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ive been put on a c-pap machine on the first night at home with it on it regulates the oxygen automatic to what I need on machine my concentrater gets put to 4litres on first my wife said I shot up from my sleep and pulled it off tried second night to much air mask not fitted properly 3rd attempt sister showed me how to fit the mask properly as she has one for sleep appnea but she is not on oxygen 3rd attempt fell asleep again woke up after 3 hours asleep took it of as feeling not getting enough oxygen 4th and last try wife got me up as we had a power cut I'm confined to bed as I can only do about 2 steps to commode and that leaves me gasping for breath which I get every day I put my on 9 litres but it does not make much so I have been using 3 litres on one of my travel bottles in my mouth which gives me quicker recovery it only takes about 3 minutes.i am in lung failure now I'm only asking about the c-pap as ifeel this machine is going to kill me of quicker I am using my nasal canula through the day I'm on 6litres but can go up to 9 which doesn't help its really I need to know if there is any advice anyone can give o c-pap machine as I am terrified to use

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Teaky my husband felt the same. He panicked when he could not breathe properly with the mask on. However, he persevered and they changed his mask to one that fitted better and he has got used ti using it now. Anything new can take a little time and effort so do try it again. Best wishes.

There are different types of masks that come with the BI-Pap. I have a nasal one but am on just 1 litre oxygen. I am quite used to it now. Ask your consultant.

Take care.


You're having a bad time with this, teaky, but Toci's right and it's worth persisting with it. You've been given the Bipap machine to correct the respiratory failure and it will help you. It's difficult to advise because there are lots of different masks. Try the manufacturer's web site, find your mask and they should have videos about how to put it on properly. I watched these again and again and emailed them for help which was good and worked.

With the mask on, you know that oxygen is going into your lungs, under pressure, and carbon dioxide is being removed. If the mask's fitting properly you will be getting enough oxygen, but it can feel as though you need the cannula when you take it off.

Night times are difficult anyway and can be frightening. Can you speak to the respiratory nurses at the hospital or whoever gave you the machine and mask? They should be able to help.

Good luck, and i hope you get peaceful nights soon. Sue

It took me weeks to get use to mine i tried about 6 masks and found a nasal mask that is so good i actually feel relaxed when i wear it so try some different masks there are a lot to chose from and i just couldnt get along with the full face ones i felt i was being suffocated

i was taken into hospital to be started on my cpap to make sure i was on the right amount of oxygen through the night because i have less going through the cpap than i use during the day....

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