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Hi all. First of plz ignore any mistakes I may(will) make while posting as I am not used to forums. I would like to thank all who contribute here as has been stated many times b4 doctors and nurses don't tell us much! Will try to keep my story short for now and add as I go along. I was diagnosed with mild emphysema end of November 2015 and have since stopped smoking had a 5 day course of steroids, course of antibiotics, been on holiday and welcomed in the new year and, been given another inhaler on top of my small blue one its been an eventful couple of months!!! . My concern at this moment is my new inhaler Incruse ellipta and the possible side effects. Yesterday was my first puff (once a day only) and today was my second. Possible side effects are common cold like symptoms and sore throat plus headache 3 of which I am feeling effects of now (trust me) does anyone know if this is something that will pass as it is new to me or, more likely continue? Will be going back to nurse in one months time when inhaler runs out to give my verdict of it. Don't much fancy having the cold the rest of my life!! haha. Anyway thanks again. 49 year old male.

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  • Hello,

    You will find so much support on here, and will be made very welcome by everyone. I have copd and am on Fostair twice daily and Salamol as and when. I looked up your medication and it seems that input regarding side effects is requested from users. You probably have already visited the site. Hope you don't think I am poking my nose in, as others on here have an awful lot of knowledge and I am fairly new.


  • Thanks for the replys folks. Jennifer you certainly are not poking your nose in! infact I was starting to think my post was not worthy of a reply haha and thanks for the link. Seems this is a new medication so I think I will give it a week before making any judgement as Watford girl says not a month! Maybe at some point I can pass on my experience to someone else who is prescribed this? Thanks again. Mark.

  • Just one little thing Mark -you may get more replies if you lock your post - where it says who do you want to write to - always remember to click on Community then your post will be locked. Some people are wary of responding to an unlocked post as it could go viral apparently..


  • Ahh thanks again Jennifer will pick this up as I go along.

  • Hello Mark, you're sounding worried and unsupported but there'll be lots of people here to help. Firstly, well done for stopping smoking - that will help you more than anything else! Secondly, I'd say that if you've got concerns about your new inhaler speak to your nurse or doctor, or to your pharmacist. Don't wait a month - you need some reassurance now. I've no experience of intruse ellipta so can't really help, but good luck with it. Sue

  • Thanks for your reply, the forum will take me a bit of getting used to regarding replys.

  • Hi Mark just want to welcome you to this great forum. You will soon get used to it all. Hope things improve. Xxx

  • Thanks a lot sassy. I have been logged in for a few weeks now but today was my first post. I have been keeping track through my phone but today I am on laptop which is a lot easier and, have spent a couple of hours pouring over everything here .So good to know there is people here who understand symptoms and problems we face otherwise when I tell someone I have copd Its usually met with a blank stare!! Ta again. Mark.

  • Hi Mark. I was given incruse last month to use alongside my existing inhaler Flutiform. I didn't have any side effects but it didn't help either,so I stopped using it. I have severe emphysema. Hope you have better luck. Ray

  • Thanks for your reply Ray.I have only been using it for 2 days now so to early yet but have noticed my use of easyhaler is already less than normal ..coincidence?? i certainly have small side effects ..sore throat etc but if its for the better good.... nurse calls this a preventer that hopefully stops irritation of the lung before it starts (to a certain degree) which would be welcome to me as had nothing but tight chest etc since diagnosed. So sorry to hear this never worked for you and always feel humbled when hear other folks prognosis. Thanks again. Mark.

  • Hi mark I have been on it for two months the only thing it makes me cough a lot more I was on spirva for five years before and changed me on to encruse ellitpa it is a new drug which is supposed to be better but I don't notice much difference I think it might down to costs I know it is cheaper but one thing you don't need to worry about any more empty caps

  • Hi jimmy and thanks for reply. Of work today as feel very low throat sore etc i have been coughing more recently especially at night but just put that down to 8 weeks of cigs. Good to hear from someone else who takes intruse and i will give it another week or so see if things settle. Ta. Mark.

  • At the risk of being howled down (no one likes google here) why don't you Type in your search bar "Side effects of Incruse Ellipta". There will be reliable data available for you from responsible websites and from the drug manufacturer.

  • Thanks for your post. I have all the info i need on incruse i just wanted to hear from anyonelse who has had experienced it before me. Cheers. Mark.

  • Mark6783

    Excellent. It's always good to hear of people checking out the side effects of prescribed medication.

    I've been prescribed Breo Ellipta and Sebri Ellipta. I don't use either of them, only the rescue inhaler if I'm sob. Incruse is in the Ellipta group .

    I guess since I haven't used Incruse I should have butted out.

    Breath easy!

  • Try gargling with water straight after you inhale it?

  • Thanks for your reply. The way i am feeling i wil be gargling whisky and i dont like the stuff!! Ta.

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