multiple health problems and get out of breath with little effort, my mother in her eighties notices how bad my breathing is . I have a benign tumour on the liver and feel full after a few mouthfuls of food, cant do anything and my weight has gone up 3 stone in 2 months, I have dysfunctional breathing too so that doesnt help. Am about at the end of my tether. I thought I might see a private dr but what type? sorry just stressed and struggling each day.


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  • Hi Helena,

    Are you in the UK? A GP will normally refer you to a specialist and would be better positioned than I to advise.

    Hang on in there - there are many on this site far more knowledgeable than I am.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks yes am in uk but hard to see Gp


  • helena I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. Good advice from y_not.

    Please ignore post from Gracekesh - I have reported it.

    I hope your GP gets you referred quickly to the correct specialist.

    love cx

  • Hi

    I cant see a post from gracekesh. I would like to read it. I have to look after my 87 year old mother and fed up with feeling so unwell. I need to be in better health as I have such a lot to do.I just want to feel healthy and manage tasks. thanks for all your support it felt so lonely and trapped .


  • Helena it was from a scammer. Someone stating someone had a cure for everythng, including copd and of course an exchange of money was involved. It had already been taken down once and luckily we now have excellent moderators who are on the ball and when it appeared again here it was taken down.

    It would not have helped you or anyone else and we look out for anyone here who is struggling, from the unscrupulous.

    Have you spoken to anyone at BLF. They are there Mon to Fri - click on the red balloon for the no. or someone will be along with it for you. Have you tried Age Concern re your Mum or a Carers Association to speak with about you?

    Come on here any time - there is usually someone around hun.

    love cx

  • Thanks so much it was a bit scary posting , but its making me more determined to get sorted after the lovely encouragement.

    Bless you


  • It all sounds very difficult. Multiple conditions are very hard to deal with. Even consultants are not good at communicating with each other. A good GP should be able to help, prioritise the most severe problem send you in the right direction.

    Hang on, and let us know what happens.

    K xxx

  • thanks you can see my other replies , I wont keep moaning but I dont hold out hope as it doesnt work that way here,


  • Hi Helena, so sorry to hear about all your troubles.

    Have you been to see your GP?

    He/she could refer you to the relevant specialist or at least give you some advice on what your next step should be.

    All I know is, you can't suffer these problems on your own, so please seek help from your doctor.

    Take care & let us know what you decide to do 🌷

  • Thanks but my Gp practice is not good and has an awful reputation. They just expect me to cope and you cannot get an appointment. Recntly I tried and they said no appointments we are outsourcing to A&E . Yet A&E request do not go unless emergency . My mother is taken there by ambulance regularly and in one night and discharged too early the next day as they need the beds then in again .I am concerned about how I get out of breath even talkng only minimal effort required and also yweight gain is strange . I would rather pay if someone would listen but as I have other conditions its difficult, Drs seem to be isolated in their own speciality and I dont know where to go. Thank you so much for your concern. This is a good site to air feelings and worries ,


  • I'm so sorry to hear you're having such problems with your GP.

    Would you be prepared to change your doctor, it's very easy to do?

    Then you may, with another practice, get the help you need & deserve.

    Would it be possible to get help for your Mum in the house? Then you would not need to be doing everything yourself.

    Let us know how you're getting on. Come on & chat to us. That's what we're here for 💐

  • thank you everyone is so kind. no i cannot change GP. I live where thee are two branches of the same practice and outside catchment areas for others. I have rang the secretary today and she said she will speak to the dr,

    many thanks


  • Hello Helena,

    Don't despair, you are sure to get good advice from people on here. I hope it won't be necessary for you to contact a private doctor, but if you are in this Country, and as you are feeling so poorly you should ask to be be referred to an appropriate specialist soon as possible. Your Mum must be very worried for you too. I wish you well. Keep in touch with us.


  • Thanks Jennifer. I have seen specialists and although diagnosed with conditions no positive help . Also concerned my liver causing problems . I should have had an MRI last December after they thought the CT showed terminal cancer metastes. but my GP hasn't arranged it and you cant even get an appointment . Something isn't right but what private consultant to see . It is hopeless where I live and so is the hospital.My father passed away recently and mum has had another stroke and although unwell she notices when I'm struggling to breathe with minimum effort even talking. I am so concerned about my weight gain which is depressing and unusual and doesnt help the situation . Thank you so much for letting me chat away .


  • Shocking isn't the word Helena. Get on the phone and tell them you need an urgent appointment and if they can't get you in to see your doctor, then make your way to your nearest walk in centre or A&E and explain what has not happened that should have done. You must say how poorly and desperate you are.

    Don't leave it.



  • Hi Jennifer . The walk in centre wont deal with chronic conditions but say make an appointment with your GP :(



  • just rang the Gps secretary shes going to have a word . its complicated whats happened and i'm sorry bit tired to type it all. take care and thanks


  • Good luck Helena - let's hope - have a rest now.

    Jennifer xx

  • Hello Helena, I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling so much, i can completely understand i also have multable health problems, i have had Hepatitis C for over 20 years ans still waiting for treatment, liver cancer really scares me i also have copd, osteoarthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome, i really think you need to see your GP and ask for an urgent referral to see a gastroenterologist and ask your GP to arrange a liver scan first so when you see the specialist he should have some answers for you, your liver problems could be causing some of your weight problems, which will exasperate any breathing problems you have, I'm not a medic but this is how i would go about it, if you still hit a brick wall with your GP surgery i would change my surgery , or speak with my local Councillor, it sounds to me as if you are being messed about, you are entitled to the same quality of diagnosis and treatment on the NHS as private, it just takes longer on the NHS depending on your location, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad that's gotta be really tough on you too, I'll be thinking of you and wish you success in getting an appointment.

    wishing you well Helena


  • Hi

    Many thanks for the lovely advice as I do feel im passed from pillar to post, Feeling more determined now

    Thanks again


  • no probs Helena, this is the place to vent your feelings, i think we all get low with our health troubles at times, at least here you know you will be in good company, hope you get lots of good rest hun,


  • Helena, sorry but I have another thought. Are you a strong person or do you have a strong person to help you ... I don't mean physically but mentally? Sometimes the only answer is to go head-on, get an appointment with the Practice Manager by writing to them and putting "COMPLAINT" in the subject line.

    Express the issues and decide (beforehand) what you want the outcome to be. It does take a strong person to attack this way (I'm the idiot currently passing complaints with the council AND energy suppliers to the Ombudsman!)

    It does make these sort of people sit up and take notice - bullying patients is easy - answering for their actions to their superiors is a whole different thing.

    If you can't take this course then I fully understand but it is an option worth considering.

  • Hi yes I am considered a strong person had to bring my children up alone and fight many battles for them including the medical profession. I have rang the secretary she is going to have a word with the dr, if no joy i will ask for the QCC phone number to report my issues. I just want some strength to tackle the tasks I have ,

    many thanks


  • Good luck - I hope you get what you need

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