As you know, Pete has sarcoidosis and copd. He also has a back problem that we hoped could be corrected with a spinal cord stimulator. Sadly that does not appear to have worked and it's back to Southampton on Friday. Not sure what can be said or done but just have to wait and see.

It is possible that years of using steroids have caused long term damage, who knows?

Take care all xxx

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Hi sassy59, so sorry to hear Pete's spinal cord stimulator has not worked lets hope they may be able to adjust ot reconfigure to get it working right? I've heard good things about Southampton as my nephew was an anaesthetist there. I know what you mean about long term steroid use, I already have osteopenia in my hip and spine from 2 and a half years of Pred use, it leeches your bones and I've lost 3/4 inch in height, I was only 5ft 3 inch before...I said to my husband one day he will look down next to him and see a little munchkin looking back!!

I hope you and Pete can keep your hopes up, it feels sometimes like one step forward, one back doesn't it.

Take care xx

Yes there are a lot of side effects from using steroids I got cataracts in both eyes I have had one removed and the other they won't remove it until it gets thicker you can also get osteoporosis

I here you say about steroids damaging bones iv found my teeth are breaking of very simply could it be the amount of steroids I take iv had about 6 courses this year at 8 a day.?

Hi pugs4love since I have been on Prednisolone my gums have receeded which can then weaken your teeth...not sure if directly because of steroids but I know my bone loss is directly attributable. My hair also began to fall out in handfulls on 40mg + p.d and I have to have twice yearly eye tests to check for glaucoma/cataracts so it earns it's name 'the devil's smarties'!! But hey ho it keeps me breathing! x

Possibly Pugs as Pete had crumbling teeth too. Streroids seem to be a necessary evil generally, until an alternative can be found. X

Hi sassy sorry to hear Peters bad news. Let's hope he doesn't get more bad news. We all know how bad the steroids can affect our bodies, will be keeping fingers crossed.

Peg xxx

Hi Sassy... i am very sorry to hear things did work out for Pete...a very big diserpointment for you both.

Like you say...not much you can say other then hopefully they might try something that will work for him.

I think we all be keeping our fingers crossed for him..and you.. for Friday.

Andy xx.

Hi Sassy

Sorry to hear about Pete, l guess the steroids have taken their toll.

I hope they can come up with a solution for him on Friday

Fingers crossed.

Best wishes to you both

Velvet xx

Sorry to hear this sassy. Hope you get some answers for Pete and treatment.

Sassy thats bad news for Pete. Fingers crossed that they still have something to offer him. Sending you lots of love and the very best of luck xxx

Hi Sassy,

Hope your hospital trip goes well, just the thought of travelling makes me feel tired these days. I guess Pete's back is getting worse, or maybe they have thought of another option as the op didn't work. Hope you are well and able to manage the journey. Love Iris x

Sorry to hear that Sassy, let's hope they can offer Pete an alternative. Steroids? It's a good job we can't see the inner damage! Take care xx

Hope he gets sorted soon?

Be Well

Crossing everything in hopes that they can come up with another solution for Peter. This must be so hard for you both.

Sorry to hear your news about Pete - sincerely hope they can come up with another solution on Friday.

Thinking of you and Pete for Friday Sassy and really hoping they have another option they can offer him. Big love xxxx Peege

I am so sorry hun that this didn't work out for Pete - very dissapointing for you both. I hope the consultation goes well on Friday and they come up with something helpful.

Love cx

hope they find another solution to help pete wish him good luck for tomorrow take care

Thank you all so much for your kind replies. Hopefully something can be done.

I didn't realised my post actually delivered because it was on my phone and wouldn't let me lock my post. Oh well, next time will use laptop.

Take care all. Xxx

Sorry to here about Pete s misfortune but I'm sure there be another way good luck .

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