UK not in tory reforms CRISIS just Come back in the morning if you're dying patients told on arrival to A+E

Thats as shocking as patient that died and was left by ambulance depo bins.

But its ok AS all 600 mp's have been paid of WITH the pay rises.

I would of NOT done post but truly is a disgrace and what are elected members of parliament doing.

Nothing is the answer in short.

Makes you glad your not ill

Or have complex health needs.

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You're right, it's shocking. Whatever next? Only get ill on the second Thursday of each month?

I already avoide places of weekends and start of new interns THURSDAYs aswell.

Think i might be cured way things are going.

My god the greedy so and so its awful to put money before LIVES what is this country comming too..terrible afraid GREED is now the biggest Gain of all....x

Thats have the troble anything could skim

Of top as been had.

So this nothing left for patients or the care.

Just like ambulances ya cant get one when you need one becouse the doing what private compines are geting paid for patient transfers. services.

Only way can make money is to have those waiting n suffering.

Tottaly lack of morality when it comes to carving up nhs.

Profit befoure patients we are seeing experiencing

It is disgusting sand the NHS will continue to go down hill fast if nothing is done. Lets not forget how Brown opened the flood gates to gain more votes at the election but never gave a thought to build more hospitals schools or houses but then all these new buildings cost money where would it come from.

I attend the hospital in question regularly and have always had exemplary treatment.These statements were aimed at the idiots that go to A&E with stupid things like broken finger nails or a strange itch they can,t get rid of.Many people just don,t think it costs money,OUR MONEY,to Man these hospitals.A bit of education could save a lot of money in our beloved NHS.D.

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