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Saw a different Dr at my surgery who asked about my history of when I was diagnosed with COPD, told her all about it and she then has a look at all my fev1 results and tell's me that she doesn't think I have COPD. I was diagnosed April 2013, fev1 71% 2014 and 66% 2015 she has booked an appointment for me in April to see another consultant at hospital, has anyone had this happen to them?

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  • When i was taken to hospital i asked the consultant on the ward if i had COPD and she said she couldn't answer that until i had a full lung function test...Considering she is now my thoracic consultant and knows whats she is talking about it amazes me how these gps can diagnose anything from a spirometry test.

    A full lung function test and a scan is the only real way of actually seeing what is truly going on and after i had mine i was told i had very sever COPD and bronchiectasis yet thats not what my gp was telling me and your not the first one on here who has been given the wrong information

  • It was a consultant the following day after I was admitted that said I have a shadow on my left lung lower left quarter therefore you have COPD. For 3 years I have been on different inhalers which are not working for me which the new doctor had seen so she called me in and told me she work's on that ward at the hospital and something has gone wrong as my records have now gone missing.

  • Oh dear that dosnt sound so good .....i hope they get their act together and find out whats going on

  • You mention 'another consultant' at the hospital. Did a first consultant diagnose COPD? Whatever the outcome, think you're lucky, lurch, to have seen a GP who is questioning things in your best interests - even if you do turn out to have COPD after all!!! Good luck, Sue.

  • A consultant the day after I was admitted said I have COPD as the x-ray showed a shadow in my left lung, I have since been told my records have gone missing.

  • When there's uncertainty about your diagnosis it doesn't help that your records disappear. I hope you don't have to wait till April to get some inhalers which help you. A CT scan for that shadow might be a nice idea.

    Hope you get it sorted - let us know what happens. Sue.

  • Hello Sue, the only inhaler that help's is Salbutamol 100mg of which only last's 2 week's instead of the required 4 week's. The Dr did mention a CT scan so finger's crossed I won't have to push for it.

  • Any port in a storm! I'm given two Salbutamol a month, and three other inhalers. Still breathless!

  • I was told by Dr that Salbutamol should last 4 weeks and none of the other inhalers that they prescribed me helped at all.

  • Your doctor's right, and i don't actually use both. Hope you get your right diagnosis and the treatment you need soon. Sue.

  • You can't definitively diagnose COPD from FEV1 alone as it is relative to the size of your lungs. You'll need at least your FVC related to either (or, even better, each) Fev1 measures you've quoted.. and even then it doesn't rule out Asthma - which requires a reversibility test.

  • I have only had fev1 test's luckily the new doctor will sort proper test's for me at the hospital.

  • Hi lurch1. I was diagnosed in 2012 with COPD by my GP who had the X-ray and the radiologist's report. I then saw the asthma nurse who said I only had asthma. When I next saw my GP I asked her which it was. She replied quite categorically that it is

    COPD. So in my book COPD it is. In any case I used to suffer from mild asthma and

    what I have now is by no means the same.

    Hope you get this sorted out. Good luck!

  • Hi Sherry44, It was a consultant at the hospital that told me I had COPD therefore same as you I just accepted his word for it but my new doctor is questioning the results when she can find my records.

  • I think we both have to take the most senior professional's diagnosis Lurch otherwise we can go back and forwards trying to guess. I know my symptoms are a lot more sever than asthma, so what my body tells me I believe!

  • The Dr that is referring me back to the hospital work's on the ward where I was first diagnosed she has made an appointment for me to see the consultant that she work's with.

  • All sounds familiar. I was diagnosed over 40 years ago with chronic bronchitis had a lobectomy of the left lung. Move on to 4 years ago, my gp agrees with the original diagnosis but because my condition has deteriorated (as I was told it would by the consultant) I was sent for tests. Results in brief proved that it was definitely asthma, more tests proved it wasn't. I have just had more tests and am back to the original diagnosis but moved from stage 1 to 3 but gp still not sure, back for more results next week. Meantime, the gp has decided to just treat the symptoms saying that it doesn't matter what we call it. I think she may be slightly bonkers. Hope you get the advice you need to help you

  • I feel lucky after reading what you are still going through, seems like you need a miracle or at least a Dr who hasn't just walked off a Carry On movie. All the best Stephen

  • Thank you, my records have also been lost and according to my surgery I have one child, at the last count I have 3. Apparently that doesn't matter either and they can't / won't change the records they have. You have to laugh or you would cry!

  • I gave up crying year's ago laughter at the moment is the best medicine and they can't charge you for that yet.

  • Shh, don't tell anyone or we will be getting a bill.

  • The answer is a big YES lurch1, I went to top professor in Leicester, then a practice nurse implied my tests were too good for someone to have COPD and my doctor said based on tests he would not have referred to hospital, but I do have an airway impairment diagnosed as COPD if that helps your confusion. Fev readings vary even from day to day I was told eventually.

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