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'Do I like Hummus?'

Haven't heard from Jake today...perhaps he's still trying to decide which is right and which is left...just as well I'm in no hurry for these shirts and trousers...

Can't remember which of you kind people recommended Jo Nesbo...whoever you were I'm very grateful 'cos I'm whizzing through the Harry Hole books and really enjoying them...

Himself found three tins of chickpeas in kitchen cupboard which were out of date by four years...he flourished them triumphantly and I scowled and said it was nothing to do with me...I'm quite good at lying ,don't go pink and can look at him straight in the eye without so much as blinking...then I spoil it by giggling inanely...

Why have we three tins of chickpeas in the first place he said...I was going to make hummus...Ah, says I like hummus? You did when we went to have supper with Keith...Keith who? I thought I couldn't go there, so I just told him he was a friend of mine from years ago...

Then he went back to the cupboard and found some seriously out of date tinned tomatoes...they joined the chick peas in a heap at the end of the was a tin of green lentils, closely followed by some Chinese stir fry vegetables...

Why in heavens name did I buy a tin of Chinese stir-fry vegetables in the first place...

They ought to have been consumed in 2012...and why can't they say 'eat' why does it always say 'consume by'.

Brian says he'll be here on Tuesday to 'measure up'...if he doesn't get a move on his sheep will be lambing and then he won't have the time to be fixing kitchen roofs...he'll have his arm up sheeps private bits in the middle of rain swept fields instead.

The sheer horror of moving everything out of the least there won't be any out of date tins...

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Hee hee Vashti

Sounds just like my store cupboard !!😂

You could have made a tasty soup with that lot 😂



Vashti, by the sounds of it, it's not before time that everything gets moved out of your kitchen. Having to clear out the cupboards might be a blessing in disguise.

Glad you're enjoying Jo Nesbo, he's seriously addictive. The only novels of his I don't like is an earlier one set in Australia. Harry Hole is at his best in Oslo.

Funny you should mention chick peas, there was a tin in my cupboard with a best before date 2008. I've no idea why I bought them - I wonder if anyone ever eats them?

I make green lentil and chickpea curry with spinnach tomato n chilli garlic I love it and am not the best of eaters but I do manage this! X

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I eat chick peas too in a veggie curry...they add a bit of protein and crunch!

I once visited the NT Mr Straws House in Nottingamshire and that is full of old tins of food which were squirrelled away was a time capsule. I sometimes think my cupboards are the same....don't think the National Trust would be interested though.

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Hi knitter

You should visit my knocking on 90 years young dad.

He has tins in his cupboards dating back to God knows when !!

If you try and give them a clear out he hits the roof, he informs me if wine improves with age, so does his tinned carrots.

I have as much chance of getting him to throw them away, as l would have getting a fiver out of Mm's Wallet 😂😂😂😂

Velvet xx


Ha mother was 95 and during the war you were not allowed to throw out food....she never forgot this, so there was a risk of food poisoning when you visited. Had to check every label....I found margarine in the fridge two years old .


Hi knitter

Hee hee 😂

My dad is still active and has all his faculties so he has no excuse.😂

I went through everything in his fridge and freezer when my Mum passed away, and explained and wrote down for him, all about, best before, use by dates, and recommended times for freezer food.

I might have been better off talking to a brick wall 😂😂

If it looks OK, smells OK, and the mould can be cut off it he eats it !!

Whenever l visit him now l take cakes for us for a treat, and we go out for a meal.

It's safer and easier than trying to get him to throw anything away 😂

I never look in his fridge now, things are lurking in there !!

I may take a bio hazard sticker over for the fridge door, he may take the hint, but there again he probably won't.😂

The thing is with my Dad is you never stop laughing in his company, so it's very hard to have a sensible chat with him, in fact it's bloody impossible !! 😂

Velvet xx


Oh vashti, I am so glad there is someone like me who has out of date stuff in their cupboards. I do look forward to your posts. It makes you smile and helps you forget all your woes. Take care. Maggie x


Oh lordy, I am so relieved I'm not the only one; packets are my downfall, sauces in particular. My son is convinced the dates on tins are a racket - Best Before doesn't mean you can't eat "After" and they've found that cans of bully-beef from WW1 were still perfectly safe! Packets from 2008 were disposed of a week or so back but in fairness they were in an ice-cream carton in a far corner so maybe I just swished a cloth around them?

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