Happy weekend to everyone on here..πŸ˜€

Happy weekend to everyone on here..πŸ˜€

Hi All..

Just wanted to send love to everyone πŸ’ž....I only joined a few days ago. But what lovely people you all are. I'm still finding my feet on this site and I'm kinda confused πŸ˜• with certain things...but I'll address them when I'm a bit stronger. I'm quite poorly at the moment, so that doesn't help. Coughing up a lot of mucus, then vomiting, all of which...completely takes my breath away. Then the exhaustion kicks in, pains in the chest etc, etc..i'm in the early stages of being diagnosed with COPD. So I'm alienated with all of this. I'm scared, frightened, confused, fatigued, and very, very sad and down. I'm never like this, it's not my nature.

But I feel I've been hit by a bus.

Anyway..I've had my rant, moan etc.

I just want to wish you all well..and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Many thanks to those who have responded and welcomed me on here already, means a lot...

P.S. Velvet..I now know were your coming from with your planet 🌍 lol..think I'm on the same one..(a zombie...)

Love Lynne x

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  • Hope you start to feel better very soon. We are here for you. Have a great weekend. Xxx

  • Thank you sassy59...your individual support means a lot to me..it's baby steps for me at this stage. Even though I'm a grown-up (I'm 52 yrs old) it's all just frightening for me, and soooo unreal at the moment..

    Thank you for your kind words sassy..xx

  • Hi Lynne, sorry to hear that you're having such a bad time right now. Hope you can get it sorted and feel better soon. I think a lot of us are under the weather at the moment, with all the viruses going round and the cold winter days.

  • Billiejean_2

    Hi, and many thanks for your kind words and support. I've actually been so overwhelmed with this site since I joined only a few days ago..soooo much love, concern, laughter, sincerity etc...please pat all of yourselves on the back. It's people like you..and everyone else on here that 2 makes OUR world 🌍 go round..!! You've cheered me up..no end. It costs nothing to be nice...



  • It's a bit of a rolller coaster ride isn't it. I just think I've got a handle on it and then, bang! down I go again but I'm finding that feeling like this is normal. It's easy to say don't be afraid just don't let it eat you up. When you are feeling better, go and do something crazy just for fun, just to prove that nothing has changed from last week. 3 weeks and I'm down to London, meet some friends, a day of ska music a few beers and a lot of laughs. It's a damn good reminder to make the most of every day and don't worry love, we all have these feelings and everyone here will share your good times as well as your bad and we have all been scared of finding out about copd and a lot of the guys here have been living with it for a long time. xxx

  • Awww bless your reply means an awful lot diesel12..

    Makes perfect sense what your saying and very good advice to a novice...I've been active and worked hard all my life, I'm 52 have a lovely son..he's in the armed forces. He always wanted to be a soldier right from being a little boy..I've brought him up as a single mother since he was 6yrs old. He's done me proud no end...

    We've always been close but I'm struggling keeping all of this from him. Until I get a proper diagnosis, he's a sniper in the army. Works hard, loves his career. Served in Afghanistan at the age of 16. He's very protective over me bless him..as I've been hurt a lot. I'm just a very kind hearted person, unfortunately for me, I've been used. But..hey ho..not na more. Onwards and upwards now...

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond to me anyway.

    Love Lynne and take care yourself x

  • Don't feel you ever have to apologise for having a moan or rant on here. Weball do it. I've just had one myself ! It can be so daunting when first diagnosed and I'd be a liar if I told u everything just ends up perfect. An understanding Doctor and COPD nurse are worth their weight in gold. In my area the only respiratory nurse is at the main hospital but I can ring her and get advice etc as to get an appointment at the hospital takes 3 months min. Same for the Consultant. Hopefully you are in a better funded area than me. Once your anti bio's kick in and you've rested yourself, you will need to pace yourself and just go with the flow so to speak. Many people on here often write that they have lived with COPD for many, many years so please don't feel too glum. It takes time to adjust and I admit I got very depressed,, had panic attacks etc.

  • Hi Squirrelsholt..

    Many, many thanks for your kind words and support..much appreciated.

    I'm just absolutely overwhelmed with all the responses I've had so far.. I'm finding that more difficult to cope with at the moment. Believe it or not...

    As you know..it's all new to me, I'm awaiting a referral appt to a respiratory consultant. I don't know what this entiles, but I feel like a fish out of water at the moment.

    Many thanks for your warm and friendly response..

    Take good care yourself love. I'll keep you posted..

    Love Lynne x

  • hope your feeling better soon , is a bit of a shock when first diagnosed but after a while you do learn of ways to cope with doing things it might take a bit longer but you do find that its not quit as bad as you first think , you will soon make friends on here who know just what your going through and it does help a lot ,

  • Hi mmzetor..

    Thanks very much for your reply to me, means a lot. I'm just struggling coming to terms with all this at the moment. As I mentioned earlier...feel like I've been hit by a bus. A bloody big one at that..!!! a double decker me thinks...

    Yeah your absolutely right there mm..I've met a lot of friends on here..Including your good self!!

    Thanks for that..

    Take good care yourself love and thanks for the sound advice.

    Love Lynne x

  • Hi Lynne, it's all a bit overwhelming when you first get told, but it does get easier and the support here is amazing. No question is ever too silly and when you're down there is always somebody around to offer support.

    Life is slightly different with copd, but it can, as others will tell you, still be fun and I still do all the things I ever did but just a little slower. I hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • Hi Karen2

    Thanks very much for your lovely reply to me it means a lot.. I'm just struggling with the diagnosis and the symptoms of it all.

    It's completely changed my life around and knocked me for 6. Most of the time I'm bed ridden. With exhaustion, coughing, sleep deprivation etc, etc.

    Anyway, Karen..take good care yourself love..

    Night and god bless to you, keep in touch..

    Love Lynne x

  • Hi Lynne, I hope you managed to get some sleep ... I know how rotten it is when you don't because I get sleep deprivation on a crazy scale when I take steroids for a flare up.

    Being bed ridden is difficult and hopefully as they sort out inhalers etc you will be able to do more. When I was first told I had copd, I thought my world was about to end, 15 months later I know it won't and now I do as much as I can when I can, you will be able to do the same in the future and as I said before, this is a brilliant place to come for support. Take care and get well soon Karen xx

  • Thanks again Karen it means a lot to have any kind of advice I don't feel so alone anymore. I learn so much on here from everyone's different situations and conditions. I've not been out of the house for weeks. I'm so tired all the time, plus the cold hurts my chest etc you know the script..I won't be beaten I'm just trying to get stronger first. Thanks again Karen I do hope your ok and have had a lovely weekend too.

    Take care yourself

    Love L xx

  • Hi again Lynne

    I spoke with you earlier. You sound much more settled than you did and I am guessing this is because you have friends here who 'get it' and don't feel so alone.

    Learn as much as you can before your consultation hun and write down all your questions for the consultant but in bullet form or you will get a bit lost.

    I don't have copd but have had bronchiectasis all my life but we do have something in common. I brought up my daughter from when she was 6 years old. She is now an assistant head in a challenging but happy school. I think it is a good decision to leave telling your son for the time being, firstly until you have seen the consultant and you know the score and secondly of course until he is home.

    Love cx

  • Hi again c

    Lovely to hear from you..and I've absorbed what you've advised me and I totally agree. I'll wait until I've seen the consultant first before telling my son. I know you must be very proud of your daughter pat yourself on the back too, as it's not easy trying to be a mum and a dad at the same time. If you know what I mean. So well done cx

    Take care of yourself

    Love L x

  • Hi Lynne, so sorry to hear you're not feeling good. I expect you've got antibiotics for your infection.

    Hopefully they will clear it up for you & you won't feel so exhausted.

    I have had COPD for a few years & I have had to adjust to doing things a bit slower but I still do them.

    It's not the end of the world if you have a lung condition & there's lots of ways to help yourself.

    Like eating well, sleeping well, taking your meds, stop smoking if you do, exercise are a few things which will help.

    Having a good GP who understands your condition is very helpful.

    Please don't worry alone. Share them with us & we'll try our best to answer your many questions.

    Many of us here have had our lung conditions for a great number of years, all different stages, on different meds.

    We all have one thing in common though & that is we won't let our conditions get us down or beat us!

    Take care & get well soon πŸ’

  • Jessey thanks for your support and kind words. I'm much better today and I always think when the sun is shining it makes you feel so much better.

    Hope your ok take care yourself

    L x 🌷

  • Hi Lynne no need to apologise for being ill, that's what we are here for to listen. But funny thing is we ALL apologise when we are posting a rant :-) I have bronchiectasis and I am having a coughing fit as I type!!!! Hope you feel better soon. janx

  • Thanks Jan

    Yeah much a better day today the sun has got it's hat on! Thanks for your support

    Hope your not coughing as much today.

    L x

  • Hi Lynne sorry you are not to good at the moment once your medication kick in you will feel a lot better. You will find you are able to cope with it in time. Just rest as much as you can and when you have to do things just take your time doing them. Take care xx

  • Many thanks Amanda, I'm enjoying the sunshine today I think that makes a big difference too..but yeah good day today take care yourself x

  • Get well soon I was very frightened just like you, but you will get to feel better and learn all you can about how to cope with your illness, it will help.Oh and welcome to this wonderful site x

  • Hiya..

    Forgive me I'm not sure if I've already replied to your lovely msg..I'm loosing track coz I'm new on here and I'm not sure how to check if I've replied to you all...I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all the kindness, support and plenty of love on here..your right..what a wonderful site this is. Why can't the nation be like all the lovely people on here..cost's nothing to be pleasant and give love. I feel I've gained an extended family πŸ˜€

    Thanks again keep well yourself

    Love Lynne x

  • Hi, hope you are feeling better soon. We all feel depressed at times I think this is normal. Try listening to your favourite music, inviting (if you are strong enough) someone you love to visit or just do something you really enjoy. Good luck and take care of yourself. Maximonkey

  • Hi there..

    Many thanks for your msg..ya know what... I'm actually feeling a little better today πŸ‘ apart from the coughing, tiredness etc..

    But it's all down to the lovely support I've been given from everyone on here who's taken the time and trouble to inspire and help me along the way..

    Thanks so much for your own input too..I'm not strong enough yet for visitors but for now.. you are all keeping me going.

    We all have good/bad days in life in general. But being poorly compounds that.

    I'm a positive person and I'll get through this. I just want a ill free day 😁

    Thanks again take care yourself too love Lynne x

  • Hi Lynne - welcome (must have missed your first post). Sorry you're unwell, hope you begin to feel better soon. I'm the same, whenever I get ill, all doubts, fears and depression set in, but it is only temporary so try to stay positive and weather the storm so to speak. All best wishes x

  • Hiya..

    Thanks so much for your lovely msg..means a lot. Everyone here as been so supportive and I learn a lot from many of their individual experiences.

    It's wonderful to know I'm not alone and I've found some beautiful people to chat or even moan to..without being judged.

    Thanks once again, keep in touch..I'm there for everyone else too πŸ’ž

    Love Lynne x

  • Hi there, must have missed your first post but I second all that's been said and then some. Of course you feel down, but once over the initial shock you'll find yourself coming to terms and you'll think of all the things you can do, not the things you can't. You are much more than your condition - we all are. Take care.

  • Hi there..

    Thanks for your warm welcome msg and very true when you look at it that way..I'm in control..it doesn't control me...Thanks for that advice I'm learning so much from everyone on here..

    Take good care yourself

    Love Lynne x

  • So pleased you're feeling little better. It will get better still. What everyone has said is right, and the you that's you is still you!!! Sue x

  • Thank you..love the last bit of your msg I gave out a little chuckle coz I had to say it twice without getting tongue tied...Thanks again Sue x

  • A warm welcome always from people on here. I hope you are feeling much better very shortly.


  • Thank you very much..your kind words mean a lot xx

  • I can hear you singing from here :)

  • Yeah I'm starting to loose me voice and me marbles, me thinks...neighbour's think I've gone mad πŸ˜€

  • aw bless then i'll join your club i'm confused with all that i'm being told by the doctor's still in limbo geeze are there no real doctor's anymore thank's and you take care

  • Jus-tme yeah you come aboard..!! It'll do you the world of good..πŸ˜€

    Personally, I think a lot of the GP's now are younger than they used to be. And not of the old sort...with 'a lovely beside manner' and perhaps not the same experiences with Lung diseases, much the same.

    As we used to have coal mines, factories, mills etc. Me thinks they dealt more with it then, therfore..more in the know too.

    Only my perception πŸ˜€ x

  • Hi Lynne so sorry you are feeling so poorly - I guess you've been prescribed meds for your diagnosis - when they start to kick in you will feel so much better - then you can start looking at different ways to make yourself feel better - take care

  • Hiya 31m3aR

    Thanks for your lovely msg this is my 2nd attempt in replying to you!!! Some how I lost the first one drrrrr..so I'm to tired to re-type it again lol.. I'm going for a nap but I will come back to you with my original chat I had.. when replying to you.

    Wish they had a calendar facility on her to schedule reminders to do thing's 😫 sometimes you forget to reply and I'de hate to miss anyone out..keep going with the giving up of the cigarettes πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ xx

    Take care


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