Boozy raisons for pain?

Interesting article about benefits of raisons soaked in gin for dealing with pain. Apparently juniper berries have long been used for healing.

It's a good read anyway, whether or not you give it any credibility :)

Hello to all after 10 day gap while Ive been moving.

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  • Hi O2, you can keep the raisins

    just give me the gin!

    Hope the move went well,

    Xxx 😄😘

  • I can't stand gin Sassy, but i thought i might find it more palatable in a raison.

    Yes thanks, all well here, hope you both are ok x :)

  • Was just going to say the same sassy ;) x

  • Great minds think alike Cal2. xxxx :)

  • Hope the move has gone well! Love the idea of raisins in gin - at the moment anything with alcohol to help us cope with our teenage daughter!! Take care xxx

  • hope you got all settled in now when are we all coming round for the house warming party

  • When the last box is unpacked Malcolm . . . ;)

  • Ooh Ive been there Tad, sometimes feels i still am and she's 39 now x :)

  • Count me in :D x

  • Party, party, yep, we'll be having one before too long x

  • Very interesting!! Hope you'll be very, very happy in your new home.

  • Many thanks Dedalus :)

  • Find happiness in your new home, I will raise a glass of gin to you tonight, a large one at that x

  • Hahaha, thank you Ohtwo :)

  • Welcome back and warm congratulations O2. Hope you'll both be very happy in your new home - now rest up and enjoy something bubbly xxxx

  • Thanks P - good advice and you know what you're talking about ;)

  • Hello O2

    Good luck and happiness in your new home.

    I love raisins soaked in Gin or Brandy or Whiskey, or Rum ,or Wine, or Vodka 😂😂


  • Course you do Velvet! Would expect nothing less :D Personally Id stick with brandy or wine. Thanks for new home wishes :)

  • Hi 02Trees, that sounds interesting.

    Wishing you all the best of happiness in your new home 🏡

  • Many thanks Jessy

  • Good to see you back - I hope you can find everything now! Once upon a time made some wine with tea and raisins - it was horrible.


  • Thank you A1. That wine sounds a bit rough - i used to make wine a long time ago, seem to remember it tasting a bit metallic.

  • Nearly as bad as tea! I got very good at it in the end - Oak leaves, nettles, elderflower, clover, broom.

    I hope you are going to be really happy in your new home -just take your time :-)


  • good luck in your home o2

  • Hi fork handles :) and thank you.

  • Am sure this is the answer to many health problems.,

  • :D :D

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