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Hello: I'm 68 years old. I have COPD and Congestive Heart Disease. Also, as a result of the heart problem I am now confined to a wheelchair. I am on 4 liters of Oxygen 24/7. I take 26 separate medications daily for this and that. Some of them are just to counter-act the side effects of others. My folks owned a drug store when I was a kid and were very cautious about taking medications as they were aware of side effects, sometimes worse than the condition they are supposed to be treating. I too share their concerns and am looking for alternative or natural medicines to treat my conditions. I nearly died five years ago and at that time I was expected to die within months. After five years I am still going so you could say I'm living on borrowed time. Any alternative medicines I might take would have to be thoroughly researched so I don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. I am interested in reading about other's experience with health problems in general or with natural medications. I am completely responsible for my present health conditions and so, so grateful for those who have already helped pull me out of some very dark places.

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Hi Ddurick, I can't help much on the natural meds front but, one of the forum members is having good results with pure cannabis oil. ( He isn't smoking it.)

I can't say I've seen much info on here about natural meds, besides your usual things like tumeric. Hopefully, someone will be along with some suggestions. xx

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Thank you for your reply. I also have heard good things about cannabis oil. I live in the US and cannabis is illegal in my state. Otherwise I would try it.


My previous husband had your problems, xoaxon, and we found out accidentally on a trip to Rhodes in 1989 that he had several food intolerances - to bleached flour, eggs and cows milk. The flour would exacerbate his lung problems and the milk made his abdomen swell rapidly. We used soya milk and non-wheat products to stabilise his symptoms and then he was able to have Allinson's wholemeal flour and sheep's milk or goat' milk. It gave him several extra years of less incapacitated life before he eventually died of heart failure in 2003. His food intolerances were a large part of why I became a dietitian.


Thank you for your reply. I too have found those foods are difficult for me. I get severe heartburn If I include them in my diet. Again I, I appreciate you reply.


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