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after two year monitoring of lung nodules


2012 diagnosed with lung nodules. ct scans pet scans for two years. stable results so they said everything is ok do not need monitoring anymore. well, i had a chest xray this month which shows lung nodules slight increase looks benign. i have to followup with pulmonologist who had told me i don't need any monitoring prior to this. i am scared. anyone have this. i am worried now.

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I also have a lung nodule that is being monitored. One thing the consultant did say (apart from that they are quite common) is that if you have the Scan/xrays done on different machines at different times that can be the reason for discrepancies. They should be done on the same macine from one scan to another. Hope this helps. its easy for me to say don't worry but I've decided to do just that. All worrying/speculating does is make you ill and I've enough to be going on with that does need worrying about!

I Have emphysema and severe COPD and have been monitored for 18 months for the nodules in both lungs. Only yesterday at Exeter Hospital my consultant informed me that one had disappeared, one had become smaller and the other had remained the same and that only 5% if these nodules develop into Cancer. Try not to worry. Enjoy each day as best you can, that is what I try to do.

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