I've had a extremely difficult time trying to breathe for 10 days now! Last Tuesday the emergency room doctor said "your not weezing and you oxygen is 99 your fine" about 14 hours later went back to emergency room and different doctors said I'm having broncular spasms gave me steroid pills containing my nebulizer and rescue inhauler- I was dignoised with asthma at age 9 left lung collapsed at age 12- age 16-now at 31 I've only used my nebulizer about 10 times- what's going on with me? I can't get into my doctor until 3-10-16, constantly doing my nebulizer and it doesn't even "take a little load" off my lungs! Please help!

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  • Please try to go back to hospital for help

  • I agree with Patsy. Please try to go back to the hospital.

  • Hi, I agree you need to go back .

    I have lost count of the times I have been told that I was ok as my oxygen levels were fine and there was little wheeze .....meanwhile my chest is so tight I am struggling to get air in and out.

    Get help as soon as you can

  • I am so sorry you are having such an awful time - it's frightening. You just have to go back to the hospital for help.

  • You poor thing all I can suggest is the same - back to Hosp - get well soon

  • I really feel for you.....I'm surprised the hospital didn't keep you for a few days for tests and observation! And, yes IT IS very frightening when you can't get air into you! Go back to the Emergency Room!

  • Please go back to the doctors - can you ask to be referred to a specialist? It is terrifying for you gasping for breath. Please do not think this is OK - you need help. The BLF helpline might be able to offer advise - click on the red balloon. Take good care and dont hesitate to go back to the hospital xxx

  • Welcome to the site dtkk6

    I agree with the others, go to the hospital. Don't really care for the one you went to. They should have done a chest X-ray. Are you wheezing badly?

    Do you have other symptoms? I'm sure other members will be along to help you out. I don't have asthma myself.


  • Hi ,my advise is as others have said ,,,,ring your surgery and ask for anything emergency appointment ,,,,, if they say they are fully booked ,,,,,tell them that you intend to get an ambulance to A& E,,,,,,maybe then they'll listen to you ,,,,best wishes

  • I think the best advice as already been given to you, from others.

    But yeah please go back to hospital..I don't have asthma myself so I can't help you that way..apart from offer my support.

    Take care of yourself

    Love Lynne x

  • Have you had a vest X-ray?

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