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Hi all I'm new to this so please bare with me .. I'm asthmatic but have been told by an asthma nurse that I might have copd I've done 2 lung tests and the second one was worse than the first one everything was low .. not sure what that means .. I quit smoking it's been 7wks now since I've stopped.. I have to keep clearing my throat and at the moment I have a dry cough and in between my shoulder blades I get a lot of pain I have to go back and see the nurse in 2wks to see if the new inhaler which is for asthma and copd is helping and I have to have another lung test in April.. just not sure what to think atm anyone have any thoughts please

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I'm no expert (I'm sure one will pop in soon) and am newly diagnosed myself but I had been treated for asthma for a couple of years but due to chest infections was tested for copd which proved positive as in numbers low and been told it is moderate. I think the throat clearing may be related to stopping smoking, your throat coming back to life and being irritated by everything, if it is that it will settle down. The guys on here have had copd for a long time so will be able to help more. Did you get any info from your doctor/nurse?

Someone put a link to some videos and info on here earlier today so you could take a look, it may help explain stuff.

The key thing, as far as I can tell is to exercise, exercise oh and exercise, eat healthily and above all if you smoke, stop straight away.

Good group here, very informative and supportive, ask questions and you'll get answers, I have. Welcome :)


Well done for quitting. Fantastic.

I've read many times here that it takes a while for your lungs to recover from the effects of smoking, possibly longer if you're asthmatic too.

The pain I don't know. I think any pain needs to be investigated by your GP.

Please get a check up won't you.

Good luck. Peege

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Hi Claire, Welcome, I have asthma & copd. I have had what was termed a frail chest & asthma from childhood. I went through a difficult patch about 14 years ago & following tests I was told I had moderate asthma; query mild copd. 2 years later the diagnosis was moderate copd & this progressed to severe. But recently the diagnosis was well controlled long term asthma & mixed pattern moderate copd. So despite copd being a progressive disease; it can improve.


Hello my husband has severe Copd and we think he has asthma too. According to the specialist 40% of Copd patients have asthma elements. A spirometry test is the test for Copd - different to the peak flow.

My husband uses spiriva - once a day plus symbicort twice and a day and ventolin as a reliever, there are lots of different medications so don't worry if you feel the inhaler hasn't helped there will be other options.

Great news giving up smoking - congratulations!

I think you should possibly see the go regarding the pain - a good indication of an infection with my husband is pain around his lungs.

If you need any more advise you could ring the helpline click on the red balloon and they may help you too. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

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All those tests you had will certainly reveal whether or not you have COPD. Big congrats. for giving up smoking.

Don't wait another two weeks to see a nurse. You need to see your doctor about your pain and the constant throat clearing. Your doctor should give you a copy of your spirometry results and adjust your medication, if necessary,

Whether you have Asthma or COPD, no one has bothered to inform or educate you and this isn't right. Medical care should be better than that and we should not have to demand proper care. How are we supposed to manage our lung conditions if no one tells us what we're dealing with?

Go back to your doctor ASAP.


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