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Hi Megan

Hallo Megan

Sorry about the delay in getting in touch but I have been having difficulty with resetting my password. My very kind neighour has just been in to show me how. When it comes to technology I am THICK, THICK


Anyway I hope all is well with you. I didn't go out today as the wind was shown as NNE. Remembering the other day when everyone wanted to stand and chat in the bitter wind I thought it best to stay in.

Also I am coughing a lot today.

Best wishes and love xxx


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Did you mean to put this on the forum X


Hi Ann thank you for your reply and don't worry about technology, it baffles and befuddles me every time, you are definately NOT thick, there are times my laptop has nearly sailed out the window ha ha !! Your neighbour is a star!

Yes it was freezing this morning, icy daggers in my lungs on my trip to The Brompton today my chest very tight and wheezy, so sorry to hear you are coughing badly, it is so exhausting isn't it when it is bad. I hope you stayed indoors, kept warm and have started to improve. My consultant said today I will be in first cohort of patients that will get new mepolizumab injection for severe eosphinillic asthma which is now licensed BUT it now has to get through lots of funding (if NHS or trusts will pay) plus other hoops so my husband and I were told I can have it but they have no idea when it will be available to use in hospital! I have been told I now cannot come off Prednisolone, I have to be on maintenance dose when I can get down to 10mg!!

So a day of hope and frustration but I have to pray this year progress will be made towards accessing the new drug to control white blood cells from my bone marrow invading my lungs causing all the inflammation.

I really hope you are doing ok and would love to hear from you megan xx

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