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☠ ☣ Asbestos Fibres Being Engulfed by Antibodies Under Microscope.

Quite a story finding asbestos fibres being engulfed by antibodies macrophage 's LIKE where do I start .. Guess will start from asbestos fibbers I coughed up.

Picture on left of screen is what I believe to be asbestos I coughed up as you can see this blob at top of fibber "looks like jelly" well that is my antibodies trying to engulf asbestos fibber.

Link here go's on about process and what you are seeing.


Picture on the right of left is what I believe to be glycoprotein on asbestos fibber .. You can see little round lumps under microscope at top of fibber.

That is a first immune response .. I think AS those lumps looked like human blood cells a AND they have 3 nucleus COULD it be neutrophils on the asbestos bodies under the microscope and what are Neutrophils.

Video will clarify that ... But I guess that's why my legs always hurt

There is also ๑ swirl antibodies as well as Neutrophils .. apparently that's first innate antibody response BUT that's from foetus stuff COULD that have something to do with IGM antibodies.

But what I have seen is different asbestos fibbers have different things going on WHAT do I mean WELL some fibbers have nothing going on or STUFF I have talked about attached to them.

Where as others HAVE antibodies or macrophage 's trying to deslove them WHERE as them cells proteins have talked about could be iron silica.

But there is one thing I know for sure is the currant treatment for someone suffering chronic lung inflammation caused by asbestos fibber inhalation is just like papering over the cracks with no real cure in site.

Am not saying it's easy AS from what I have seen there is a lot going on With Chronic Inflammation Immunity Response v Suppression but we need tad more than just to paper over the cracks esp when it comes to Asbestos Induced Lung Diseases

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Interesting pictures and explanation, JeffAjaxSmith. It's a shame that very little research into asbestosis is being done in the UK.


Hi Ergendl .. It's more than a shame it's a travesty really ESp when you look at who I am and what resources I have.

Yet I can find out that ... LIKE I say was good to find out about mechanics of asbestos induced lung disease .... Not really thrilled about papering over the cracks or palliative treatments.


In the late 1950's the Royal Navy carried out tests to find out the effect asbestos was having on ship's crews. They found that most of those affected by asbestos had developed pleural plaques.

It is estimated that it can take up to forty years, before exposure to asbestos becomes evident. Many people have been given compensation after getting mesothelioma, which is incurable. Claims against Hardy's in Australia has resulted in millions being paid out in compensation.

The worst form of asbestos is blue asbestos. Crocidolite Asbestos

Crocidolite asbestos accounted for about four percent of all asbestos once used in the United States. This “blue” asbestos is harder and more brittle than other types of the mineral and can break easily, releasing dangerous needle-like fibers that are easily inhaled. Crocidolite, without a doubt, is the most lethal form of asbestos. It was often used in making yarns and rope lagging, and as a reinforcement material for plastics.

Crocidolite was generally mined in Western Australia, Bolivia, and South Africa. The percentage of miners who developed asbestos cancer due to crocidolite exposure stands at a staggering 18 percent. The town of Wittenoom, Australia (population 20,000), where blue asbestos was mined for many years, had more than 1,000 people die of mesothelioma with officials estimating that another 1,000 will eventually perish from asbestos-related diseases. The town is now a ghost town, with only eight residents remaining, and has literally been erased from the map.

Read more: mesothelioma.com/asbestos-c...


Hi Tamariki Cheers yer am quite famlular with what you have written about ... Truly is devastating and doctors don't quite understand how when those bits are on move sticking in you feel like.

Needless to say I do I would ad wile doing my research they even know how and what antibodies macrophage's will lead to a DX of Meso by how they try engulf asbestos bodies fibbers.

I could go on about asbestos in situ v antibodies macrophage's and what is more destructive but would be covering old ground.

But as a lay person suffer with microscope I think way forward is to look into what do anti-rejection drug's do and how do people survive and why asbestos suffers are not offered them.

Be a lot of reading head scratching but I have my almond milk and antihestimeans so think all be ok :)

Thanks for taking time to reply


is car brake dust from the early 70s bad aspestos


Probably not. Not all asbestos fibres remain. Those small enough to be surrounded by macrophages get removed. Brake dust, typically, is ground so small it should not be a problem. The key problem is size of fibres in microns. Below a certain size they get surrounded and removed, whilst above it they don,t and gradually migrate through the lung to the mesothelioma. There they are under constant attack from very toxic substances which can cause genetic mutations and hence cancer (meso).


Grusby your nearly there with asbestos interaction .. This no such thing as harmless asbestos.

Asbestos is was used as it resilient to chemical attack and even tho you can cough bits up it never gets dissolved in lung tissue.

Just to clarify : macrophages and asbestos identification. Macrophages die after phagocytosis of the fibers and the residual proteins and other molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the asbestos.

These reactions appear specific asbestos mm cell formation over time.

That's why I talked or made reference to immune system response

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I have worked on boilers and turbines until retiring since 1959. In 1978 I was diagnosed with having pleural plaques, which was put down as my having been exposed to asbestos. Every power station and boiler house used asbestos, since it was a good insulation and is also fire proof. Building materials were made out of asbestos. Numerous carpenters, electricians, fitters etc, have died because of asbestos. Wives and children have died, because their husbands/fathers brought asbestos in their home on their overalls. For years governments throughout the western world refused to accept that asbestos was dangerous. They still approved of it being used in factories and houses. Their negligence is coming home to roost as more people will be diagnosed with asbestos induced lung diseases.


I really wish to watch the video but i can't..not available...could someone help me? thanks a lot

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Can anyone help me? i need this video for a presentation in Rome this November...i work in the asbesto field as a researcher!

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