can i get any help from benefits with copd?

hi, i have had my copd review, i only blew 18%, 21% and 31%. My copd is severe, i have currently been signed off work as i am an agriculture worker and incapable to carry out my tasks without making myself sick from breathlessness. As I have been signed off by my gp i am concerned about my future in employment, so i need to be thinking about looking to help with benefits. i am a 50 year old male.

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Give the BLF helpline a ring they have a Benefits adviser .

03000 030 555

Many thanks i will

Not on oxygen, im on three inhalors, one is a steroid powder, and i have pink and blue inhalors, also have emergency pack of steroid tablets and antibiotics in case of flare ups

Yes you need to really explain how you do everything to paint a picture on paper how you live day by day. Don't underplay anything don't just say if you can do something explain how you manage to do it. If you have to do things in stages explain. It's hard work and I found it soul distroying .

but had medical at home and awarded full rates with no doctors reports within 6 weeks

To confirm svety's comments: questioning is designed to ensure you fail the test! For example during my PIP appointment I was asked to stand on one leg then the other - this I CAN do BUT, if I do I will be bedridden for several days (osteoarthritis). The design of the question converts it to an instruction which I was left feeling I had to comply with.

My daughter was a CAB benefits adviser and warned me about this ploy. The solution was to [politely] say "Sorry, I can't because ..." If you simply refuse then they view that as being obstructive - you have to give a reason.

I was asked once, "How far can you walk?" Well, in reality the answer is probably several miles BUT the choose not to include 'without extreme pain and in a reasonable time' - given that I take strong pain killers every few waking hours to dull the pain the answer was actually "No distance at all"

The numbers claiming benefits hasn't suddenly reduced because everyone got better but [mainly] because they redesigned the questions being asked - that is why you ABSOLUTELY NEED some help from benefits rights groups/CAB etc.

Think about what you used to do that you can't do now - work through a 24 hour period. Can you jump out of bed in the morning and throw the curtains open (or does the effort of moving your legs down leave you breathless), can you still skip to the toilet or is it an effort using walls for support? can you eat and drink without a problem, walk, talk, socialise etc, etc? Get the idea?

Whatever you claim they will most likely reject the claim [that's fairly normal] - read the appeals process and follow it - your advisor will guide you.

In the drive to stop the benefits cheats government has harmed an awful lot of genuinely sick and disabled people - your claim will be a major project filled with highs and lows but you have to remember, many people simply give up, then the government wins!

Having said all the above, in my case I was invited to assessment, assessed and a decision made in just over three weeks - and my claim was actually increased! Sometimes it does work - I hope it does for you.

Good luck.

Very good advice.

Richard you might want to speak to a benefits expert from Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL. They do this every day and will be able to advise you on all benefit matters.

Good luck.

love cx

Many thanks c yes thats a good idea il contact them 2 moz x

Hi if you are thinking of packing your job in you need to be looking for medical retirement as you will get more money that way.

Then you will need to put a claim in for ESA (sickness benefit). With a fev1 that low you shouldn't have any problems getting it. You also need to claim PIP (you can get that whether you are working or not as it is a stand alone benefit). Look on the site x

Lots of sound advice on here . Good luck with everything.


I would make a claim just in case you are entitled, CAB can help but in some areas they have out reach advice centres ours is in the local church. Local Councils have Benefits advice lines you can ring too, as does the DWP. good luck .x

Many thanks katie i am going to make an appointment today with cab x

Can I recommend looking at benefitsandwork.Co.UK? Sorry, don't know how to create the link. I found benefitsandwork site very useful, together with your county or district disability helpers who help many people with long term conditions - mine is disability Huntingdonshire. I would start collecting copies of letters from GP and Consultants, and copies of your Spirometry test, as you will need these for when you do claim. Take your time with it all. Hope this helps. We are here for you.

That is very helpful and many thanks for the support, iv worked all my life so this is all allien to me x


The link

It is worth subscribing they have information on all benefits.

Many thanks for the info

You must tell them how life is for you when your at your worse..Tell them about all the things you can no longer do thats what they need to know. Its not about what illness we have but how it affects us.

As other member have mentioned the forms are written in a way for us to fail them you must only tell them the worst of it not how your good days are ..i would also think about getting an occupational therapist to check out your home and see if they can help there plus any letters you have which backs up your daily struggles keep as evidence and if possible get a letter from your consultant

You beat me to it Mandy, just what i was going to say: fill in the forms based on your worst days Richard. Good luck :)

Many thanks x

Many thanks x

Hi if you put a search in disability rights pip they have downloadable info on how to fill in pip form. You have to get so many point to qualify. It article is long but well worth ploughing through and at the bottom it tells you how many points you score for each activity. Please do get help from one of the agencies who help like CAB or disability rights. Good luck take care.

Many thanks

Hi I put up advice for you and it seem to have disappeared. I I'm in the process of applying for pip you would be better getting help from the CAB they know how to fill in these forms keep a diary of your day how long it takes to do things if you have aids to help with daily living you get points for the things you use. And the CAB keep a copy of your form if you get turned down so you can appeal Send in as much. Evidence as you can like GP letters consultant letters good luck

Many thanks x

I would suggest being referred to a rehabilitation program at your local hospital. I did that and it was very very useful. They helped me with forms and things as well as helping me get a blue badge.

That sounds promising il have a research in my local area

You will need a referral from your doctor. They will know where and when they run them.

Many thanks daisy i will go and see him

I'm so fed up day after day we read posts of people who are suffering this depilating illness why are these people who assess us not aware of the full understanding of this illness, we should not have to get stressed out over filling in forms the c in copd stands for chronic.

I wish you all the luck I don't understand the rules for these benefits

Many thanks i dont understand either iv worked all my life, so this is all new to me

I agree with you onamission the word chronic should be enough. But that's not how they work I was told by a person at the CAB that COPD was a hard thing to clame for but some people do manage to clame it. I was turned down for it when I applied the first time when I just had COPD now a have other conditions and have applied again. But that's the government for you they offer these benefits and make it hard for the people who acctually need them to get them. And now there is talk of them stopping Attendance Allowance some world we live in

I agree iv put half a million in taxes n N.I in my working life time, now all im getting bk when i need it is 88 in ssp, dont seem rite when others can walk in and get given hundreds if they from other countries

I agree with you it's disgusting that's the goventment for you £88 that's what they think you need to live on.

You`ve been given lots of good advice Richard so I hope you get the help you need in benefits. There is one great big disadvantage with lung conditions - we very often don`t look ill. Consequently people, including even members of our own families, often don`t realise how debilitating it is to struggle to do even the most mundane jobs. Best of luck to you. Please let us know how you get on and keep in touch just to have a moan or a laugh, Sheila xx

I don mean to sound nasty but my dad is blind and he knows when I am struggling. And I know people with COPD that have been able to clame PIP just depends on how good your medical team is and the wording you use on the form

Didn`t mean everyone Amanda2 and I did say often (not always) people don`t realise we`re struggling. Since your dad is blind his senses will probably be heightened and he`ll be more sensitive to you. My brother was blind and he always knew when things weren`t going too well for me. But I honestly can`t say that for some members of my family. Sheila xx

Yes sorry I am having a bad day. I have no problem with my family or other people understanding my conditions. I know all family's are not the same. And that's a mith about blind people senses being better take care

Lol cheers sheila yep loads of advice and thankyou xx

Lol cheers sheila yes have had lots of good advice, i know where to come to get a load off xx

I just love the love ! Everyone is So So SOOOO wonderful!

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