feeling much better

feeling much better

Hi I am afraid I let thinks get on top of me last year and instead of pushing myself I gave in to the three periods of infection.......After a severe talking too by my wife and son I have picked up the reins and in addition to walking William ( who I blame for my reduced fitness, mind you he is 78 now in doggy years) I have joined the local Gym and one month in I surprise myself as am feeling much better. Here is William so you know whom I am talking about a dedicated snifer who insists on checking every leaf, flower tree or bush. 1 hour to do 1.4 klms

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  • Hi Joke. So glad to know you are feeling much better. Sometimes it takes time to overcome problems but making the effort in the end is worthwhile. I hope you continue to feel better. By the way I think William looks lovely.

    Best wishes and keep fit.

  • He knows it too

  • Great - keeping active is such a help. Onwards and Upwards!!! Take good care, xxx

  • glad to hear your feeling better , so easy to put of doing the exercise but it does help

  • By the size of your dog you should be getting plenty of exercise! He is guarding his Bonio!

  • all this bit new but no exercise is the answer or if not the more u do better u are.Am26FEV and people pretty amaed that seem normal..they not seen on bad day.Let me know how u going ..I know I need pushing

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