly not improving. I wish you well in your endeavours. xx

  • Await the link Mike

  • Hi there, can you provide the link .. please

  • CBD oil is pretty useless against the fight for COPD. You need a high THC strain to treat COPD instead of CBD.

  • Where is the link please?

  • I have just been on along cruise and on these things they have speakers cos they reckon that the oldies need educating. Anyway, one of them had been something to do with the UN and drug regulation. He did a series of talks on the history of opium, cocaine, barbiturates etc and cannabis. He said that it is not physically addictive but it is emotionally addictive. You may be interested to know that it was only made illegal in Britain in the 1920s when there was a conference in Egypt to discuss opium and the Egyptian delegate stated that cannabis was as addictive. The British government panicked and banned it. This was closely followed by the US. He did emphasise of course that the toxins inhaled when smoking it are as bad, if not worse than tobacco. He could not see why the element of the drug which helps as a painkiller couldn't be isolated from the halucinatory factor asap.

  • I don't care legal or not...... I take cannabis oil. I use it mixed with coconut oil in a veggie capsule as a suppository twice a day. There's no 'high' this way. EVERYONE who takes it can not be wrong. It works. I take a puff of my inhaler probably once a week not two or three times a day like the DOCTORS said I should. So maybe more research is needed but in the meantime I'm medicating myself with what really works for me......💕💕💕

  • This is the link for my petition. I know its long but the only way I could find it is by pasting the link from my face book page. Thank you all for your responses

  • Thanks Mike, signed, tweeted and facebooked!


  • Still no response from the BLF?

  • Hi again mikeadams have signed the petition your link worked fine thank-you.Hope you get loads of others to sign and support.Goodluck my friend.Blessings to you Janex

  • Signed. Thanks for sharing

  • .33

    Signed.. and thanks for info


  • Don't be funny,the this country are avoiding it just like every thing else that matters ,to legalise it first then maybe we can make our own decisions,I bet the medical staff won't need to call on so many people if they get good meds,as long as it agrees with you,not everyone has a good experience with cannabis,some people swear by it ,as it has no side effects,not addictive,sleep well,eat well,no anxiety,or depression,so for me it is the perfect med.all my needs fulfilled in one go, that's emphysema alternative: steroids antibiotics anti depressant few other things .there is no comparison, with pharmaceuticals there is a com down u can feel worse getting it out of your system...yuck poison.

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