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wonder if anyone other then me gets this

hi I do have c o p d I also suffer Oshiro arthritis think that's how its spelt. anyway I have been for the past two years having different parts of my body e.g. arms legs feet wrist going into some sort of spasm's they actually lock and its very painful I've disgust this with g.p.s and they look at me and say mm then carry on treating me for whatever it is I've gone in for just wondered if anyone had experienced this other then me and if there is any form of treatment its really painful and stops me doing what ever im doing its like a cramping type pain

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I sufferd stuff like that .. Ask your doc to do vitamin D blood test.

I had vanishing vitamin D and now am being treated me leg issues have improved


I have COPD dx 2006 I also have osteoarthritis dx in 2012 and just recently been dx with psoriatic arthritis I get a lot of cramp in my body. And my hands stick and drop things all the time drink plenty of water I think there is a connection but try to explain it to the doc is hard


My hands go into spasm and I have to " unlock " my fingers, feet and toes too. Yes, it is it really painful. My legs cramp at night, especially thigh muscles and wake me several times. the only thing I can do is to get up but sometimes am not able to walk for a without yelping. I was prescribed a short course of Amytriptilene and does relax the muscles enough to sleep better.It can become addictive though, hence the short course. I sympathise with you, pearlsmith. Polly


I sometimes get cramps in my feet. For traditional remedies, fennel seed tea may help; also try tonic water - but watch the sugar content.

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I have PH, RLD and Emphysema with Fibrosis and Osteoarthritis with added heart conditions. I suffer all the same and to be honest the GP's do not pinpoint anything to it but do add that they think the osteoarthritis plus my conditions are the main factor?

I have found if I have not drank much water I am more liable to attacks.

I am on AB at the moment and it is making me go to the loo more and I have had some evil cramps in my calfs at night?

Be Well


that's very similar I do drink plenty though sometimes at night I get cramp so bad in my calf I cry but when im on the computer or writing I sometimes have my wrist lock and when I go swimming or sit in a certain position my toes stick together and lock and my g p just looks gone out at me when I mention it


It could be down to some of the medication/inhalers you are taking for your COPD. I have had cramping in my legs/feet/hands for a few years now and my doctor has not been able to prescribe anything that would help as it may interfere with my other medication, so for me it's one of those lovely side effects of having rotten lungs.

I do get muscle spasms in my torso/back/upper arms but that is usually due to coughing to hard and as my doc calls it reedy muscles.

Like Ergednl I have a couple of glasses of tonic water in the evening, perhaps I should have three glasses but I will leave the Gin out of the third glass.

Sorry not much help, have you spoken to your pharmacist to see if they can recommend anything.




Hi pearlsmith, I too suffered this way for ages until I told my doc who said I was suffering from cramps. He prescribed Quinine tablets which I took but I had some very nasty side effects so I returned to the doc and he told me to drink approximately 2/3rds of a pint of tonic water per day. I drink this daily (low calorie) and I no longer have cramps. I have to be careful when away from home as only two days without the tonic water and the cramps are back. When I first bought the tonic water (it must have quinine content - read the label) I bought the best but now I use the local supermarket cheap brand and it works just as well. Good luck and I hope it works for you. Maximonkey


Thankyou all for your comments I will mention this on Monday to my doctor again see if they can this time give me a idea has to what it is through I use to take quinine before but the doc took me off because I shouldn't have it with having bad kidneys has well but will speak to him again


I have the same condition.Thankfully I do not seize up too often. Once got stuck on loo when my knees went.Alarm cord other side of room so just had to struggle up somehow! Funny now but not at time.Poor cat was waiting for his breakfast too.


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