Brompton appointment to discuss mepolizumab injection for eosinophilic asthma

Hi Guys I am just getting myself organised for my appointment on Wednesday, my usual consultant is off but I am taking copies of his emails to me stating he wants to try this brand new drug to get my severe asthma under better control. I am trying to write all the questions I need to ask about possibility of this ground-breaking treatment while also tempering my excitement in case I don't qualify. The fear of my future being 'Prednisolone shaped' will be confirmed if I can't get it as even the Devil's Smarties (Pred) are not keeping it managed now. My husband keeps telling me if not this drug then maybe Reslizumab the next drug in pipeline might be available? Is anyone on this site having these monthly jabs??

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  • cant help about the jabs but hope you get on well at your appointment

  • mmzetor, thank you for your kind words. Hope you are doing well x

  • I haven't actually had the injections but was very close to it. I have what my hospital call difficult asthma. I also have rheumatoid arthritis for which I inject a biological medication. My RA consultant was reluctant for me to have 2 biologicals because he couldn't find any evidence of anyone else having two, and how that affects the body. However the argument was ended in January, when my latest lung function tests were too good!

    Everything I read about mepolizumab was good, so good luck to you.

  • Hi helenlw7 thank you, I was so sorry to hear about your rheumatoid arthritis on top of difficult asthma very challenging, I wonder if immune problems are driving both your conditions? I know I may have to jump through many hoops to get the injections so it feels like Wednesday may just be the first step but I am holding hope that sometime soon I may get off the Devil's Smarties! Have a great Sunday x

  • Good luck on Wednesday. I too would love to be off the Devil's Smarties but they keep both my lungs and joints going!

  • i really hope it goes well for you

  • Many thanks, I will post an update after Wed, have a great day x

  • The very best of luck,hope you get the outcome you want.I attend the Brompton(9th of May for LVRS) so I know you are in the best hands.D.

  • Hi D thank you for your kind words of encouragement and I wish you all the best for your LVRS op in May which will I guess is to improve emphysema? My brother-in-law dampened my spirits a bit today warning as the cost of the new monthly injection is £840 my health trust might refuse, but can't see how if I fit the criteria and it would give me back some quality of life and prevent me becoming severely disabled with my asthma?? I don't think my consultant would have emailed me to say he is wanting to try me on this either as my condition is what the new drug was developed for, but I must wait until I see the Dr at the Brompton this week. So many people who do not struggle with chronic lung disease have no idea there is a small phenotype of asthma that is severe and life threatening and what this is like for us. At least on this site we all celebrate the medical breakthroughs together.

    I know the great Drs at The Brompton will take great care of you in May, all the best x

  • Hi, what was the outcome of your appointment? I was waiting for mepolizumab as well and was told that it was rejected by NICE

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