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Happy st David's to everyone Well when they say it comes in threes thay right first my wheelchair broke that was yesterday afternoon then last night my grandson was messing about with the front door and the handle broke then to top it of about 11.30 last night my back give one he jolt and that went out how how pain full so now got to hold on to every thing just to put kettle on and take baby steps to get to it so now got to wait for my oldest son to come to help my other son to move things round so it's right every thing bad do come in three

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Hi David they do say it comes in 3's, think I'm going through the 3 x table though 😂😂😂 hope all urs gets fixed asap. Take care xx Sonia xx


Ouch David! How painful for you. Hope your back eases soon.

Take care Xxx


Hi David. .lucky it's not 4s or 5s enjoy you cuppa.



Hope you feel better soon, David. You'll just have to sit and admire the puppies...should take your mind off the pain!

Tee x


Ouch.Think the back pain must be the worst of the three things.

Hope soon you'll have some good things to count to see if they come in threes too.Probably not.

Take care and don't trip with those baby steps.

Sue x


Hope you are feeling better now David, it's true that it all comes in three's! Get well soon!!!😵 xxx


Thanks you every one for your kind words but now tomorrow I got to go out and buy a new door handle for my front door but it will have to be early as I got to take the old one for a partarn so who ever is still in bed when I go will have to stay in till I comes home :) :)


I'm sure there will be no complaints David. Hope your back is much better today. Don't take any chances and just be careful until you feel ok again :-)



Oh goodness! Missed this post yesterday. Hope you have at least managed to sort the door and wheelchair out today. Guess the back will take a bit longer to sort. Hope it is not too painful for you. Take care.


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