Boozy raisons for pain?

Interesting article about benefits of raisons soaked in gin for dealing with pain. Apparently juniper berries have long been used for healing.

It's a good read anyway, whether or not you give it any credibility :)

Hello to all after 10 day gap while Ive been moving.

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Hi O2, you can keep the raisins

just give me the gin!

Hope the move went well,

Xxx πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜

I can't stand gin Sassy, but i thought i might find it more palatable in a raison.

Yes thanks, all well here, hope you both are ok x :)

Was just going to say the same sassy ;) x

Great minds think alike Cal2. xxxx :)

Hope the move has gone well! Love the idea of raisins in gin - at the moment anything with alcohol to help us cope with our teenage daughter!! Take care xxx

hope you got all settled in now when are we all coming round for the house warming party

When the last box is unpacked Malcolm . . . ;)

Ooh Ive been there Tad, sometimes feels i still am and she's 39 now x :)

Count me in :D x

Party, party, yep, we'll be having one before too long x

Very interesting!! Hope you'll be very, very happy in your new home.

Many thanks Dedalus :)

Find happiness in your new home, I will raise a glass of gin to you tonight, a large one at that x

Hahaha, thank you Ohtwo :)

Welcome back and warm congratulations O2. Hope you'll both be very happy in your new home - now rest up and enjoy something bubbly xxxx

Thanks P - good advice and you know what you're talking about ;)

Hello O2

Good luck and happiness in your new home.

I love raisins soaked in Gin or Brandy or Whiskey, or Rum ,or Wine, or Vodka πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Course you do Velvet! Would expect nothing less :D Personally Id stick with brandy or wine. Thanks for new home wishes :)

Hi 02Trees, that sounds interesting.

Wishing you all the best of happiness in your new home 🏑

Many thanks Jessy

Good to see you back - I hope you can find everything now! Once upon a time made some wine with tea and raisins - it was horrible.


Thank you A1. That wine sounds a bit rough - i used to make wine a long time ago, seem to remember it tasting a bit metallic.

Nearly as bad as tea! I got very good at it in the end - Oak leaves, nettles, elderflower, clover, broom.

I hope you are going to be really happy in your new home -just take your time :-)


good luck in your home o2

Hi fork handles :) and thank you.

Am sure this is the answer to many health problems.,

:D :D

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