Hi-Ho it's off to work I GO!!!!

The Doctor who carried out the company medical said he has no issues at all about me returning to work as long as I phase myself back in, He said I have read your medical history and what I am seeing makes you a remarkable man Matthew, And I am so glad you did not listen to the consultant on your release last July that when you get home you will very restricted in what you can do and you will get progressivly worse and the Transplant won't happen as you will never be strong enough, Well you have proved him wrong on all counts mind you your last words to him was If you think I am going home to sit on my A+++ you can think again. Mattcass

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  • Such fantastic news Matt. Just goes to show what grit and determination can do.

    Best wishes to you and Fran. Xxx

  • Good luck Matt your boss knows you work hard we know you have gone to work in so much pain with your RA

    Just take care Matt


  • That's wonderful news. Good luck with going back to work x

  • Yay!


  • Good for you Matt! The more active you are, the better exercise for your lungs.

    What type of work do you do? I wish you luck😊 Be sure to listen to the dr. and pace yourself!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • well done hope all goes well on going back good luck take care

  • Well done Mattcass :)

  • Wonderful news Matt!

  • Hi Mattcass, that's good news about the return to work, good luck for the future and do take care. x

  • Good on you mattcass pleased to hear that you are better again it proves you don't always believe the consultants I proved them wrong and now you good on you mattcass keep up the good work

  • Great news Mattcass. So pleased for you and to hear that you will having a phased return.

  • Great news Matt your grit and determination is an inspiration !

  • Top man!

  • Good for you, that is excellent.

  • Great news...well done.

  • Hello mattcass,,,,,,,,congratulations,,,,on going back to work,,,,just take it very slowly,,,and don't be in a rush,,,,,the first thing is getting up in time and getting ready and getting there carefully,,,,,practise,,timings,,,,,,

    Congratulations to you,,,,and enjoy going back to work,,,,ttfn from Karen..

  • Well done you! X

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